Official Android 4.1.2 Jelly Bean update for the Galaxy Ace 2 has arrived

Samsung has just started to roll out Android 4.1.2 Jelly Bean update for the Galaxy Ace 2 (GT-I8160). You might not be able to update your device to Android 4.1.2 Jelly Bean right away as the update is rolling out in phases. So, it might not yet be available for your country but don’t worry the update will arrive soon.

You can update your Samsung Galaxy Ace 2 (GT-I8160) through Samsung KIES or via OTA. Make sure you fully charge your device’s battery before upgrading as the update is quite big.

Official Firmware Details:
Android Version: 4.1.2 – Build JZO54K
Build Date: 26 March 2013
Changelist: 1016990

All the new Android 4.1.2 Jelly Bean Firmwares for the Galaxy Ace 2 (GT-I8160) are present in our Firmware Section as well. You can use our Firmware Section to manually update your device if for some reason you can’t officially update your device via Samsung Kies or via OTA as you are using a Custom ROM or if your country has yet not received the Android 4.1.2 Jelly Bean Update.

If you have a Galaxy Ace 2 with the 4.1.2 update installed, please send us some screenshots.

Thanks josippp3

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  1. Good, Mini 2 must be the next… But some guy on GSMArena trolls that he contacted Samsung and that they said it won’t be released due to some compatibility issues… He better be joking.

    • i hope it was a joke :) but i think its very soon mini2 will updated sammobile said in there official twitter mini2 update almost ready that’s was in 19mar

      • A trusted individual responded:

        “Of course there will be the update, as there are no incompatibilities with Mini 2 (MSM7227A SoC is fully supported on Jelly Bean).”

        Good news :D

      • Yup, confirmed one more time by the same individual.

  2. Good Job Samsung thanks !!! This is the best ever rolled out :)))

  3. And Galaxy Ace Plus? When? We waited two months! We wont jelly bean for Ace Plus!

    • I hope to release de JB this Month :)

      • Wow grate news thanks :)

      • pls if you make sure that ace plus will get jp this month or not pls tell us

    • And Galaxy Advanced – Brazil TIM (ZTM? When?

  4. Pleese Samsung, update fast the Ace Plus! :)

    • I hope to release de JB this Month :)

  5. hy, this firmware is branded, for more information only users of tmn portugal can tell us

    • I am running this firmware, although I’m not from Portugal. Besides a TMN logo at start-up and a few portuguese apps that can be uninstalled the usual way without the need of root, the firmware is flawless. Of course the lag when accesing dialer is present, just like 99 % of Samsung devices.

  6. Which one is more importent?? Galaxy S2 I9100G or Ace2??
    please SAMSUNG!!! I9100G 4.1.2 for IRAN….

  7. April fools?

  8. ace plus???

  9. But for galaxy s advance? We’re waiting, yet!!!

    • S Advance has Jelly Bean Upgrade already. This Ace 2 upsade is for Portugal, and the S advance is for Russia. It’s fair as I can see.

  10. anyone has any idea when they will release the update for samsung galaxy ace plus???

  11. my Galaxy Ace 2 it’s a GT-I8160L …it’s update ? , what date ?

  12. thankyouuuuuuuuu samsung i looooooooooooove you

  13. my Galaxy Ace 2 it’s a GT-I8160L …it’s update ? , what date ?

  14. Hi Guys!
    I already installed the unofficial Firmware (4.1.2) which has some huge bugs on my phone. Does anyone know if my phone does realise that there is an update available over the air ?

  15. Greaat, i hope jellybean ace2 for indonesian will arrive soon

    • I had asked Samsung Indonesia few minutes ago. They still didn’t receive the information about that. :-)

      • Jelly Bean Ace 2 for Indonesia Version Please!!!!!!!
        I have waiting for long time for this update..

        • from philippines here. hope it will arrived to us soon.

        • Be patient. :-)

          We still don’t kknow the exact time.

  16. when ace plus will get jp pls ?

  17. Thanks Samsung! Sounds great!
    Does anybody know when it will be released for the latin american version GT-I8160L?
    As far as I know the hardwares the same, my friend has the GT-I8160 and it no different from my I8160L in terms of hardware so please release it soon Samsung.

  18. Still no JB for the US Galaxy Note. Lame…

  19. This device is one of most favorite in my city. Indonesia will wait patiently. Thanks for Samsung ^_^

  20. I had tried this official Jelly Bean on my Galaxy Ace 2 (I8160), it works well and looks better than before.

  21. I look forward to JB for the Galaxy Mini 2. When he finally gets JB?

  22. Thanks Samsung my Galaxy Ace2 GT-I8160L he received the 4.1.2 update

    • Really? What did you use Kies or OTA?

      • Amigo de donde eres? como lo actualizaste!? estoy aburrido de GB!!!!!

        • Soy de Costa Rica lo que ice fue instalar la rom que esta acá en sammobile de trinidad y Tobago 2.3.6 con odin 1.83 si no me equivoco es de enero 2013 y luego te vas a actualización de software y ya te sale 4.1.2 pesa 473MB preferiblemente descargar con wi fi espero les sirva a mi me va de película se nota la diferencia

        • por cierto la rom de trinidad y tobago es de stock no es de ninguna operadora de telefonos en el caso mio yo tenia movistar por eso tube que flashearlo para poder tener 4.1.2

          • Gracias bro! eso es lo que pensaba hacer, pero no sabia si usar una ROM de 8160 o 8160L. Lo probaré…

    • Pudiste actualizar, did you update it? how?, where are you form? de donde eres?

      • Soy de Costa Rica lo que ice fue instalar la rom que esta acá en sammobile de trinidad y Tobago 2.3.6 con odin 1.83 si no me equivoco es de enero 2013 y luego te vas a actualización de software y ya te sale 4.1.2 pesa 473MB preferiblemente descargar con wi fi espero les sirva a mi me va de película se nota la diferencia

        • Yo tengo la version 8160L de Trinidad y Tobago (TTT) y lo mio dice que no hay actualizaciones nuevas..
          Porque asi? Soy de Paraguay.. Alguien sabe cuando va venir?

          • Si la Rom es de una compañia celular va a tardar en salir la actualizacion yo soy de Costa Rica y mi cel es de movistar tube que flashearlo con la Rom de trinidad y tobago de enero del 2013 esa es libre no es de ninguna compañia y de inmediato me salio que estaba disponible la actualizacion de software a 4.1.2

          • Versión I8160L con versiones ligeramente diferentes pueden I8160, Samsung, según la noticia se mencionó anteriormente publicado una actualización de software para las versiones de I8160.

        • Instale la rom que dijiste y igual no sale actualizacion, puede mandar una foto de como quedo o de tu info del celular? gracias.

          • Aca esta la imagen de mi cel

        • Si iba instalar la rom de TTT de sammobile y me da esta actualizacion, esto no tiene nada que ver con el 3g y high speed internet verdad?
          Cuanto RAM tiene ahora? Alguien dijo que solamente tenia 400 y algo despues de 4.1.2..

      • por cierto la rom de trinidad y tobago es de stock no es de ninguna operadora de telefonos en el caso mio yo tenia movistar por eso tube que flashearlo para poder tener 4.1.2

        • Amigo tengo esa rom pero no me sale actualizacion…flasheaste la de enero o la de setiembre de trinidad y tobago, al momento de registrarte que pais pusiste???? Gracias…todos con la version L esperamos JB

          • Yo creo que hay que instalar la de Trinidad y Tobago de esta pagina. Sino yo pensaba instalar una de 8160 sin la L porque despues podria montar la de JB, al menos en teoria

          • no creo que te permita flashear con odin una rom para 8160 en una 8160L, pero es un misterio lo que ticoloco ha hecho por que ha nadie mas que el ha actualizado su 8160L….

          • creo que es fake la imagen xD esta demasiado borrosa a comparacion de otros…pero bueno man espero nos ayudas si actualizaste tu ace 2 latino…

        • Amigo te puedes poner en contacto todos esperamos Jelly Bean para la versión Latina espero nos ayudes porfavor.

          • Srs la imagen que puse es de mi cel lo garantizo no se si sera por pais que sale la actualizacion pero asi fue tengo 4.1.2 en mi cel ahora con respecto a la Rom la que yo instale de trinidad y tobago es la que sale aca en sammobile cuando me pidio registrar el pais obviamente puse costa rica me conecte a wi fi y me salio la disponibilidad de la actualizacion

          • Con respecto a la Rom para GT-I8160 4.1.2 de portugal(TMN) que esta aca en sammobile si permite cargarla con Odin V 3.04 en GT-I8160L pero a mi no me sirvio por que no me reconocia el sim card de mi operador telefonico no se si sera que no es compatible con 3G pero pueden probarla para ver si en otros paises funciona

          • androfull con que odin flasheaste la rom portuguesa ? no tienes que tener la leaked para instalarlo?? si te quedas sin red tr haces root y hay maneras para arreglarlp dime como lo flasheaste y te ayudo a tener red dame tu face o correo

    • man dinos como lo hiciste tenemos la misma rom pero no nos salta actualizacion…

      • Cuando yo registre el pais puse obviamente Costa Rica y me conecte a wi-fi y de inmediato me salio la disponibilidad de 4.1.2 no se si sera por pais que ira saliendo pero yo la tengo subire mas imagenes de mi cel para que vean que si es la rom oficial de samsung no es niguna modificada

        • Amigo cuanto RAM tenes despues de la actualizacion?
          Descarge la de TTT, ahora tengo que flashearlo con ODIN y despues tendra que mostrar la actualizacion?

          • Si en tendria que salirte la actualizacion la verdad muchos me an preguntado pero no se si sera por la region que a otros paises latinoamerica no ha llegado despues de la actualizacion me reporta 433 de RAM

          • Okay muchas gracias por tu esfuerzo amigo..
            Ojala que funciona y que lastima con el RAM, en realidad tendria que tener mas RAM libre que antes como yo leí.. Por igual..

        • mentira!! trate de flashear la rom stock JB para el 8160 en un 8160L y no pude ni con el odin 1.83 y menos con el odin 3.04, aparte no hay ninguna actualizacion para la ninguna de las roms de trinidad y tobago que estan en sammobile, no le hagan caso !!!

          • Que mal, la actualización deberia ser para todos… Yo llegue a montar una ROM que era de 8160 pero no me reconocio el SIM. Cual probaste la de Portugal?

            Tendre que optar por Custom ROM, si alguno sabe de una buena de xda-developers!????

          • Si la de Portugal se puede instalar en 8160L pero no reconoce el Sim Card eso me paso a mi tambien de verdad quisiera ayudarles pero lo que e puesto en comentarios anteriores es lo que ice y fui favorecido con la actualizacion no se si fue suerte estoy esperando a mi hermano que tiene tambien un 8160L para hacerle lo mismo a ver que pasa

          • Para Zoleck y los que quieran probar la rom de portugal en GT-I8160L algunos ya sabran el procedimiento otros no pero una pequeña explicacion de como hacerlo deben descargar la rom que esta aca en sammobile para el modelo GT-I8160 deben tener KIES en la pc para que sea reconicido el driver edl cel a la hora de usar ODIN la descargan y descomprimen el rar les quedara un archivo tar.md5 que es la rom luego descargan ODIN V3.07 lo ejecutan como administrador una vez abierto el programa seleccionan la casilla del lado derecho PDA y colocan el archivo que se descomprimió del rar.
            Luego el cel debe tener un 80% de carga quitar sim y micro sd entrar en modo recovery que es VOL+,HOME,POWER y hacer un wipe data/factory reset y un wipe cache partition esto para evitar errores a la hora de cargar el nuevo software para desplazarce a estos dos puntos con Vol- o + y se ejecuta con Home luego de haber hecho esto le dan reboot system now cargara nuevamente de fabrica el sistema OJO PERDERAN TODA INFORMACION HACER ANTES UN RESPALDO DE LA INFO DEL CEL.
            ya hecho todo esto entrar en modo Download en el cel VOL-,HOME,POWER les saldra una advertencia sobre el riesgo y cosas asi le dan VOL+ para continuar por lo que quedara listo para flashear conectar el cel a la PC y automaticamente en el programa ODIN en la casilla ID:COM aparecera un numero eso es que ya reconocio el cel luego con la rom ya montada en odin le dan START y empieza la carga del nuevo firmware por nada del mundo desconectar el cel de la PC una vez cargado aparece el la casilla de arriba en color verde y automáticamente reinicia el teléfono y ya tendrian JB 4.1.2 si por X motivo falla no pasa nada vuelven hacer el mismo procedimiento aclaro también que al hacer esto si el teléfono esta en garantía la pierde y también ACLARO QUE A MI NO ME FUNCIONO YA QUE NO RECONOCIO EL SIM DE MI OPERADOR en mi pais pero zoleck dice que hay una forma de tener red, espero que en otros países si sirva y puedan tener la nueva rom 4.1.2

        • FRANKDROID como flasheaste la rom de portugual ? no tienes que tener una JB leaked instalada para poder hacerlo ? con que odin lo hiciste ? si puedes hacer un pequeño manual aqui, la rom que te bajaste fue la sammobile rom de portugal ? si no tienes red haciendote root y cambiando unas carpetas se arregla, dime como flashearlo y te ayudo a tener red, dame tu correo o facebook para estar en contacto man.

          • No yo no probé la de Portugal, instale la de Trinidad y Tobago, esa es la que tengo actualmente pero no me sale mas actualizacion, llegue a probar la de España para 8160 y no me reconocio el SIM, por eso tuve que echar hacia atras.

          • Zoleck yo utilice Odin V3.07 para montar la rom de portugal que esta aca en sammobile que es la de (TMN)en GT-I8160L pero no me reconocia el sim de mi operador por lo que tambien tube que hechar marcha atras y volver a instalar GB 2.3.6 que fue la de trinidad y tobago que esta aca en sammobile y fue cuando me salio la actualizacion a 4.1.2 pero si me interezsa corregir el proble ya que mi hermano tiene un cel igual al mio pero todavia no recibe la actualización 4.1.2

          • Hey ticoloco al final provaste la rom en el telefono de tu hermano funciono? Si flasheas con la de portugal ,funciona si lo chipeas? De anemano gracias desde Guatemala

          • Rodrighost si probe la rom de portugal en el cel de mi hermano y si deja instalar hasta viene con idioma español pero no reconoce el sin car del operador telefonico parece ser que la empresa de TMN la bloqueo para poder usar con otros operadores pero navegando un poco en internet se puede corregir el problema modificando la carpeta EFS para poder desbloquearlo esa carpeta guarda el imei y otras info estoy en proceso de ver si funca apenas tenga noticias se los comento…

          • Te funciono borrar esa carpeta para liberarlo?

        • Mae Ticoloco, ya intente instalando el GB de Trinidad y Tobago que esta aqui en SamMobile y no me aparece la actualizacion al JB. Que fue lo que usted hizo?? Yo soy de Costa Rica tambien y no me funciono el upgrade.

  23. I can extract the data, writes that the damaged :(

  24. What about Galaxy Ace S5830?

    • 2.3.6 is all you get, the phone is not powerful enough for JB

      • not powerful enough for JB, i have JB 4.2.2 from XDA developers on my galaxy mini and it works fine. samsung wont release for armv6 devices because they don’t want. they want to sell more phones thats why they wont release for mini, for ace etc….

  25. When upgrade jelly bean on Galaxy Mini 2 (GT-S6500) ?? Please help! Thank you!

  26. hi guys
    what about s duos 7562 ?

  27. I installed android 4.1.2 I8160XXMC8 jelly bean, here are some screenshots

    • are u using the kies or ota?

      • no I’m from Croatian, and I used ODIN to install, and works very well

        • works very well? you didnt encounter a lag issue?

    • your from portugal? did you used the KIES or OTA?

      • Here to explain this is just the Android 4.1.2 for Portugal TMN, and just goes to Portugal installation using Kies and OTA, if you are from another country, you can easily install this update using ODIN program, you only need to download I8160XXMC8rar. firmware

        • wheres can i download that firmware?

  28. iv tried today and so far it is working smoothly,though i havent tried on wireless network.will upload some screen shots tonight and if you need help regarding installation let me know

    • can u pls send me a link on how to install the firmware??

      • download firmware, download Odin 3

        make sure your phone has 80% battery or more
        make sure that USB Debugging is checked on

        Settings>Applications>Development>USB Debugging

        after that

        Extract the downloaded firmware and open odin
        click the “PDA” button and select the firmware you extracted
        …MAKE SURE THAT ONLY “AUTO REBOOT AND F. RESET TIME” are the ones that are checked

        go into download mode by turning off your phone

        then press n hold “VOLUME DOWN + HOME BUTTON + POWER BUUTON”

        you will encounter a warning there… just press the “volume up button”

        once you are in download mode, your phone screen will say “Downloading do not turn off target”

        then connect your phone to PC via USB Cable

        Odin will say “Added!” then you can press start… it may take awhile before it finishes… it will reboot after then poof! you are at jelly bean 4.1.2

        • btw… you should download samsung USB Drivers first

  29. This is essentially misleading since the firmware build is carrier branded (TMN0 hence NOT available on KIES.

  30. Sammy!!! Philippines is waiting as well…..hope it will be VERY soon here….;)

    • yeah i’m wating on this :)

    • I’ve been waiting too! I hope our country’s next to receive this much-awaited update. D:

    • Glash mo na lng sa odin paps kesa mghhntay ka pa. Saken ung leaked at etong official na try ko na. Eto ngaun gmit ko tong official jb. Hehe

  31. thanks Samsung :-)
    we are waiting for Persian version (Iran)

  32. Este Official Android 4.1.2 Jelly Bean saldra para el Galaxy Ace GT-S5830M espero que tengan noticias nuevas gracias

  33. Para PERU Operador “Claro”

  34. When you guys are launching JB for S Duos ?..

  35. What about ace plus guys we’re waiting for JB for a long time

  36. when will be the upgrade for the philippines? thanks

    • hi im from the philippines also… we should do nothing but wait if we want to update our phone vis Kies or OTA… but we can update our phones using the firmware in portugal by flashing it using Odin :)

  37. Please guys where is the link…its not in the firmware list provided by sammobile.

  38. Wow. That S4 wallpaper, is it official or just downloaded? Anyway, I hope Philippines will be the next to receive the update! D:

    • Wag kna mghnray update dto sa pilipinas. Flash mo na lng sa odin. Upgraded na saken hehe

      • Hindi kase ako sanay mag-flash eh! Haha!!! Meron kabang step by step? Nadagdagan ba yung ram? Maayos na ba ‘yung mabagal na auto focus?

  39. Buenas saben si va a salir una actualización para el samsung GT-I8160L y en que fecha mas o menos saldra, espero alguien me pueda dar respuesta lo mas pronto posible gracias de antemano.

    • yo tengo la version GT-I8160L y ya lo tengo actualizado a 4.1.2 soy de Costa Rica no se si sera por la region que ya esta la actualizacion

      • Disculpa pero lo actualizaste con kies o por un firmware que te bajaste de alguna pagina y lo hiciste por el odin?

        • yo baje la rom de trinidad y tobago que esta aca en sammobile de enero 2013 la instale con Odin luego me salio la actualizacion cuando me conecte al wi fi

          • Pero de que parte eres tu amigo? Porque yo soy de venezuela e hice lo mismo y no me ha aparecido ninguna actulizacion hasta ahora amigo

      • amigo puedes dejar tu correo para ponerme en contacto y decirme como actualizaste?? hemos probado con la rom de Trinidad y Tobago y nada gracias

    • soy de egipto espera mas tiempo

  40. When jelly bean come for galaxy ace plus?
    please confirm about that…

  41. Can I update my Ace 2, on this firmware, official, using Samsung Kies in Ukraine? I apologize for any errors, I do not know very well English.

    • for now you cant using Kies or OTA, it is only available if you have a Portugal Carrier and if you are inside Portugal… BUT, you can install the firmware by flashing it using Odin…

    • if you want to update it in Kies or via OTA, you should wait for the release on your country or wherever you are

  42. When will Jelly Bean for Ace 2 arrive Vietnam?

  43. jelly bean when rolling to Indonesia??

    • Not yet, they still don’t get the official Jelly Bean.

  44. Here to explain this is just the Android 4.1.2 for Portugal TMN, and just goes to Portugal installation using Kies and OTA, if you are from another country, you can easily install this update using ODIN program, you only need to download I8160XXMC8rar. firmware

  45. If someone needs help, where to find downloaded this firmware let me know.

  46. Can i go back somehow to the original firmware i had when i bought the phone? Because i installed a ROM with Odin and when i open Samsung Kies it says: This phone doesn’t support firmware updates via Samsung Kies. Or something like this..

    • download the original firmware from Sammobile then flash it with Odin… after that, you are back to your original firmware

      • That’s the problem. When i download the Firmware it’s just one file and i can’t install it.. I put it in the PDA. It says installing and when i start the phone after it’s finished i see that i have the same firmware. No difference. It’s like you put water in a sea.

        • extract the zip. file first, do not use the zip. file as the pda… use the “md5.” file as pda

          • I know. That’s what i did.

        • extract the file that u have downloaded, then find the extracted foldergo to the extracted folder and on Odin, click on PDA and, open it up and there will be 2 files there, click the firmware which is a MD5 file

  47. Is the language English or Portuguese? Can anyone tell me that and if i can make the language into English in case its language is Portuguese

    • The lock screen there was word, “tmn vamos la”, the language is using English.

  48. installed sucessfully but RAM has been reduced from 555 MB to 482 MB. Overall Nature UX is brilliant.

    • Did your total RAM device is 482 MB? Mine is 624 MB after install oficial Jelly Bean Portugal.

      • yes it is 482 MB. I also installed Jelly Bean Portugal, why there is this difference?
        how much your RAM were, when it had ginger bread?

        • When my device was in Gingerbread 2.3.6, its RAM was 555 MB.

  49. you can choose any language, without fear, I chose the Croatian language because I am from Croatian

  50. They forget about GT-I9100P…damn…

  51. it takes quite some time to install this Jelly Bean… it took me 15-20 mins but so far successful

  52. is galaxy ace advance getting upgraded too?

  53. in the new firmware, the ram was reduced and i encountered some serious lagging when it comes to switching home screens… also lagging when scrolling, opening apps, and many other lagging issues, so far everything is good and running well except the lagging issue…

    • Mine, the total RAM is 624 MB. Overall is smooth, great in responsive. The lag I experienced when I streamed video inside website (not YouTube).

      • mine is also 624 mb RAM, 1st time i installed it was 482 cause i intalled directly from GB to JB, now i learned that you have to install the leak version which has the PIT file first before the official one to get 624 mb RAM

        • I had read about that issue (482 MB RAM) on Indonesia language blog.

          The 624 MB looks better, but I don’t know in fact, Galaxy Ace 2 uses so many RAMs.

    • Yes ken, I saw deeper on my Galaxy Ace 2 performance decreased from yesterday, yes there was lag issue. Firsr time I install official Jelly Bean, the AnTuTu Benchmark score was 5.967. Today I test again, it is 3.976. The messaging or writing system is not fast as fast I experience d after install official Jelly Bean.

      • yes i tested my benchmark also, results were 5k and below, now that my RAM increased, the lagging issue is not much of a problem anymore, i think there are still some bugs on the firmware which makes it laggy and some bloatwares… overall, the performance is good enough… but because the firmware update is big, it will eventually lessen the memory on the phone which makes it slower

        • I think so. I thought it bring faster performance, now it is different. A little bit lag, but overall I like Jelly Bean. :-)

          • Well initially I was impressed with Tmn version once I’d put leaked one on first so there is 624mb ram not 480. But then I started seeing that my once great battery life was no more. Even worse it sometimes lagged badly. 10 seconds to open camera app or reply to a text is frustrating. I decided to downgrade to gingerbread and now see that there could be a problem. Gb runs much smoother and things like 3g reception and lag are much better. Scroll rate is slower and you get inferior Web browser but download opera and halo launcher and it’s nearly as good. The phone just feels quick and much happier on gingerbread. The notifications bar is easier to see. Does
            jellybeans ideally need faster and 1gb ram? Runs well on girlfriends galaxy 2 although her battery life is awful. Barely gets through a day. I can make it through 2 days with Gb on the ace2 and that’s more useful than a couple of extra features and slightly slicker ui. I’ll still upgrade when we get official UK update though. Hopefully that will run better.

          • Thanks Paulmt123 for your post. Appreciate the detail. It helped me make a decision.

  54. Buenas alguien podría decirme mas o menos para cuando sale la versión 4.1.2 jelly bean para el modelo Gt-I8160L, soy de Venezuela.

    • Has podido actualizar!? ese modelo lo tienen abandonado hasta en xda

  55. iv done every thing and new jelly bean works perfect so far,iv rooted my phone aswell nw wants to unlock it.its network sim unlock..any idea how to do this simply ?last 2 days iv tried 1 million ways and no success?
    guys how to do it ?
    thanks in advance :)

  56. I upgraded successfuly my galaxy ace2 but now its slower and android isnt working smooth. I neeed to wait for 5 sec to open dial tab for example. Games I used to play before now I cant cuz they lag a lot and cant be played in this conditions. What shoud I do to ? I m thinking about getting back to gingerbread :/ do you have same problems? Ps. I m from bosnis

    • My Galaxy Ace 2 running official Jelly Bean Potugeues works fine, smooth. Yes, sometimes open the phone dial need more than 2 seconds. The games like Aralon: Sword and Shadows HD and Shadowgun work fine. Overall this update is great.

      • I don’t know.. maybe i did something wrong :/ i was following this steps:

        Download Android 4.1.2 XXMC8 firmware from here.
        Extract the contents on your computer.
        Download Odin 1.85 from here.
        Switch your Galaxy device off and boot it into Download Mode by pressing and holding Volume Down, Home and Power buttons simultaneously. Release the keys when Download Mode appears.
        Launch Odin exe file on your computer and connect Galaxy Ace 2 to it using a USB cable. ODIN will display an added!! message once your device is successfully connected.
        Next, click on the PDA button on Odin and load the XXMC8 I8160 .tar.md5 file.
        Ensure to disable the Re-partition option if it’s enabled. Do not tinker with any other default settings of Odin.
        Press START to initiate the installation process of this latest OTA update for your Galaxy Ace 2 I8160 device. The installation would take a few minutes. When it’s done, your smartphone will reboot automatically. Disconnect it from the computer then.

        • ok, because you go directly from GB to JB it will really lag because the RAM was lessen… try to download the latest Gingerbread firmware on your country for your device and flash it with odin… now ( listen very carefully )

          download the leaked Jelly Bean which is MB4

          after you downgraded to GB, extract the leaked JB firmware and there will be 2 files… one is file :

          1. CODE = use this as the PDA ( dont extract)

          2. CSC = use as CSC in odin ( dont extract, PIT is here )

          go and flash this leaked JB on Odin to your phone, after that, set up your blah blah blah on phone…

          go to download mode again and now flash the Official 4.1.2 JB firmware… after this, you will now see that your RAM has increased to 624 MB RAM and you will have better results… hope this helps…, any question pls just ask :)

      • Is it on your ace2 like this? maybe karnel version istn’t fit?

        ANROID VERSION: 4.1.2


        KARNEL VERSION: 3.01.31 – 1016990
        se.infra@SEP-129 #2
        SMP PREEMPT Tue Mar 26 08:21:11
        KTS 2013

        BUILD NUMBER: JZ054.I8160XXMC8

        • My Galaxy Ace2:

          Model: GT-I8160
          Android version: 4.1.2
          Baseband version: I8160XXMC8
          Kernel version: 3.0.31-10116990
          SMP PREEMPT Tue Mae 26 08:21:11
          KST 2013
          Build number: JZO54k.I1850XXMC8

          • y la actualizacion para el i8160P. , este es el de NFC????

  57. Sorry for asking my question here i want to know when samsung roll out android 4.1.2 for galaxy tab 2 10.1 gt-p5100?

    • this is for Ace 2 pls refrain from asking other none related topics

  58. jb for ace plus

    • this is for Ace 2 pls refrain from asking other none related topics

  59. When can we get the JB for ace2 in morocco?

  60. I’m still waiting, 4 days, so long, i check 4 the upgrade 4 times per day by both ota and kies. oh when jelly bean 4 ace 2 come out Pogutal, waiting is expectedness

    • its only for the carrier TMN

      • what is carrier TMT, i don’t know what it means, can you explain more thankyou

  61. i have many SS ( scren shot ) of my phone in official JB in english… admins tell me if you want some pictures of it to post here :)

  62. Hi there, will this work for my Samsung Galaxy Ace 2 which is GT18160L

  63. Hi there i upgraded mine and it works fine ( im from nz and i used odin to flash). But my network/carrier is blocked and not working. Every time i go to send a text or make a call it says please insert a sim card. Please help ?

    • The title of this news for Samsung I8160, not I8160L. So, maybe your device doesn’t support it.

  64. up by china rom, by odin, when pass, the screen black, boot gone, no more warranty, sooooooooooooo sadddddddddd, every one be carefull with china

    • Did you mean you encounter problem after install Jelly Bean China?

      • yes, my ace 2 was dead that time, can’t boot becouse i did’t know that chinese vr is not suitable with other region

        • Oh my. My device (I8160) is running Gingerbread right now. I decided downgrade. Jelly Bean for Galaxy Ace 2 is not suitable.

  65. thanks Samsung
    we are waiting for Persian version (Iran).
    i installed leak version but it has some bugs…
    we wait for Iran.

  66. Hi
    I am in the UK. I have just bought an out of the box Ace 2, do you know when/if I will receive this update?
    I have installed Keis, which says my firmware is up to date but I still have Gingerbread.

    Thanks, I registered here because of this thread :)

    • Hi I also have an ace 2 from the UK and don’t know when the update is gonna be available, but can I ask what is your current firmware as listed in kies where it says that that you have the current firmware.

      • It says: PDA:LL2 / PHONE:LL2 / CSC:MA1 (EVR)
        in both Current and Latest.

        • Thanks
          Does anybody know why my latest and current is
          PDA; LK7 / PHONE; LK7/ CSC; LK7 (BTU)
          I was wondering whether when the update become available whether it is actually gonna show up??
          Btw my kies is up to date and I have an unlocked i8160

          • My Gingerbread build number is GINGERBREAD.XXLL2, so I can see the correlation with the LL2 from my firmware version number. Perhaps we both have original, network-specific firmware.

            If this update comes soon I will have timed this purchase very well :)

    • if you know how to use Odin you can upgrade it to 4.1.2 now, just Download the chinese or portugal released 4.1.2 and use Odin to upgrade your phone

  67. im from Philippines i can’t wait to upgrade my ace 2 so i downloaded the china firmware and used Odin to upgrade my ace 2 it was a success. the only Chinese language i experienced is that on widget app like News, Weather and etc but if you put that Chinese language widget on your Home it wont be chinese anymore it will convert itself to English. Anyway please release 4.1.2 on Philippines im sooooo eager to upgrade my phone on Philippine phase.

    • Brad pano nten mllaman kng andto na sa pinas update? Eh prehas tayo 4.1.2 na os. Hehehe. Portugal gamit ko

      • dun sa firmware section type mo dun GT-i8160 lalabas mga firmwares for ace 2.

  68. when is comes to GT-i8160L?

  69. What about Ace 2 (GT-I8160L) ????????

  70. I’m waiting 4.1.2 for the Galaxy Ace 2 (GT-I8160L), really excited!! =D… BTW nothing about that??

  71. Also waiting eagerly for JB on my GT-I8160L! Please release it at least for one country so we can flash it to our devices -.-

  72. Omg I flashed my ace 2 with the china 4.1.2 all correctly placing the tar.md5 into the pda and now messing around with anything else. But now my phone is HARD bricked, wont boot up, showing no signs of life. Please someone help I’m really confused?

    • I read in HTCMania that the china released don’t run on other countries…

    • im from philippines i used china 4.1.2 jelly bean and my phone got soft bricked! it can’t run play store can’t detect sim card. i uninstalled play store and reinstall it yet it still broke. so i downgrade it back to 2.3.6 well i guess i should wait for the Philippine release JB.

    • i have an advice for you, for late… you sould refer carefully when indent doing st. i was the 1st, and i don’t wanna someone else follow me, but you are

    • If your device can’t switch on, bring it on service center.

  73. They are uploading many updates… but nothing about GT-I8160L :(

  74. from the philippines here.
    I followed all the directions and after it booted, it keeps on repeating showing the samsung logo and tmn vamos la. it keeps on booting. somebody can help me with this problem? thnx in advance :)

    • I tried to install again gingerbread but after it, it stacked in showing my mobile unit. please help me return to gingerbread :’(

  75. It’s been 10 days since the roll out and yet only two countries have received the update. =__= Philippines please. x

  76. for how long do i need to wait after it rebooted?

  77. As Samsung Russia said “On April 22 comes the update to jelly bean” So I think that on April 22 devices of all countries should be updated to Jelly Bean. Only thing we can do is calm down and keep waiting for that!!

  78. Release the update for Panama (GT-I8160L) please!! have spent few days and we have only 2 countries available with that update!!!

  79. When will the update for Hong Kong arrive? I mean Ace 2. Does Hong Kong use the same version with China coz I saw an Ace 2 update on your firmware page for China and my Kies dont detect any update.

  80. If I install portugesse version . Which languages can I choose? Any screenshots of jelly bean , please answer and thanks :)

    • English is available… I read it on other forums

      • Thanks. Any other languaes. How can I innstall it ?

        • When you had installed official Jelly Bean Portugeues, you can the language in the setting.

  81. i contact the service that they told me the update for ace plus was not given, and they would like to inquire the engineering unit about this updating project. i think jb will be released soon for ace plus user

  82. As Samsung device update list, says that the galaxy ace plus will receive the update but no the date of the roll out

  83. When will the update for ace plus will be released in India…..???any idea of date ….???pls reply

  84. Really enjoying my ace 2 with jelly bean. So much slicker and many improvements. I downloaded Portuguese firmware and worked first time on my t mobile version. I get tm logo on startup and a few odd apps but otherwise all is normal and most of the apps can be uninstalled. Feels a lot nicer than before. Web browser is much quicker and ui slicker. Well worth upgrading. Used opodo 3.7 and its very easy. UK version should be out soon anyhow but if you just can’t wait this Portuguese version
    works perfectly too.

    • Question… It works on a Latinamerican phone ?? I had understood that this firmware don’t run on a GT-i8160L.

      Please confirm, thanks in advance.


  85. When the Jelly bean os realist in Indonesian on GT-I8160…???? so very long time!!!

  86. hey Sammy, any update on the release date of JB in Philippines Ace 2? Thanks

  87. New firmware for the ace 2… What do you think about it?? I think that is a Gingerbread rom, as the date.

  88. when ace 2 upgrade to the jelly bean to Indonesia?

  89. When will it come to spain?

  90. So when we will receive the update for Indonesia? It’s April 20th and still no update yet. Sigh…

  91. Did this version support Arabic language…

    • android 4 and 4.1 support arabic, but i did not try it,
      android 4.1.2 support arabic for sure, i tried it, keyboard and even user interface can be in different languages..

      in German Language they mentioned that T-Mobile will have Update for ACE 2 at 25. April 2013, i just do not know if it means T-Mobile Germany or T-Mobile Austria. i guess Germany will get it before Austria.

      usually Samsung Mobile send the Update to GSM Provider, they will try it and if eveything ok, the Samsung will but it on thier Server for Downloading, this which i understood from this Page, so even if the Release comes , we do not know how long it could be to wait until it will be on Server of Samsung for Update.

      even Galaxy S II came in many Countries since long time but T-Mobile Germany and Austria did not get this Update, but onther Provider in Austria get it already like A1

  92. Ahh still waiting for update for 8160L………
    Its already the 20th.. and only 2 out for the international 8160….
    Please Samsung… Kind of disappointing..

  93. I think that we must be wait a little of time. I don’t really think that the update comes tomorrow.

  94. Be realist, Samsung launch the update when they want. So let’s gonna see what happens tomorrow.

  95. Update hasn’t come yet, hasn’t it? Who informed that the update will be available today -22 April-?

  96. April 22 for Samsung to be the day of St. Never.

  97. Ok Samsung… Where is Jelly Bean?? Thanks a lot for everything, you are the best!! -.-”

    Keep waiting the update.

  98. We are waiting for an update for Russia!

    • I hope all the same that it will appear in the near future.

  99. Sam is a stupid factory because they do not support your customers? I think that is why many people going to change other mark like me!!!!
    So, we already bought this shit phone, that is all than sam want!

  100. Yaaaa,you’re right my friend,but take it easy,I hope that you don’t want to do a heart attack only for this….:)Peace man…

  101. hey Sam I want to know when will JB update be release or there is no update for SAMSUNG GALAXY ACE PLUS we are tired of waiting for that update,. hope to answer this question quickly..,..??

  102. Yeah, please tell us when the update is gonna be released.. You told us it was gonna be launched in 22 april, but nothing until now.. When??

  103. The update was delayed to May 22 according to samsung ukraine

  104. when to expect the update for Samsung Galaxy acetate 2 for Bulgaria????

  105. when update jb for galaxy mini 2 ???..

  106. Alguma previsão para o i8160l, já está passando da hora, faz mais de um mês que saiu a atualização para o i8160 e nada para nós latinos, a Samsung só tem clientes na Europa e na Azia?

    • Nothing about it… Samsung Russia confirms the new release date on May 22 2013, so, we have to keep waiting a little more time.

      • we can only expect the same, thank you.

  107. we still waiting JB update for samsung galaxy mini 2 >>>SAMSUNG!

  108. The jelly bean for galaxy mini 2 is ready to go!

  109. Jelly Bean for GT-i8160P (Germany) finally released…

  110. Spanish NFC update for Galaxy Ace 2 (GT-I8160P) finally released…

  111. Where is the expected 22 May update?
    Please Samsung don´t do this to us…

  112. … what is the next release date June 22 ??

  113. how to downgrade samsung galaxy ace 2 ?

  114. we want ace plus get jelly soon…..

  115. jelly bean for GT I8160 Gemany have came, but is it suitable with other regions ? I donot dare to instal it because my phone once time canot revive affter instaling Chinese version

  116. there is ace 2 android 4.1 for malaysia??when can i get it?

  117. If I upgrade using ODIN, will I lose warranty since the update hasn’t come to greece yet?

  118. Update for Indonesia is out. Check KIES out, fellow Indonesians.
    Done installing. All good. Been briefly checking all the swiping and app opening for 5mins, no complain so far. Will update if there is any drawbacks from this upgrade, which I highly doubt.

  119. Finally Got Updated The Ace 2 I-8160 With Android 4.1.2..!!
    Its Good..!!
    bt It Makes Phone A bit Slower..!!
    If Ur Phone Working Well on 2.3.6 n u Dnt need 4.1 thn do not update or flash itt..!

  120. türkiye için cıkmiş gozukuyor ama nasıl yuklenıyor bu otomatıge bakıyorum yok kis e bakıyorum yıne yok bu nasıl cıkmış oluyor

  121. plz give url for download this rom only faster plz plz plz plz plz

  122. I use Galaxy Ace 2, had Jelly Bean Indonesia (XXMD4) from Samsung Service Center ITC Roxy Mas Jakarta. It still has a bug when streaming YouTube, played Dark Avengers faced lag.

  123. 2.3.6 ferover

    4.1.2 > :-/

  124. When official jellybean for ace plus? :-( I wont jelly bean for Ace Plus.

  125. we need a new kernel for the ace 2 please 3.0.101 by Samsung :)

  126. what is ota

  127. hola alguien sabe que version me funcionara en Guatemala?

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