5.9 inch screen Galaxy Note III confirmed?

If you thought a 5.5 inch screen was big, think again cause Samsung is releasing the Galaxy Note III with a stunning 5.9 inch screen.  According to an executive from one of the main parts suppliers for the Korean Giant has just confirmed the screen size.

The Korea Times says that the next generation of the Phablet will launch in the US which is confirmed by the local suppliers. The report also indicates that the Korean manufacturer will be showing off a concept of the Galaxy Note III to the US carrier AT&T in the next few days. Samsung’s Galaxy Note III is rumoured to be released with the latest OLED technology called Pholed for its display, which off course will be in FHD resolution.

The launch is expected at IFA like they do every year, which will be held at the end of August. But rumours are the might skip IFA and will do a Unpacked Event in the US like they did with the Samsung Galaxy S4.

Could this be the Unpacked Event Episode 2??



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  1. 5.9inch can be achieved without making the phone extra large. Reducing the bezel at all corners will do a lot. The phone can maintain its present length of Note 2 while having the width of Note 1. With a slimmer bezel you can fit 6inch into such dimensions.

  2. Nice bump up, whole 0,4″ glad to see this, 4000mAh battery would be also nice

  3. I really hope this comes with 3GB Ram. I would buy it in a heartbeat if it does..

  4. This is the only phone I would replace my note 2 with. …. Go sammy

  5. I wonder if everyone will go ape sh*t if it looks like the 2?

    • Note has the advantage that it looks always better looking thanks to its bigger screen :)

  6. Ah, 5 months is quite the wait for the official announcement. I know the specifications would be overkill, but if the battery life stamina is increased twice and removable, and the entire frame is as is, and probably thinner – I’d replace my Note II. Of course the S Pen should still be there or there’s no point getting it. Waterproofed would be a nice addition.

    • get real.
      Waterproofed AND removable battery, forget it…

    • Note2 can last 2-3 times longer than note1 and the battery difference is only 600mAh, so i would be not surrprised if note3 could last 2times longer than note2, if it could im pretty sure you could last 2days with heavy usage

  7. Nothing will be better than the Galaxy Note 3.

    • there WILL be something better than N3, the N4 (not to be confused with the Nx4)

  8. Can’t wait for the specs :)
    Although I love my Note 1, I’m looking to replace it somewhere this year.

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