Infographic: The evolution of Samsung’s Galaxy S flagship

Samsung announced the Galaxy S4 last week in New York City. The Galaxy S 4 features a stunning 4.99” Super AMOLED Full HD display, an Exynos 5 Octa processor, a 13 Megapixel camera and many more. Samsung expects to sell over 50 million Galaxy S4 devices!
Since the first Galaxy S device by Samsung, the S line by Samsung is one huge success. Below an Infographic about the evolution of Samsung’s Galaxy S flagship.


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  1. Respect to Samsung…..Owned the whole market with only 3 phones!!!!!

    • Yeah! What a milestone!!

    • What are you smoking? Samsung has over 20 phones and 8 tablets and a couple of washing machines.

      Apply only has 3 phones.

      • Dont forget about Ipads they also made apple rise not only iphones..infact ipads only made apple rise not iphones in sales

        • Actually, the iPod and Macbooks are what brought Apple to the scene.

          Not that I care. I love my S3, but I’m getting paid by anyone to be their lawyer. :)

  2. Samsung is dominating! Yeah!! :)

  3. Whatever it may be updating is very slow!!!!!!!!!

    • Damn true… Still no promised Jelly Bean for mid-range models.

  4. Has anybody noticed that galaxy SII wasn’t much different form the first galaxy s, the same goes for IV it isn’t much different form III

    • Coming from an owner of those two phones i have no idea what you are talking about. There is a large difference between the S1 and S2 in terms of both hardware and software. S2 has a dual core CPU with 1gb of ram compared to S1 single core cpu along with 512mb ram. Back camera is 8MP with flash compared to 5MP no flash. Front facing cam is 2MP compared to 0.3 MP. Screen size is 4.2 inch vs 4 inches. The s2 was initially running touchwiz 4.0 (now touchwiz nature ux) compared to S1 touchwiz 3.0

      • I meant the design difference, when you look at the photos

        • what do you mean…the s2 is beautiful while the galaxy s looks like a piece of shit

  5. Today my galaxy s3 display cracked by accidental pls dont make fragile phone.None of s2 and s cracked even after harsh drop.hope s4 not like s3

  6. why the Galaxy S2 don’t have a SAMSUNG logo? is that intentional? but its okay S2 stand still the best of Galaxy line up in terms of design

  7. samsung ohhh.super

  8. All credit to Samasung for the performance of their galaxy line of phones, I started with the S2 and then S3, and awaiting to get my hands on the S4 as well.

    Having said that and I have mentioned this in one of my previous posts as well, Samsung has to pay serious attention to build quality in future, they may get away with the S4 due to its superior performance and this device will sell well and may surpass the targeted 50m units.

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