New Samsung patents consider flat and curved backs for future budget Galaxy S smartphones

Samsung is preparing to bring foldable smartphones to market: consider the sheer number of patents submitted by the Korean giant over the last few years, and it’s safe to say that foldable smartphones are more than just a leisure project for Samsung. At the same time, though, we’re aware of Samsung’s desire to bring curved displays to the forefront of its trademark design language. We’ve seen some patents recently including a Galaxy S7 edge front display with a flat, Galaxy S5 Neo-esque back cover – and the same design returns in yet another patent along with a new back cover design.

First, let’s get to the flat back design. The Galaxy S smartphone designs considered in the two design patents shown here show a device that has a curved display but a flat back panel. The flat back panel also contains a slightly bulging camera and a circular cutout beneath it that seems to turn the current flash/heart rate monitor area on Galaxy S and Note flagships sideways.

future Galaxy S curved design

The camera, though, is unmistakably taken from the Galaxy S5, and the speaker on the back can’t be mistaken as a design trademark for any other phone except the Galaxy S5 Neo or Galaxy Note 4. There are no physical buttons on the side of the device, which presents the possibility that the on-screen buttons of the Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8+ will “trickle down” to the mid-range and low-end Galaxy S lineup.

The next design patent is merely a drawing, no “fill-in” of any tangible design language whatsoever, hinting that Samsung is considering the possibility but hasn’t settled on a definite concept just yet – though there is the possibility of a curved back cover here.

What these designs confirm for us is that Samsung may decide to bring curved displays to future budget-friendly Galaxy S devices so as to not leave the budget-friendly remainder of its second most prestigious smartphone line untouched.

Take a look at the design drawing above (and more at the link) and let us know what you think.

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