I9300XXUFMB3 – Galaxy S III Android 4.2.1 Jelly Bean LEAKED firmware

We of SamMobile would like to give you the latest I9300XXUFMB3 – Android 4.2.1 Jelly Bean test firmware for the Galaxy S III. Big Thanks to forum member Saturn from XDA-Developers who made this possible by giving us the dump files from his device.

Android 4.2.1 is still under testing phase by Samsung and they will release the official final Android 4.2.1 Jelly Bean update for the Galaxy S III after the launch of the Samsung Galaxy S IV. We wanted to give Samsung’s hardcore fans a sneak preview of what Samsung is up to in their dev center.

New enhancements in I9300XXUFMB3 FW:
- Android 4.2.1 – JOP40D
- Improved Ripple effect on Lockscreen
- New Android 4.2.1 Lockscreen with widgets
- Daydream (Settings>Display)
- New Additions in Notification Center
- Notifications are more actionable
- Voice Command (Let’s you control various parts of the phone using voice commands)
- Found more? Tell us about them in the comments below!

We have repackaged this firmware into an ODIN Flashable firmware ourselves from the dump files we took from Saturn’s device. This firmware will increase your binary counter, if you don’t know what this means then don’t flash this firmware. This Firmware will also change your device status to Modified. This firmware doesn’t contain any Modem so the Modem you are using before flashing this firmware will remain. This is a PRE-RELEASE version so not official from KIES. As this is a PRE-RELEASE firmware some minor bugs are to expect.

We have FULLY TESTED this firmware and this firmware works perfectly as any other official firmware.

Firmware Details
Android Version: 4.2.1 – JOP40D (Jelly Bean)
Region: Middle East
Carrier: Unbranded
Changelist: 171637
Build Date: 19th February 2013
Download: I9300XXUFMB3_I9300OJKFMB3_ILO.zip

Flashing Instructions:
- Unzip the file
- Open Odin 3.04 (already included in the firmware package)
- Restart phone in download mode (Press and hold Home + Power + Volume down buttons)
- Connect phone and wait until you get a blue sign in Odin
- Add I9300XXUFMB3_I9300OJKFMB3_HOME.tar.md5 to PDA
- Make sure re-partition is NOT ticked
- Start flash, sit back and wait a few minutes.
- If you encounter any issues with the firmware (Any FC, Bootloop etc)
- Boot into recovery mode (Home+power+vol up)
- Then choose reboot and you should be good to go!


Screenshot_2013-02-22-16-57-13 Screenshot_2013-02-22-16-57-05 Screenshot_2013-02-22-16-56-46 Screenshot_2013-02-22-16-56-38 Screenshot_2013-02-22-16-56-37 Screenshot_2013-02-22-16-56-36 Screenshot_2013-02-22-16-56-35 Screenshot_2013-02-22-16-56-29 Screenshot_2013-02-22-16-56-20 Screenshot_2013-02-22-16-56-12 Screenshot_2013-02-22-16-55-43 Screenshot_2013-02-22-16-55-42Screenshot_2013-02-22-16-55-26 Screenshot_2013-02-22-16-55-12 Screenshot_2013-02-22-16-55-01 Screenshot_2013-02-22-16-53-08 Screenshot_2013-02-22-16-52-55 Screenshot_2013-02-22-16-52-32 Screenshot_2013-02-22-15-52-05Screenshot_2013-02-22-16-57-20Screenshot_2013-02-22-16-59-23 Screenshot_2013-02-22-16-59-07 Screenshot_2013-02-22-16-58-57 Screenshot_2013-02-22-16-58-51 Screenshot_2013-02-22-16-58-28 Screenshot_2013-02-22-16-58-13 Screenshot_2013-02-22-16-58-02  Screenshot_2013-02-22-16-57-16 Screenshot_2013-02-22-16-57-15Screenshot_2013-02-22-16-59-38Screenshot_2013-02-22-16-57-14Screenshot_2013-02-22-16-59-51 Screenshot_2013-02-22-17-00-04 Screenshot_2013-02-22-17-00-06 Screenshot_2013-02-22-17-17-30 Screenshot_2013-02-22-22-16-45 Screenshot_2013-02-22-16-58-58 Screenshot_2013-02-22-16-58-59 Screenshot_2013-02-22-16-59-01

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  1. Photosphere?

    • no….. photo sphere! dats d drawback!

    • I found some problem in that version , can i simply flash it again whit 4.1.2 even i that new version ?

  2. yeah how about photosphere?

  3. thts cool :)

  4. Please samsung release it for the s2 PLEASE I FRICKING BEG OF U, THERE R NO HARDWARE LIMITATIONS!!!!

    • Jelly Bean 4.1.2 is released for Galaxy S2 i9100. it`s just a matter of time till you get it in you country. or you can flash a firmware from another country

      • im talking about 4.2

        • never happy right?

        • haha just be thankful you have a Samsung. I know people with FLAGSHIP devices from other brands sill wing for 4.0.4.
          If your not happy flash a rom. or just buy another phone.

        • s2 will not get 4.2

  5. im depressed now

  6. Message App FCs … Any solution anyone ?

    • same problem :(

      • Make wipes

        • Any problems on battery life? And are there any more bugs found aside from this fc for the messaging app?

          • Ueah I am havin a problem dat d battery goes down soon n my cel gets heat up 2 much it does not go below 41ºc

      • call drops after 2 or 3 mins rest is all working aloooooottt better than 4.1.2

    • Yeah Messaging not working.. Even other message apps in market aren’t working.. plzz update

    • I had the same problem . What i did was :
      -reboot in recovery mode
      -wipe cache partition
      -wipe data / factory reset

      and now it’s working just fine on 4.2.1

      • Speaking of the f reset/wipe, this is the part I am most afraid of, to lose some data any backup didn’t think about :(
        Can anyone please describe a bit of what can potentialy, go lost oter than what, say, My Backup pro, couldn’t backup?
        I’m not worried about the external SD card as I’ll take that out, and it has all my music & videos. But all those contacts, program profiles, histories…will that be backed up and restored with the backup program?

      • thanks for this man, phones working properly now. just forgot to back up my andromoney… sad :(

  7. where is jelly bean update for ace plus…?wtf…

    • i……… i don’t ………. i don’t think its coming lol

  8. e x note 2 quando ? ;-)

  9. How about the battery problems? Still the same?

  10. did (my sound) feature exist in previous versions? you can find it in settings -> sound

  11. the lag problem was solved? i mean…unblock touchscreen lag,contacts lag,end of voice call lag,phone lag…

    • If you don’t like to upgrade yet to this firmware, Perseus kernel fixed the lag issues for me xxella 4.1.2 :)

  12. Hi! My device(SGS3 GT-I9300 free) is anxious 4 this update and I’m very excited! ;)

  13. ADVICE! The SPANISH is NOT includded in languaje, only English and other middle east languajes.

    • I you are upgrading from a ROM with Spanish, it will remain. I did it…

      • i updated from a ROM with spanish and did not remain

        • you just need to install language enabler from the playstore and you will have the spanish.

  14. where is jelly bean update for Samsung Galaxy S2 Skyrocket SGH-I727 WTH?

  15. this shit dont have spanish lenguage -.-

    • You can Change the Language :-) Delete the folder CSC in System wipe factory reset and you can change it.

  16. plz also add same leaked version of 4.2.1 for GT-I9100 s2 plz




    • have you enabled usb debugging in developpers options?

    • Dp u hav d Samsung drivers on ur pc??

  18. Cool Samsung,You promised update for Galaxy Tab 7.0 Plus,but still not even a leaked ROM,while S3 has Android 4.2.1 Now,soon after,S3 too will beg for updates.
    Cool Samsung,Flaws in your update system will be the only reason you will lose No.1 Smartphone Manufacturer Title.

    • Not happy with the fact they keep updating. even if it is flawed.. hen buy another brand. see if you get ANY updates at all.

  19. looks so good with new features, i hope it will release for S2 I9100 also, as soon as possible

  20. hey I have flashed XXUFMB3, acquainting myself with it now. but something annoying has happened : I’m innundated with cb messages from some nearby station; dozens of them evry few minutes; how can I disable whatever function is responsable????

    • just ignore it! I found a way to get rid of it

    • Go to the Message App > Config > Active CB (uncheck this)

    • what are thoses cb messages you are speaking of? 27MHz CB radio is probably not what you mean…?

  21. Is there any mirror with resume download ?

    My download speed is very weak

  22. PhotoSphere or not??

    • photosphore is google app fot its nexus 4. I hear that samsung will have its own photosphere once ir releases the official firmware (this is only an experimenta leak for devs)

  23. Does this firmware fix SDS issue?

    • wel it definitely has the update fix; but whether it works or not, who knows? to my knowledge samsung has never confirmed

      • but if you are on custom kernel and/or custom recovery then make sure they have the sds fix too; then cross your fingers and/or pray

  24. Hey Sammobile :)
    Do you know how can I change the language to German? Because it isnt officialy supported.

    • app Language Enabler in google play application works on a ROOTED Samsung devices only

      • thanks, your comment helped me switching to german language

        : ) a great app I didn’t know!

  25. There is no German-Language at this moment…

    • You can Change the Language :-) Delete the folder CSC in System wipe factory reset and you can change it.

  26. I install it with mobile Odin pro and My status is still official without increasing the custom binary.how is this possible

    • sorry, accidental button hit

    • well whatever the binary, this is not an official firmware and there may be csc issue too

  27. any problems with the 3G on 4.2.1 on the s3?

  28. can someone explain why it is so laggy? why it take ages for contacts to show up and roll for you? why so many nice features and useful features are missing? come on, surely samsung can do better than cyanogenmod!!! and these guys do not even have the exynos code!!!! I hope samsung won’t frustrate us when the official firmware is aired!

  29. The only reason people are having issues with Messaging FC’in or lag is because they are refusing to follow the instructions.


    Read the instructions


    Read the instructions


    Don’t flash if you haven’t followed step 1 and 2

  30. Test 101%
    Also My status is still official without increasing the custom binary.

    Karim silver

  31. I love Samsung

    • u wont once the s4 comes out and ur not first priority :( :P

      • I agree with you Makinho.
        but Haha. All you do is complain jgjd691995.

  32. Hey I just got 4.1.2 JB uk btu from kies update

  33. I downloaded and installed the JB 4.2.1

    But the messaging not working I even tried to get messaging apps from store but none of them worked, and when I do wipe cache from the (Power+Home bottun+Volume up) nothing happen even the call logs stay the same but when I do it from the 4.1.2 the call logs all get deleted
    PLEASE HELP ….. and sorry for my bad language :|

  34. Any1 know how i put facebook news bar in the lock screen like it was in 4.1.2 ? coz i have searched inside the setting to how to put facebook news bar into lock screen but no luck

  35. Ok I am new to these things…i followed the instructions but it is laggy and the messaging app does not work….what did i do wrong and how do i fix pleasee

  36. You all need to read the instructions properly, for all thouse having problems with messaging app force closing then you will need to do a factory data reset. Note that you will lose all your apps, messages, contacts and so forth but it will fix the problem.

  37. what is the problem with Samsung?, Every time they forget about speed up call logs, dialer screen and contact loading. Please fix this problem. its really frustrate…

  38. after wipe/factory reset the message app is working but now sPlanner FC and for as many times i wipe, its not working

  39. My i9300 is stuck with this firmware, and i can’t downgrade it

    • When your phone restarts after you downgrade go into recovery mode (three button drill) and wipe everything

  40. Stop being selfish assholes and post torrents and free download sites. :)

  41. OH My GOD
    After root this Official Rom Wipe factory reset and delet all of my data Why?
    in CWM When do factory reset not delete data befor
    Why this happen ….

  42. You can Change the Language :-) Delete the folder CSC in System wipe factory reset and you can change it.

  43. This is very bad :( 4.1.2 for now is beather.

  44. Leak 4.2.1 installed on my GS3 (no brand) and found few bugs: I had to remove the Kaspersky antivirus as it was crashing all the time. SMS messaging (default app) don’t open and crash (with 3 strange vibrations). Gallery don’t open if I try to share a pic from inside an app. I cannot change/choose anymore the shortcut’s apps in the lock screen. Developer option disappeared from the Settings menu. I know that a factory reset will fix some of those issues but I wonder if the battery will perform better too, as for now its drain is unsustainable. Keep testing ;)

    • Battery performs a lot better…. after resetting to factory it solved a number of issues. I’ve been running for an hour and 13 mins on battery (with music/ received one call, one text message, 10 mins of display time, All Radios off) I’m down to 97%

    • %80 after 6 hours and 26 mins, about 50 mins of talktime (Longest call lasted 43 mins) 4 hours of continuous music. 10 mins of wifi/ internet usage. Note: I’m not in power saving mode.

    • Battery: 60% remaining
      Music: 11h:40min
      Voice Calls: 1h:35mins
      Internet Usage: 20min

      I must say this is the best my battery has done in a while

  45. Crap,tested 15.min (Leak 4.2.1),wipe,return to back 4.1.2 Backup. :))

  46. the same thing here; at first worked like a charme and after i did restore to all my contacts and the other stuf with kies, the nightmere started with messaging stoped and then my calender. only solution i found is to return back to xxemb1. any way this leaked firmware is so fast but pity that it is not stable. thanks sammobile

  47. I found few bugs.
    1) There is no Developer Options Menu in Settings.
    2) In Google Now application, unable to open Menu

    • 3) Notification panel is also gone in Display settings… very annoying!! :(

    • Click on BUILD NUMBER several times to unlock the Developer Options Menu. This has been a 4.2.1 feature from the start.

      • Yeah. Now I can see developer options.
        Thank you :)

      • yeah, now I can see it!!
        and do you know any trick to show the notification panel settings too? :D thanx

  48. Hello ajesh7s,

    I can confirm both bugs.
    You can enter the Google Now menu by clicking very fast at any option of the menu. Once you are at the setting you can change the settings.
    My biggest problem is the battery consume. I use the modem that comes with the Build Numer JZO54K.I9300XXEMB1.

  49. I can’t believe that nobody ever used voice commands on 4.1.1 and 4.1.2. Every website is saying that it’s a new feature. LOL.

    • I just remembered that voice commands were available on 4.0.4 too. The only difference is that now it appears in Settings Menu, not in S Voice settings.

  50. to be honest, it looks good but it was
    stuttering on my SGS III, so I went back to CM10.1 : )

    PS: you can’t downgrade to 4.1.2 nor use a custom kernel (blackscreen)!

    • I downgraded to 4.1.2, when the screen got stuck on the logo screen I pressed the three buttons and got into stock recovery, wiped everything and restarted, which worked..for me anyway

  51. Flashed my phone with this, but unfortunately it made my phone heat up pretty quick every time I use wifi and caused significant battery drain(before, my S3 can last for a day with a single charge, but after flashing to 4.2.1 I had to charge twice a day). But I can feel the ‘buttery’ UI and enhanced performance. Reverted back to 4.1.2 since the official release of the S IV is in the couple of weeks, which means the official update will come next. I just can’t live with a phone heating up and draining my battery real quick.

  52. Will this update operate in South Africa?

  53. Sadly I had heaps of FCs, Freezes and Shutdowns. I did 3 wipes (2 from recovery mode, 1 from system settings menu) but those problems still persisted. Trying to downgrade back to 4.1.2 now (which worked perfectly fine on my phone).

    • ok, installed some different 4.1.2 ROMs and still get these Freezes, which I did not before trying the 4.2.1 leak. Looks like I damaged my phone in some way by trying the XXUFMB3 FW.

  54. When I open the message app, it crash!
    What can I do?

    • Factory reset after 4.2.1 installation. I had the same problem and fixed like this ;) good luck!

  55. I installed the leak and is working really great, no FC, no battery drains, i wonder what happened to others?

    • IRK, I’m getting much better battery performance from my device after this update…. I’ve done 14.5 hrs and I just hit 48%, been listening to music all day. Power saving is off, done about 1.5 hrs of phone calls. Wondering to myself what I did right

  56. I just installed in Spanish …… what they have to do is go to the system folder and delete the folder with root explorer CSC and then give it a wipe / factory reset and ready to be able to install the Spanish and enter the messages app works ….. I will continue testing

  57. Hi Guys u know that in SGS2 with Jelly Bean 4.2.1 u got hide options:
    - S-Pen options
    -S Beam
    I find it with one program which do shortcut to this options :)

  58. i write bad in 4.1.2

  59. so maybe Samsung planed to do last update with multiwindow for SGS2 owners

  60. plz also upload leaked version 4.2.1 for GT-I7100

  61. I installed the leak: battery drains (less than 8hs) therefore heats up, splanner and snote sudddenly stop and increase binary counter

  62. We write a lot of petitions for i9001 galaxy s plus…I don’t thik samsung looks on these petitions and what we want. The couldn’t release even a stable 2.3.6 and they said that our phone it’s too old and it’s not high-end. But they release 4.1.2 for s advance,ace plus,mini2 and ace 2.. which are lower than our phone. I feel unrespected but we all know that after a period of time we must change our phones is order to have the newest softwere, even though i have my phone for about 10 months..

  63. I flash this update and my batery drains is crazy. i re-flash (full wipe) and battery drains as hell. i come back to stock 4.1.2 and problem solved.

  64. Will this work on my S3 from Tmobile?

  65. Anyone else had problems with bluetooth? I just can`t turn it on at all. Any ideas and solutions?

  66. On every s3 new firmware:

  67. This ROM has all languages please answer as soon

  68. I am wait for d official leak or I wil switch 2 s4 by dat time it cums

  69. it’s working whit s3 SGH-T999??

  70. why at the top of the screen like burning (black) ???

  71. I really have tried this rom on my GS3 international version .. but unfortunately It didn’t meet my expectation .. maybe there is something wrong on my side but let me tell you what happened and hopefully you can advise me what to do because seriously i am truly concerned and so interested in this upgrade
    once i have installed that rom following your steps mentioned above .. and it’s not the first time to flash a rom
    My phone became slower and lagging, and for some reason it started to freeze, I wiped data and its still the same ..
    I have tried to flash it again but its nothing new .. so I had to uninstall it and stick to the 4.1.2
    is there any advice you can give ?

  72. Quando que o galaxY s3 SGH- I747 receberá a atualização do android 4.2.1?

  73. Hi All,
    -any idea how to add widget in the lock screen?

    • When you swipe to the left you get a screen with a “+”, tap the + and you’ll get a list of available widgets.. They aren’t many but still is cool.

  74. Hope that Smart Scroll and Smart Pause will work on official. I found only the switch but not work….

  75. Is there a way to get this into german?

    and sometimes my apps stop working (settings, playstore) how can I fix that?

    • make wipes and from in recovery mode … two times if is posible it will fix the bugs

  76. when the next update ?

  77. Dont nid 2 install dis just 4 d lock screen feature nd day dream!
    the custm os is nt worth it! u sud wait up2 april nd u will get 4.2 official update.. kudos!

  78. One or two minor glitches – when tapping “voice commands” in settings, settings app crashes. Also there is no developer options.. (can anyone confirm that they have this option in settings?) I did not wipe cache or factory reset when flashing, it still worked and preserved all my settings (glorious), so I’m aware that wiping may help with these issues.

    GS3 i9300, Rooted with chainfire superSU 1.25,and flashed new camera app with photosphere .. Works quite nice. Also flashed S Note zip which is cool. Overall the rom is slightly faster than 4.1.2 and besides new camera, lock screen widgets, and minor changes to the look, not much different to the previous JB. That’s my 2cents, any questions hit me up.

    • Developer options: tap on “About Device” 7 times

  79. Hv anybody flashed the same (4.2.1) on Galaxy notes?

  80. Have another problem: does anyone know an all app enabler for mw in this leak? Mw always crashes for me.

  81. Keeps locking up with giving a vibration also Samsung keyboard and Play store keeps stop working. Freezes when unlocking or bluetooth startup



    • don’t worry!!! just downgrade official rom and it’s work!!! disconnect the cable of the computer, power off enter recovery mode,,,, do you know? select “file md5 official don’t forget” odin (3.07) last version, end start,,, works fine!!!!!

  84. How many and which languages ​​are present?

    • Isreal, ENG (UK), ENG (STATES), Arabic i think, and that all

  85. Did get problems with reading my message. It freeze when i try to open sms.

  86. SMS App not working ….

  87. Hey installed this looks amazing, I’m in the UK and its an international one, unbranded. Would would the “Update” function on the phone work for me? Or would I have to keep checking up on the firmware page on this website?

  88. All are work fine..but top of the screen black colour is my problem..i think the wheather apk is still beata or undergroung service

  89. Can i downgrade my GT-I9300 from 4.2.1 to 4.1.2 official jelly bean?

    • Yes, but you need to Root before, if need help PM me

  90. There is a fix for the Messaging app closing provided that you made a backup of all your SMSes before flashing this firmware. The logs indicate that the Messaging app tries to upgrade the mmssms.db app from version 58 to 61 and fails because some tables / columns already exist.

    If you have a backup of your SMSes (or you don’t want to wipe the phone but don’t care about the SMSes) then you can remove the file – of course, you loose all SMSes.

    You need to have the phone rooted, and delete the file from here:

    If you want to keep the SMS-es, the only solution is to take the db on your PC, use an sqlite editor to drop the tables / columns that are reported in the logcat. I didn’t try this one ..

    • Thanks that fix worked 100% for me with the messaging app!

    • thanx dude ur a life saver :) I was one second away wiping my phone and you comment saved me

  91. Theres no spanish lenguage in this firmware?? please someone tell me if you can set it at spanish!

  92. Sometimes keypad is blank need to restart and burning black on top up the display really annoying. :(

  93. Tjis firmware is not good beause there is no s voice in 4.2.1 and another drawback is that its is very duunlocking

  94. Hello, yesterday i just take this update from Isreal, butr i have question, why all is going good, just sms, is not working, hes even dont get in sms, showing black screen, vibrating once, then twice, and back to home screen!
    Theres is for everyone, or just me!?

    • yeah mine also..untill now still had the vibrate if some apps not workin’..make wipes and from in recovery mode … two times if is posible it will fix the bugs

    • I have the identical problem… everything works except the SMS / Messaging app crashes. Also can’t send or receive any SMSs. Have tried clearing the apps cache etc.

      • Same problem here – so much for “FULLY TESTED”

  95. this 4.2.1 update is cool..but yeah its heating up my s3 when online and drains the battery faster..i’m charging 3@4 times a day..pheeww..

  96. I found some problem in that version , can i simply flash it again whit 4.1.2 even i that new version ?

  97. this in not official and dosent work all the time

  98. Why smart scroll and smart pause not working ? Please answer me

  99. And the Photo Sphere ?
    What happened to the promise of this app for the JB 4.1.2 ?
    We have JB 4.2.1 and nothing photo sphere ?

  100. display wallpaper upper quarter black shade….i am change wallpaper ..but slowly come black shade in main display…how to solve this problem….???

  101. Huge problem! My S3 GT-i9300 accidentally got disconnected while trying to install I9300XXUFMB3 firmware using Odin3, now the screen reads : Firmware upgrade encountered an issue. Please select Kies & try again. I tried to go back to the Download mode but its refusing…leads me back to the message Firmware has encountered….. M stuck. Please help

  102. This update is great except it killed my SMS . Any ideas how to rectify this

  103. Download link is dead

  104. The link for this Firmware is not correct i get hosting finding problem….. Please anybody with the right link to Download latest Firmware for i9300 please share

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