Samsung releases Android 4.1.2 Jelly Bean update for the Galaxy Note

Samsung has just started to push Android 4.1.2 Jelly Bean update to the International Samsung Galaxy Note GT-N7000. The Galaxy Note is Samsung’s first Phablet device and has a very large user base that’s why Samsung keeps on updating this device with all the new Android versions as they want to provide the Galaxy Note  users with their best support experience.

You might not be able to update your device to Android 4.1.2 Jelly Bean right away as the update is rolling out in phases. So, it might not yet be available for your country or network provider (If Your device is Carrier branded) but don’t worry the update will arrive soon.

The new jelly bean update breathes a new life into the Galaxy Note, Samsung has completely ditched the old UI and has given the new Nature UX Interface, which is the same as the one being used in the Galaxy S III Mini and the Galaxy S III, in its latest Jelly Bean update. Samsung has brought a tons of features from the Galaxy Note II to the Galaxy Note with the new Jelly Bean software upgrade.

Some of the Enhancements in the new Jelly Bean Update:
- Android 4.1.2 – Build JZO54K
- Buttery Smooth Performance & Great Stability (Thanks to Project Butter)
- Multi-View (Multi Windows Multitasking, same as in Note II)
- Multi-View can also be disabled
- Page Buddy
- Notification Panel can now be customized
- New Additions in Notification Panel
- Smart Rotation (Screen Display adjusts to your angle of sightings)
- Continues Input in Samsung Keyboard (Like Swipe or Android 4.2 Keyboard)
- Samsung’s Cloud services
- Features like Direct Call, Smart Stay and Pop-up Play
- New Widgets From the Galaxy S III
- 2 Home screen modes
- New Notifications bar
- Google Now

Keep an eye on @SamKiesUpdates to get the latest information on Official Firmware updates for your Samsung device.
You can update your Galaxy Note through Samsung KIES or by using OTA.

Hot links:
Check the 10 latest official firmwares for the Galaxy Note here!
You can find our live firmware feed here!

Official Firmware Details:
Android Version: 4.1.2 – Build JZO54K
Region: Asia
Country: Hong Kong, Taiwan

 Live Feed of Official Android 4.1.2 Jelly Bean update availability for the Galaxy Note GT-N7000

All the new Android 4.1.2 Jelly Bean Firmwares for the Galaxy Note are present in our Firmware Section as well. You can use our Firmware Section to manually update your device if for some reason you can’t officially update your device via Samsung Kies or via OTA as you are using a Custom ROM or if your Country has yet not received the Android 4.1.2 Jelly Bean Update. Also, bookmark this page as we will keep this page up to date with the latest information on countries and network providers releasing the Android 4.1.2 Jelly Bean Update.

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  1. Gr8 news….
    News i had been waiting since ages… :)
    Thanks sammy :)

  2. He he.

  3. GREAT NEWS! By the Sammobile have done a great job, redesigning the web page. Looks awesome :)

  4. is it real…there is two country…and is it official

  5. Awesome. Thanks to Samsung and Sammobile.
    The leak Firmware and The official release version (N7000ZSLM5) is same. But There is huge difference in size. (Leak-963.3 MB and Official-763.3MB)So I think it will is finished and polished version than leak.

  6. great news

  7. anyone flashed yet…in my pc internet is to slow today…

  8. airview…

  9. gr8 news Sam………..when can we expect jelly bean update in India.

    • Download this nd flash it right now :)
      Why wait when its official update :D

      • Hello iKundan,

        Can you post experience after flash?

        • yes kundan..plz post it….my internet is tomuch slow today..i am unable to download it…so

          • I’m using Samsung Galaxy Gt-N7000B Thailand set..
            I’ll have to wait till march 1st before the update releases :D :D
            the moment i get it, I’ll surely post the screenshots :)

          • i’m using this version(germany),it was not as well as galaxy s||| Speed…

  10. finally i wonder if note n7000 will get android 5 or no ?

    • yes it will get….but not note 1 note 3 will get it

      • so this will be our last update for samsung galaxy note n7000 ?

  11. GR8 news……..
    waiting for the update in india…….
    & sammobile2.0 looks awesome……

  12. that’s great news for note users…
    was waiting for this news from so long
    & sammobile 2.0 looks fab :)

  13. downloading….. :)

  14. How about air view????

  15. anyone finished downloading and have flashed yet…post your experience

  16. I just hope it will keep all apps and files just like the s2′s jelly bean update! Downloading now. First note official updated from Romania :)

    • Salut, ai idee ce combinatie de Jelly Bean cu CSC trebuie sa folosesc pentru a-mi merge note-ul in Vodafone si DigiMobil?

  17. Please tell one thing for sure will it clear my call log and downloaded apps?
    Desperately waiting please do reply :-)

  18. Yippee… finally the official JB UPDATES are rolling out. Hope in India, the updates will roll out soon… Sammobile Ver 2.0 is too gud… Kudos Admin

  19. Also rolling out for Germany

  20. for germany rom is about 808 mb and honkong 763 mb …which is better…or same…hoping indian will to get today….

    • germany…. the asian one lacks of language pack

  21. I wish this is no more a rumor. We trust SamMobile. Thanks a lot. As it has been started with Asia, I guess Indian owners won’t be waiting that long. More regions soon. Thanks again.

    • why in the cerions bar the 4.1.2 is note written there and am downloading this firmare right now am gonna download it via odin but am not sure anyone try it so i can sure that it works

      • yes it will works i did since 10 days

  22. now my internet is fast but have to wait for 18 minute more….waiting

  23. Is great… memory ram is 863 now, is more fast and stable then leak version!

    • Which country are you from ???

  24. Anyone in India , whose got the update ??

    • Not yet. I guess there will be a delay of 15 days in india. Same thing happened with ICS update as well.

      • yes around 15 days after German update for India update comes.but yet it is not available.Don know the exact reason.Really samsung is Doing Sh** with the updating procedure.

  25. I am from Pakistan but my Galaxy note is from Germany when can i expect the update?

    • if your firware version is of germany you will get it must be dbt…………if not download germany rom and flash and enjoy jellybean….

      • Its DBT,Can you explain how can i flash a Rom plz..

        • no need to flsh rom then…just keep checkin the will get it as ota…have u checked csc in recovery or not

  26. Open Germany (DBT) is available on Samsung KIES at this moment too!

  27. In a firmware section shows release for taiwan at jan 2013 and for germany feb 2013. which is latest?

  28. What about the black clipping? Really hope this issue is resolved in the update coz it really sucks when you see such a high end device having screen issue.

  29. why i cant OTA update my phone that came from germany.. usually i always get the update from gb to ics but now why im not receiving it?

  30. is this a battery oriented firmware… coz battery life in ICS sucks

  31. Hi can Sammobile answer my question?! Why SGS2 dont have Premium Suite update. And maybe Samsung say somethign about it?? and don’t say: “he got lower screen” becouse is not that. Samsung always give sh1t update for SGS2

    • What?! 2 years+ old phone, what you want in premium suite? S Note? Multiwindow? These things are realy worth to use on this phone. If samsung give “Sh*t” to your phone, why updates an old phone to a completly new and modern OS FOR FREE?. Samsung dont need to update their phones, but it does, so stop saying this…

      I guess samsung is going to update the S2 and the Note to android key lime pie in a near future, who knows?. BTW im really happy i have official jelly bean on my note with a great battery consumption. Sorry my bad english!

  32. Just got the kies update and its saying after that it will update my Galaxy note to jelly bean.

    • Plz specify the country

      • I am from Pakistan but my Galaxy note is from Germany…

        • Congrates. Guess others have to wait for few more days.

          • Thanks,yeah guess so….

  33. Samsung does pretty good with updates don’t you think guys?
    They already started updating the following devices to Android 4.1:
    -Galaxy S3
    -Galaxy S2
    -Galaxy Note
    -Galaxy Note 10.1
    -Galaxy S2 Advance
    -Galaxy Tab 2

    HTC has updated the One X and One S as far as I know. Sony the Xperia T and V. So Samsung is doing great so far.
    Hopefully Samsung starts pushing out Jelly Bean updates for the Galaxy Chat, Galaxy Ace 2, Galaxy Beam, Galaxy Ace Plus, Galaxy Mini 2, Galaxy S Duos and Galaxy Tab 7.0 Plus soon.

  34. heh why they make for Saudi Arabia ?

  35. to users who flashed the firmware, has the black clipping been fixed????? is there air view? and is there s voice?

    • no air view as far as I can see. Black clipping still present as far as I can see

  36. one huge file ending md5, how do i flash this via Odin I thought it should end as TAR file.

    • tar.md5…yeah thats the file u need to flash

      • Do i select this under PDA in Odin?

        • Yes

          • thank you.

  37. wowww..awesomeeee…successssss..


  39. Yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh babyyyyyyyy

  40. Well there are some thing missing which were here before…like widget s planner daily list…cant find it anymore…and was very usefull!

  41. tel us is it good update??

  42. So excited! I’ve been waiting for ages! Still have to wait a lil bit longer for the UK one (too scared to flash my Note) but WOOOOOOOOOOOoooOO.

  43. With this new Firmware have a new phone :D
    Very nice looking, very nice features. I saw that Social Hub disappeared also.

  44. one huge file ending md5, how do i flash this via Odin I thought it should end as TAR file.Do i select this under PDA in Odin?

    • yup u need to select it under PDA

  45. Ah, finally

    It took so long time

  46. Well…im kinda disapointed. Not speedier, lot of usefull widgets missing (or different), phonebook lag still here.
    I’d think twice if I would have to do it again.

  47. ROM is very slow …. I don’t know If samsung is going to release ROM for note in this condition.

    I felt like using, lower end device. S2 does much better job on 4.1.2 then NOTE.

    • s2 screen resolution? 800×480

  48. ROM is very slow in responsiveness …. I don’t know If Samsung is going to release ROM for note in this condition.

    I felt like using, lower end device. S2 does much better job on 4.1.2 then NOTE.

    We will have to wait for German ROM.

  49. After updating my n7000 with this new firmware the language turn to chinese but no worries bcause u can change to english.
    Have smart stay, notification panel can me change, multi view, page buddy
    No smart rotation… no smart rotation.. sorry sammobile i repeat ot twice because your info above is wrong.

    • notification panel can change? which firmware you using? Hongkong? I cant change it , or maybe i dont know how.

  50. there is no airview right?

    • go to XDA Developers and learn how to add it, its easy!

      • could you please add a link that shows how to add the airview cause i searched at xda forum and nothing there :S

  51. Anybody tried the German ROM? Howz the performance? any improvement over test firmare N7000XXLSA??

    • I dont think there is any improvement over LSA i think its very slow compare to ICS.

      • I installed german rom its very fast nad no bugs AWESOMEEE

        • Do I need to include the CSC and Phone Modem file into the Odin…? Or just include the German ROM under PDA…? Is it the S-Pen features is improved and got smart rotation under display menu setting or not…?
          Please reply, @forzamilan 1899, Thank you…

          • Just flashed this ROM… working like charm..
            No need of CSC and Modem files… just add the file in PDA tab of ODIN n flash it…

  52. How to update if im running Test Jelly bean?? Please help

    • Flashing Instructions:
      - Unzip the file
      - Open Odin 3.04
      - Restart phone in download mode (Home+power+vol down)
      - Connect phone and wait until you get a yellow/blue sign in Odin
      - Add KIES_HOME_N7000XXLSZ_N7000OXALSZ_906407_REV02_user_low_ship.tar.md5 to PDA
      - Make sure re-partition NOT ticked
      - Start flash, sit back and wait a few minutes.

  53. Excuse me ADMIN. plz dont upload firmware on
    this hosting site is like rubbish…………. plz upload on onather site
    bcoz my file wested for 2mb….. wht the fuck …..

  54. i intstalled german rom its flawles no bugs its smooth and beutiful its easy to install

    • hey bro, can u upload your downloaded firmware on another hostfile server, bcoz my downloading intrupted 9 times………. i m frusted..
      thanx in advance…..

  55. Well i think Note users can be very happy now! But it would be nice if Samsung complete earlier tasks before starting a new one. So, the release of the SII update. I mean the Note update is rolled out now already in The Netherlands as one of the first country’s. But still no SII update here. :(

  56. Test 100% Germany 2013 February N7000XXLSZ

  57. German rom is great try it!!!!! Its flawles

    • Tried German Rom. Phone is too slow now. There are still a lot of features missing such as Air view and thumbnail pop view through Stylus.

      I remember these were present in Leaked JB rom and also Ultimate Jelly bean rom.

      Will have to wait again for updates. What a dissapointment after waiting for so long for KB release :(

      • you have to do wipe data/factory reset before update

        I did that and its working like butter

  58. Where is CSC and Modem file in German JB update???

    • everything (modem, csc and CODE) are included in the tar.md5 file

  59. is it ok to clear data and factory reset after flashing the german rom ???

  60. Tried German Rom. Phone is too slow now. There are still a lot of features missing such as Air view and thumbnail pop view through Stylus.

    I remember these were present in Leaked JB rom and also Ultimate Jelly bean rom.

    Will have to wait again for updates. What a dissapointment after waiting for so long for KB release :(

  61. Just do wipe data and factory reset before update it will work flawless

    • did it, still phone has become laggy.

  62. work like a charm

  63. Then did wipe data factory reset after update and reply if it resolved the problem

    Mine works like butter its like i buy i new phone

  64. Hostfile useless for slow internet like me….still downloading…failed 3 times at 66%
    Feeling so bad…downloading from morning…now it is night…
    Plz post your experience guys

  65. i download it from first time

    german rom is great for me works butter smooth try it

  66. Hi. i just check out Firmware section but i didn’t find 4.1.2 released in there.can anyone give me the link of 4.1.2 official releases for note? by the way I’m in Iran.
    I’m waiting.

    • I’m in Iran and if i flash this rom will it close my sim card usage?cause i’m in different region but my phone is not network locked.

      • if ur phone is not network locked, then no problem…no matter what region u belong to..u can always update it with any region pack.. :)

  67. is the Germany ROM 4.1.2 N7000XXLSZ ?because it doesn’t mentioned that it is 4.1.2 .

    • yes it is!! I flashed its great try it and ram is incresed from 808 to 863

      • I’m in Iran and if i flash this rom will it close my sim card usage?cause i’m in different region but my phone is not network locked.

        • no it wount lock ur mobile..just go for it..nd dont worry :)

          • thanks a lot Bro. :)

  68. does this rom has the bug ?????

    • can I wipe data without bricking my phone ???

      • Wiped Data in stock recovery, no brickbug for me. Anyway flash philz kernel, maybe im lucky…

  69. Admins>>Can u tell me, when would jelly beans update be released for Samsung Galaxy Note N7000b :)

  70. Hi! I have noob question! right now I’m on leaked 4.1.2 xxlsa (no root) and my binary count is 3.
    IF I flash this firmware binary count goes to 4 or restart again in zero because is oficial and not a leak?

  71. Can any one please confirm if this support arabic(writing arabic)?

  72. HI THERE…..what version of odin tu use on this?just insert in pda and flash?thanx in advance.

    • i used odin 3.0.7 just insert extracted file in pda and start flashing

      • tnx bro

      • Hi have you found shortcuts on lockscreen?
        Ciao,ma i collegamenti nella schermata di blocco non ci sono :( erano comodi!
        Hai notato una diversa(peggiore)regolazione dei colori?

  73. Just Updated Mine Via Kies. Jellybean is Really Buttery Smooth :) .Loved it

  74. it is just my note or all has sometimes lag ?

  75. What about algerie…. I cant find latest update for my gnote n7000 4.1.2 ???? Where i find update pleas help me

  76. Update fore gn7000 algerie just 4.0.3 on sammobile why… Help me thx

  77. I’m just flashing my international Version Galaxy N7000 from Germany. There is no OTA update available here for me, but I can flash via Kies(I never got a OTA update simultaneously with Kies update, so I did not wonder much about that). Hopefully the rest of you can enjoy this release too some time soon.

  78. first of all whether its gb, ics,jb, or lp which ever os it is,i dont mind and majority wont mind….. unless, we get faster, smoother and richer experience.For that matter, notification, new gallery look,home screen modes ,i would have ditched it for AIRVIEW[really missing part for those who have spen].smart stay, pop up, multiview ,nature ui are very exellent upgrades.
    Atleast they give us an airview app in pay mode , we would have purchased it.
    hoping samsung will will get us the airview update in near future… fingers crossed ,or probably a humble request from a lot of n7000 fans across the globe.

  79. Idea sketch no place in future update ?

  80. NO AIR-VIEW feature(like NOTE 2 have)??? :(:(

    • No Air view, but this is better then ICS

  81. leaked firmware is better than official release.Hongkong firmware (alot features missing):(

  82. Till now no clues either through kies or OTA about Jelly Bean update in India………….any idea?????

  83. How is the battery Life, Can any1 say abt it :)
    Thanks in advance

  84. Yup. The new sammobile website is awesome and is working like a gem. Love it. Waiting for JB update release in India… :-)

  85. how bout indonesia? is it work too?

    • download complete for all stuff, ready to flash… but please tell me, is it work for my note? i used 4.0.4 also my modem XXLRK and based iM… XXLRT… ? thanks im waiting for your answer before upgrade

      • the firmware works for all country…after flashing you will get ota of respected country only not your country where you are living..i mean you will get ota of germany not of india or nepal or whereever u from…
        for zien…
        if you are done what are you waiting flashing..
        for the guys who are in custom jellybean rom or philz kernel plz follow the anoop Va…
        Flashing instructions (thanks to Anoop Va):
        1. flash any 4.x Philz Kernel
        2. reboot recovery
        3. Go to Philz settings
        4. Select Clean Before Flash new rom
        5. Wipe Dalvik Cache
        6. reboot to download (advanced)
        7. flash the new in using PC Odin (select PDA tab and browse .tar.md5 file)
        NB:if you are already in philz no need of flashing it again

      • its works.. thanks.. amazing

  86. For the guys who are in custom jellybean rom or philz kernel plz follow the anoop Va…
    Flashing instructions (thanks to Anoop Va):
    1. flash any 4.x Philz Kernel
    2. reboot recovery
    3. Go to Philz settings
    4. Select Clean Before Flash new rom
    5. Wipe Dalvik Cache
    6. reboot to download (advanced)
    7. flash the new in using PC Odin (select PDA tab and browse .tar.md5 file)
    NB:if you are already in philz no need of flashing it again

  87. Hi,
    but no shortcuts on lockscreen with this xxlsz?
    They are very useful
    I think in next weeks will be another update by germany

  88. guys which one is 4.1.2 becuse I cant find it to firmware section,there is one from germany,february,is it that one because there is no 4.1.2 written to prove it,just empty name…hlep please

  89. Hi im no to flashing. i am currently running a mac. is there a version of odin for mac users?

  90. They didn’t fix the exynos-mem permissions (stil @ rw-rw-rw-) :(

  91. i love it!

  92. Finally JB on my note n7000..
    Awesome rom everything just work perfectly and smoothly..
    No air-view disappointment :( but it’s OK now i’m in love with my note <3
    But one thing i didn't like in this ROM is lack of language support and bcuz there is no Arabic in the language list, Can i add it without flashing my phone again?? please help

  93. very good im tryng its excelente im very happy im brazilian (Brasileiro) from Natal Rio Grande do norte
    its cool, tanks

  94. when he arrives in Italy?

    • vuoldire che non è ancora arrivato in italia!! ankio lo sto asp cn ansia.

      • sn tentato a mettere cn Odin quella tedesca, ma voglio aspettare almeno questa settimana.

        • beh io preferisco asp. Avevo la ROM leaked quella tedesca che mi dava problemi. Ho dovuto rinstallare la ROM originale italiana che è ancora del 2012.

          • speriamo che l’attesa nn duri ancora molto!!!
            tra l’altro è uscito il codice sorgente.

  95. somebody know when it will be present in italy?

  96. buttersmoth? FC in first 10 minutes

  97. hello.i need help.before installing to do only reset factory or in to boot mode and wipe?
    thanks alot

    • i mean to do both ?

      • i have 4.0.4 its ok to install 4.1.2?

  98. I’m new to flashing my note.
    please someone temme the process to do it….

    @forzamilan1899 ……..ur comments appreciated!!

    • Download the german rom in firmware page!
      Download Odin 3.0.7 google it!
      Extract the firmware-use just the md5 file
      Turn on usb debuging in android settings
      Put your phone in download mode presing (home button,power button,and volume down button in same time like 5 to 10 seconds)
      It will say warning massage then pres volume up button
      Open odin
      Click on pda
      select your firmware md5 file and hit START button and wait about 5 minutes and enjoy in 4.1.2 jelly bean its awesome

      • sorry i forgot when you put your phone in download mode conect your phone with pc

        and its advised to wipe data and factory reset before update

        • factory Reset will wipeout all my apps & app-data?? or is there anyway to get them back

  99. how to wipe data and factory reset before update ?

    • press
      Volume UP (its UP) + Power + Home.

      will give you Recovery Menu >> with 5 options. Choose the Wipe data/Factory Reset option.

      Scroll using Vlume Up/Down. Slect using Power button.

  100. Working great! Flashed after wipe and factory reset, no problems so far.
    Thanks a lot for Samsung! :)

    • Can you please write down the step wise process to flash my phone.

      After wiping the data, all app-data & apps will be lost? any way to recover them all or I’ll have to re-install???

      • Yes you will lose all your app

        But if you want no problems do wipe data and factory reset

  101. No Airview? OMG…Really no Airview feature?

    • just use the airview fix we’ve been using for xxlsa. it works just fine.

      • ya airview fix is d best way to get this feature included in it.. :)

        • please give me a link to get airview

  102. Can any one please give the review of this ROM,so i can flash it.

  103. can any1 tell me if this firmware works for samsung galaxy note n7000b

  104. ^^^ it won’t

  105. hoping for the lags be taken care of, especially after shifting from fb to contacts or internet to contacts…atleast thats what the “project butter claims”,, rest i already like my ics…..downloading

    • Definitely worth waiting for..”PROJECT BUTTER” HOLDS Up TO ITS PROMISE!!
      No lags on transitions even on power saving..contacts and logs pop up without lag
      Fb syncing is awesome and so is the scrolling speed.
      Keyboard is way responsive..
      Battery stats are clear-the slope of graph is way less steep than ics and gingerbread!!
      Just make sure after installing everybody does a CoMPLETE FACTORY RESET WITH FORMATTING OF STORAGE AS WELL(DONT FORGET TO BACKUP)
      I had clearly declared all over my circle that i wd buy an iphone if THIS update doesnt fix the lags!!
      But im loving it…SALVATION TO MY NOTE!!!!

      • SERIOUS transition lags..feels like an incompete vrrsion…..touchwiz is smooth..but in beginning..gets stuck….lags while launching contacts are DEFINITELY not thrre but overall VERY SLOW..GAMES GET STUCK DUE TO EXTREMELY LESS RAM…..
        GENUINE REVIEWS AFTER ONE DAY OF USE…DISHEARTENING…then checked a friends s3..same scenario..dunno why people cant make out??!!!
        Only smooth devise id note2 with 2 gb ram…samsung jely bean is UNFORTUNATELY not meant for 1 gb devices..
        I switched bak to gingerbread and was amazed by the speed!!!
        Biggest disppointment of my life………gonna try hongkong update now. .if it has less features then there wd b more free ram hopefully…..will update soon.

        • Factory Reset & Wipe Data before update.

          I faced same issues you’re facing now. Wiped/factory reset data & Re-flash with German firmware. Will work like ‘Butter’

  106. very goooood
    now its like note 2
    updated with odin

  107. Germany firmware much better than hongkong firmware.i love my note now :)
    already rooted too but exynos still not fix yet :(

  108. Flashed with German ROM, everything seems to be fine, except cant change lockscreens picture, tried different ways. none works. anybody else has same situation?

    BTW Im from UK, so does somebody know whew JB rolling out in UK?

  109. When in the browser and enabling [settings]->[labs]->[smart controls] you now get a black block where normaly the URL-box + controls would be displayed. You won’t gain any extra room for webpages to display :(


  110. Hi guys… I am from India and I have installed 4.1.2 Stock deodexed and rooted XXLSZ (German) rom with latest PhilZ kernel and Air View fix. Everything is working properly.

  111. when the jb updates for India are rolling out…??? Can’t wait anymore…

  112. Flashed The Germany ROM with Odin.
    It works like butter until you use a widget or use the SNote. If you ever do one these it starts lagging like hell.
    I reduced my pages to 3, closed the widgets, but it still lags.
    RAM Status never drops below 450 and usually works between 500-600.

  113. 1) When the JB update rolling out for Malaysia?
    2) Is it JB feature Malaysia same as JB Germany such as AirView and New Image Gallery (Spiral View)?
    3) ICS 4.0.4 and JB 4.1.2, which one is more battery saving?
    Anyone can clarify?

    • Dont knw when jelly beans is rolling out for malaysia
      regarding air view, its not included in any of the packs as pet manual…
      Image spiral is available in germany pack..
      Definately jb has better battery life.

    • 1) not sure yet. prolly late march
      2) No airview (HK firmware), yes got spiral view
      3) JB , my opinion ( currently using HK firmware)

  114. Samsung just know to release new products,its least bothered about old products……..that too India is very much neglected….:-(

    • It’s an issue with ‘Samsung India’.

  115. i tried to make the upgrade but i forgot to enable usb debugging, now i have a nice brick on my pocket :(, the carrier send the note to samsung service and say if dont make it work the change the note for a new brand note 2..i hope this happen

  116. Currently using HK firmware, action shot in Camera gone, no airview, swype was laggy, no customizable notif panel, wakelock problems in the beginning now its ok, should be rom settling, no page buddy, google now was great, but cant access menu button, battery was much better, everything was smooth, but i didnt care much, using NOVA launcher before. Any differences from GERMANY firmware?

  117. i just read almost every comment here. many people complaining that airview and lockscreen shortcuts don’t work..does this firmware have airview? plz reply..really cant wait to see JB on my note

  118. No it doesnt have airview… u’ll have to install a patch for it.. :)

    • how to patch for airvew?
      do i need to root for it?

    • also please give me the steps how to wipe data and cache before installing JB

  119. Will it work in my Note with Model No. SHV- E160L(Korea) ?

  120. Just recieved an samsung account update notification,
    Hope it has to do something with JB.

    • which country??

      • INDIA

        • Did you manage to install? OTA?

          • It was just an samsung account update……
            Not JB Update

  121. Im in the Dominican Republic and updated my phone using this firmware. So far so good.

    After I applied this update I installed the Philz Kernel to prevent the “Brick Bug” when wiping.

    About the update, I noticed that speed has improved. For instance, the facebook app runs faster than before.

    The new features are algo great, such as multiview and the Note S enhancements. Google now is not that great in my country, since it has its limitations.

    I did notice that Kies Air and Social Hub are missing.

  122. JB update roll out officially on 1st of MArch as per some famous sites. so we have to wait for 1st March 2013.

  123. I can see that Most of the Country’s are Pending …. !!!!!

    i read before on this site that one of the reasons that make Samsung Delay the official 4.1.2 update that they want to release it for the whole wold in the same time or with in (One week or 10 days) , but unfortunately this is not happening , they just released for few Country’s and then they stop , Pending !!! … Pending !!! … Pending !!!

    i hope that they will release at least one version for one of the middle east country’s , and Italy , INDIA , JAPAN .. etc

    its always Germany 1st of all ?!!!! Always

    • u should feel proud that tests r not being performed on ur hand set..if there is a bug u dont have to suffer..those ppl get to suffer first..later after bug fix is made..its released for we ppl :P :P

  124. Seconded…definitely not final fixed updates…just tried galaxy perfectly smooth like note 2.
    And its cloaked at 1.2 ..hence our update is supposed to perform way better than what the already released version are doing….waiting again!!!!!!!
    Or IOS for sure if nothing till march beginning.

  125. I m getting “Failed to update firmware due to network or server problem.Try later or try using PC kies”
    Y m i getting this error ????
    I checked using kies but no update available……

    • I’m facing d same problem as well…
      which country ru frm?? nd which country set do u use??
      Is urs also Note N7000B :P

  126. 10 days passed..nd no more rollouts in other countries.. O.o

  127. if i flash this rom would i be able to restore my back up from kies??

    can i update in future when the update comes to my country??

    and one more thing is it valid for 16 gb model of gt n7000??

  128. Flashed the German ROM almost a week ago.Everything workin nice exept battery drain….much less then ics.anyone else with this problem?any sugestions.thks

    • its laggy and battery drains fast…

  129. 1 Day left to release remaining updates…
    Lets see if samsung doesnt step back wid their words :)

    • On 1st march only ppl in ukraine will get the update not everyone..
      Only samsung ukraine has promised to release update in their own country

      • Not just ukrain..but also thailand said abt it…
        expecting them to keep their words :)

  130. Still not get Jellybean update in india? whats release date for india?

  131. Germany rom is laggy…flashed it…used it for a day and now i m back to my good old ics.

  132. Its 1st March in this part of the world. Anyone got the update yet? Will Samsung live upto its promise? Or will they ditch us again?

  133. 1st March applies to only Ukraine I believe……….regarding India & rest of the world no news…………:-(

  134. One thing in which SAMSUNG cannot compete with APPLE is updating their smartphones to the latest OS asap…

  135. Samsung ukraine promising update for the note on 1st march updates s2 today which was scheduled on 3rd march instead of note

  136. Samsung Ukraine have postponed firmware update JB 4.1.2 for GT-N7000 to 1st April 2013.

  137. Any one else from India receiving any news?

  138. Samsung well versed in fooling people……….so probably updates will be released on April 1st i believe

  139. This God Damn stupid SAMSUNG is just playing with people. Tomorrow, after tomorrow, next month, after next month, in the beginning of March, bla bla bla……This f***n’ jelly bean update is coming for 6 f***n’ months and still nothing. This is my final Samsung purchase. I am a Galaxy Note n7000 owner. But because of SAMSUNG’s stupid update policy I will never buy again. What the HOLLY SHIT is happening there for 6 months for this update? I will sell this shit SAM and I will buy another brand which works much better than this South Korean shit. Their next device name must be SAMSUNG GALAXY SHIT. I am sure this will work perfectly and will sell millions….


  141. yes that’s True , Samsung is lying, they keep giving a fake promises this mean that they never respect us (CUSTOMERS) !!!!

    When they said they are late to roll most of country at the same time , i said okay its fine , but look now its All Pending !!!!! , what is this fuck is this ??!!! why they said Samsung Start Roll Jelly Bean 4.1.2 for Samasung Galaxy Note N7000 ?!!!! , the Truth is they did Only for Germany , Look at the list up there ….


    also for me , this is my last SAMSUNG Device i buy in my life .

  142. Has this update been realsd in India??? If not then any idea when it would b coming ???

  143. Some people need to chill and calm the heck down

  144. yo los instale en mi cel y va perfecto, les recomiendo que primero hagan un wipe data cache, despues limpien con un software de su preferencia los temporales y basura del telefono, despues apliquen el firmware, en lo personal simpre lo he actualizado y no me a dado ningun error de esta manera….

    recomendacion si les consume mucha bateria despues de la actualizacion, hacer Factory reset….

    ese fue un caso que tube con s2

  145. گاييدمت كوني چاغال.يه آپديت ميخواي بدي بيرون……

  146. یکی نیست بگه آخه آشغال مگه آپدیت چقد وقت میخواد

  147. AFAIK, the update till now has been rolled out only in Germany and no where else. Any reason why? Was it buggy? Your guess is as good as mine. But this effectively puts paid to any hope of Note N7000 getting Key Lime Pie. That’s one thing I am sure is not happening EVER.

  148. Hi, some of note 1 user in Brunei is got the JB update OTA on 28/29 feb. It is exactly the same as leak version. No shortcut on lockscreen. Overall, its same. Just weird cause the update only happen on several device. The other note 1 still waiting. Hmm..

    • it wasnt mentioned on the manual as well…. :P

  149. No airview, no smart rotation.

  150. Hiiiiii,they have released updates in Trinidad and Tobago now,so probably in another week’s time we can expect in India i believe.

  151. Samsung is very slow in releasing updates..

  152. Samsung honestly should understand that release an update after 16 days from the first “Germany” for only Trinidad and Tobago is indecent.

  153. cuando tendremos Jelly Bean para Colombia, ustedes saben?

  154. obviamente en el Galaxy Note gt- N7000

  155. Today they have released in Italy………..hello Sam when in India????????

    • Thoda patience rakh yaar is week nhi toh next week update aa jayega…….

  156. Smart stay and screenshot hands motion not working

  157. I tried germany pack on my Samsung Galaxy Note N7000B
    nd tht worked :O :O
    But there r few useless applications in it, nd its not d same as it was said to be… :(

  158. @ikundan- what does N7000B means

  159. Italian rom released..

    Jolly good – at the rate they are being released I’ll still be witing next year.

  160. Samsung is very slow in releasing updates..

    please samsung
    releasig updates for iran .

  161. to slow releasing for indonesia..

    that’s 8 march now..
    Should I wait until the early of april ?

    fast please samsung

    • Yeahhh…. Indonesian update please…..

      My ICS firmware of N7000 is killing me…. It starts to turn off by itself, and heating up like crazy….

      My Note is unroot and runs the stock ICS 4.0.4.

  162. Today……….Netherlands………..for India???????????

  163. my friend is on leak version xxlsa, can he flash with offical xxlsz?

  164. Really it’s a shame to Samsung, like Micromax have already announced that jelly bean update will be available in next week for A110 Canvas 2.We just wasted money by paying more & these samsung people doesn’t have gutts to release jelly bean in India.

    • Micromax>>its for the 1st time tht they releasing a update for a fone….else i’ve always heard, they never release updates, they launch new fone instead :P :P
      they have only 1 varient of the product, where as samsung they have broader view about it…
      so its only 1 set tht they have to update, where as samsung has to update millions of sets from different countries.. nd those many types of updates requires huge time…which they r taking..nd be happy tht ur getting an update sooner or later…nd if ur wanting an update immediately, just flash ur mobile it any country pack….

  165. We r waiting for the update from august nd the canvas 2 users hv to wait only for one week….:-(:-(:-(:-(

    • its all about brand name…nd thts marketing strategy…
      read my above post..u’ll get the issue…

  166. In the case of update, Samsung is too Lazy

  167. Samsung is digging it’s own grave, since it’s releasing too many products & in a race to capture market, it is forgetting the older products, if this continues definitely a day comes it loses it’s customers & later repent for it.

  168. 1- Germany – DBT 18 Feb 07:39:21 Available
    4- Netherlands – XEN 08 Mar 06:39:04 Available

    20 day only 4 country …..

    samsung very slow … come on ….

  169. how is running this roms????becose i installed germany amd italy but my phone is restartin every 20 minutes….i did factory data reset but nothing..i have GB 2.3.6.

  170. Indonesian update please…..

    My ICS firmware of N7000 is killing me…. It starts to turn off by itself, and heating up like crazy….

    My Note is unroot and runs the stock ICS 4.0.4.

  171. hie… where jelly bean reasle in india can say me which month reasle ?

  172. Lazy Samsung……… no country got update :-(

  173. saturday/sunday holiday :P :P

  174. Why is it taking long time to release the update? Still waiting for the test of jelly bean! :P

    • german firmware works finest..try tht… why wait ;)

  175. They are busy packing their bags for S IV event. Forgot their update process or suspended for a month. They think they would sell their S3 and Note 2 before the new one arrives. So, updating older devices would slow up the moving process of successors. S3 received quick updates because it was the latest of its kind whereas older ones are not. Only 4 countries for a month. What does it mean? Clever they are.

  176. What about JB updates in India…???

  177. Lost hopes in Samsung………probably JB updates only in Q4….:-(

  178. I updated my Note and it says warning OS and doesn’t turn on wifi

    YEAR 92

    IRAN ?

  180. what’s about JB update in myanmar??

  181. 2103 4 country
    2104 5 country
    2105 6 country
    2109 9 country
    2110 update forget samsung…

  182. that’s one month now and still no news for india…very bad of you samsung..:-(

  183. Even Algeria, Russia and UAE received the update.. Wondering if India is ever gonna receive the update..

  184. This is gonna be the last big one that arrives on the Note 1. Old phones getting updated to newer Android doesn’t happen in the case of any other OEMs. Only Samsung is updating 2 of its 2011 smartphones. This is something that Samsung users should feel lucky. So, let’s wait and get it. However if you want to taste later versions of Android, one has to upgrade their handset every 2 years. Patience is a virtue. Let’s wait and get it.

  185. I Want to install official Jb through odin because i cannot wait anymore for it to arrive india.SO all i need suggestions on-

    1.Out of all the countries that got their official JB ota (germany,Hongkong,Taiwan,Italy,Algeria,russia etc)Best Stable Smooth Official Jelly bean is of which country till now so provide me with the best and fastest download link of that official complete rom to flash through Odin.

    2.I want full Airview,Smart Rotation,Svoice etc Note 2 features and butter smooth perfomance without lag and better battry standby without rooting my phone is there any download link and instructions to install them.because airview is not available in official jellybean of any country till now i guess and is there any fix etc thn give download links.

    3.After Flashing it through odin would i still be eligible to get Ota updates for my country and that would not void my warranty?

    4.would i lose all my installed games and apps and data images videos etc after installing this Jb.or any of my application like camera wifi etc wont work properly?

    5.after installing this official Jb Rom is any danger or risk for bricking?and when update is later available for my country India,can i shift to Ota update for same even after installing through Odin >

    Help me please i know there are lots of experts and developers here.i would follow your instructions properly.give the answer in single comment as lots of people want this as i have gone through so many forums on different websites and have these as frequently asked questions.this would help and benefit all.

    • Answers:

      1. Out of all the roms, German ROM is better. You can download it at official firmwares page of SamMobile. Instal Odin and flash it with download mode (power key+home key+vol down) in your phone. Complete the flashing process.  

      2. After flashing, your phone will run on 4.1.2 official firmware XXLSZ. You will get some of the Note 2 features like Multi Window, Smart rotation, smart stay, etc. But not airview. Airview isn’t possible on Note N7000 as you know that neither of the roms support it. And, flashing an official firmware is not like bricking or rooting.

      3. Flashing through Odin doesn’t void your warranty because you’re flashing an official firmware. And, when you first boot and start up your phone after flashing you will be asked to register for software updates that will list out countries, choose India if you’re from India. Then you will be able to get ota whenever there is one.  

      4. If you don’t want to lose you’re files, games,etc. You have to back them up by Kies. But, after booting up, the installed games and apps will reinstal once u conect ur google account. But a full back up is advised. Don’t worry, camera nd wifi will wrk proprly.  

      5. Its not like bricking and no need to wory. And yes, once the india rom is available, u can get it the same way as you got the previous one and flashed.  

      So, thats it. You can go ahead. But, i advise to wait and get the 4.1.2 by ota once they release it. There are some country specific bloatware in all the roms.
      So, the conclusion is urs.  


      • Hi usashy97,kindly tell me what is meant by bloatware,does it harm our handset & which version of ODIN is recommended…….Thanks in advance.

        • Odin 3 is better. And bloatware is a kind of unwanted applications preinstalled on a rom.

  186. Hi

    JB has been released in per the firmware listed in each country neither its in OTA nor in Kies Air


  187. hi administrator,
    i tried to flash my note thru odin with german firmware.but after factory— screen it stuck and showed my phone says,”firmware issue encountered.connect via kies and recover.”but kies does not detect the phone.pls help.

    • Open Odin, and see that only Auto-reboot and F. reset time are checked. Connect your N7000 via USB. The first box in ID:com will turn green. Then Click on PDA, select your German firmware file, and click on Start. Do not disconnect your device during the process. Then its just a matter of time that you will see the firmware loading onto your phone again. After the phone restarts on JB 4.1.2, just reset your phone memory and mass storage.

      • Thats exactly how i did proceeded smoothly and after around 5 min showed “fail”.the progress bar in phone was about 3/4th..

        • That happened to me too. I panicked at first, but then repeated the procedure. My phone recovered back to normal in no time.

          • after another fresh download and 6 trials “pass” at last!!thank note on german jb now.

          • may i ask.. i am currently in stock ics. If i flash the JB german rom, do i have to back up or wipe anything before i do anything? please help. Thx

  188. when will jelly bean update for galaxy note arrive india..????

  189. my net connection is too low can any one tell me whats the firmware size?

  190. when will jelly bean update for galaxy note arrive IRAN..????


    7 COUNTRY …?>

    IRAN ?

  191. took the plunge. was on stock ics 4.0.4 (India). downloaded and installed xxlsz (germany) today. worked without issues on the first try. all apps, settings retained. recommended.

    • How did you retain apps, settings when you do with odin?
      Can you post steps if possible?

      • phone in download mode (vol down + home + power, then vol up to confirm when screen comes up)

        odin 3.0.7-> F.reset/auto reboot selected; repartition unchecked. put the .tar.md5 under PDA. start. wait. done.

  192. Why is Samsung this slow in updating S2 And Note? Why not roll out the update a bit faster? Even more handsets are in line. If this process takes till April to finish then when would Galaxy Ace Plus and other mid range phones will get it? This is not fair. This is not at all fair. Is Samsung listening to us? They are so keen launching new models and forgetting their old customers. What is this? GS3 got the same thing in just 1.5months and we, Note users are waiting for 5 months and still desperately waiting. They could add up the countries every week and complete it before mid April. At least confirm a date. When can we expect it? April or May or is it only next year?

    • Hi there,

      Whom you are talking to..???

      To Sammy..?? Sorry.. They are currently busy with creating new models..

      They will respond to your query after 2030..

      • Haha…yeh i agree but i guess they have heard our shout. Thts y India has got it so soon. And please help me with this. I checked sw update often but it says “Access to the software update service is provided to users in order in which they request it. Try later”. So,what does it mean? I have to wait or proceed it manually?

  193. Good news guys,atlast…………..they are releasing updates in India…………:-)

  194. Yes…Good News..Next is for INDIA..

  195. Yeah……..jelly bean 4.1.2 is available for India……….:-)

  196. anybody got OTA notification in India?

  197. ‘its provided to users in the order they request it’ is the message i recieve. Guess it would arrive very soon. This is what i love. Thanks a lot Samsung. When i scrolled the list, i found Bangladesh first. I suspected India too. Finally and fortunately found India available. Soon, checked the OTA. From ‘No update available’ to ‘access to the sw is provided in order they request it’. Try it in kies. Ive not yet. May be by tomorrow. Thank you, Samsung.

  198. Good news Jelly Bean update finally trickling down to users in India.. I tried to connect using the OTA and the message that it gives when checking for the software update is “Access to the software update service is provided to users in the order in which they request it. Try later”

    This is the same message I had received before the ICS upgrade happened so not more than a day or two in my estimation.

    • Use kies, you can do it now. I can do it through kies no need to wait

  199. I am on Jelly beans India thru kies. Atlast after 6 months of wait, tasted the jelly beans for my NOTE. Not much of a difference except some new apps n features in this touchwizUX, its snappy like before, multi window is the best think about this update seriously and its feels gud to have the best software on ur phone. Samsung, thanks !! Now when is 4.2.2 coming with S4 features.. Hahahahaa :P

  200. India. Unable to connect via kies. OTA gives wait message. What to do?

    • Connect via Samsung Kies desktop application and then update.

      • Tried through kies. It says insufficient memory. Require atleast 3000 mb. Device has 7 gb of free space. What is wrong?

  201. any idea of difference between xxlsz and this one ? i flashed xxlsz only yesterday. now wondering if its worth reflashing indian version or should i stick with xxlsz ?

    also, how do i move from xxlsz to the indian one, if i want to?

  202. finally jelly bean for galaxy note N7000 for indian users is released through kies……… guys go grab it…..

  203. Still showing “Access to the software update service is provided to users in the order in which they request it. Try later”

    Anybody got OTA?

  204. After Updating through Odin the Official Jelly Bean 4.1.2 Rom is it safe to perform Factory Data reset from the setting menu for a fresh Rom or through the recovery mode? IS IT SAFE TO BE DONE? IS THE(eMMC bug)Fixed on The Jelly Bean can anyone please confirm this if it has been done?

    If it has been done or not done how do i Get a Fresh rom Jelly Bean 4.1.2 on my N7000????

  205. I get GT-N7000 does not support initializing in kies. Please help how to update to 4.1.2. I am on 4.0.4

  206. Hi guys………..I got JB 4.1.2 update in India.just now updated,without airview and smart rotation.

  207. finally it arrived in india … just updated its really butter smooth …. just enjoyed the new version ,,, and just now rooted it and its too good

  208. When will it arrive to Hungary? Anyone knows something?

  209. Jelly bean its awesome…..
    First it was laggy but after factory reset its awesome

    • After your Updating through Jelly Bean 4.1.2 Rom
      Was it safe to perform Factory Data reset from the setting menu for a fresh Rom or through the recovery mode? IS IT SAFE TO BE DONE? IS THE(eMMC bug)Fixed on The Jelly Bean can anyone please confirm this if it has been done?

  210. How to get JB for N7000XXLPT?
    Please reply if anyone can help

  211. “Access to software update service is provided to users in order in which they request it. Try later”. I get this every time I check the SW. But i tried kies. It says ” your phone doesn’t support firmware update via kies”. My note underwent a service last month and they reinstalled a 4.0.4 stock rom. I connect to kies and find this message with the rom’s sales code as ‘(XXX)’. I changed the sales code to INU(as I’m from India). But still the same thing happens. So what to do? Please help me.

    PLEASE ….

  213. can someone pls let me know how is the battery life and Free ram for Indian JB ROM?

    • 863 free ram … batterlife now its under testing will reply in 2 days about battery

  214. i bought my note from KSA and m in nepal right now….the above notifier says that JB update is available in nepal today….now will i be able to get the JB updates, here in Nepal OTA??? plz help…. and what does
    XXMS / XWMS / ZSMS / DDMS / JVMS / JPMS mean above?? i dnt have any of these in my “about phone” section…..the one dat i hav as my baseband version is N7000 XXLRK…how does it relate to XXMS/XWMS etc….plz help asap

    • i too m frm nepal..tried updating my n7000 via ota…nd it worked…
      if ur not getting it via ota then try through kies…

  215. Got the Update. Here is the Summary –

    a) No Airview.
    b) Project butter shows noticeable difference
    c) More ram being utilized of the 863 MB, almost 620-630 MB at all times
    d) Battery drain considerably faster
    e) Sharper, crisper more vivid colors
    f) Google now works perfectly
    g) Easy update – no backup needed. All data will be retained.

    it’s a breath of fresh air to our old note.

    • Same here

    • Please Do not say as Battery drain is faster since all the Galaxy Note user may be having their device 1 year old almost (probably).So the battery would have lost its original capacity after 300 charging life cycles.So kindly Check out the battery drain test with new battery.That is what is called a pure testing of battery drain process.I guess the users who read this can understand how technically the functionality has to be checked.

    • Boot logo also changed like the boot logo on note 2 :)

  216. The phone sound has also considerably increased.

  217. battery drains out pretty fast. Slow performance. high RAM usage.

  218. India. Anyone got OTA notification yet?

  219. How about Greece?? :/

  220. guys i flashed my phone with german rom now should i again flash it with indian Rom as my note is from india
    is it worth flashing
    which 1 is better

  221. Hi! Can anybody tell me when update to 4.1.2 will be available in Ukraine? I can’t anymore :( and one more question is there any likelihood that Galaxy Note I will get Android 5.0?

  222. Can any body tel how to update note n-7000 by kits…..
    when I try to download only 1st part process is competed but after that nothing is happen…..

  223. Hi rajpise- do it under good internet connection,due to heavy load on the server you have to try and try again…….definately you will succeed.

    • I am unable to get Notification for update OTA but got the update with KIES.I don’t know still how much time has to wait to get OTA update.

  224. Hi, im a note-n7000 user in Malaysia.. Lets say if i update my phone to Germany JB firmware using Odin, is it possible for me later on to reinstall Malaysia JB firmware using Odin too once its officially out?

  225. Updated note to 4.1.1 via kies for india but the hand motion doesn’t seem to be working at all. Specially the swipe to capture ? Anbody else facing the same problem and phone seems to lag a lot.. very slow response to contacts, messaging , gallery after clearing ram .. any help.?

    • .sorry 4.1.2

    • go to Settings > Motion
      Make sure it is turned on and Tick on Palm swipe to capture
      yes phone is working very slow…hope they send a stable update

      • Tried that to… and sometimes after restart an application gets deleted and I have to dowbkoad it again

  226. I updated it yesterday. With SamMobile firmware via Odin. Simply smooth. But too power hungry. Drains all power in just a hour. I love the new lock screen and playing with the ripple for hours. Widgets are awesome. My heartfelt thanks to SamMobile.

    • Hi,did u install German Rom?

      • No dude. I installed Indian one. It’s truly awesome.

  227. After JB update(India) its consuming more of RAM and battery gets drained faster,phone is slower also,does german rom is better,kindly anyone who has done german rom reply it…….thanks in advance.

    • I have done both German and Indian roms and find the latter faster and smoother. I did a factory reset before the update. After the update, I performed cache and data wipe in recovery mode. The Indian rom comes with lock screen icons/widgets.

  228. I am very disappointed… I have been waiting too long for this update and nothing yet… :/

  229. When Samsung will completely update 4.1.2 to all country? Mid of March, seems like few countries get update to Jellybean. Malaysia, Singapore and Thailand Note’s users waiting update to Jellybean.

  230. Currently Downloading OTA Jelly bean update 4.1.2 for GALAXY Note GT-N7000 India.The update is around 494.27MB OTA. Will post the chanelogs if i find something new.Kindly check for updates OTA.

    • Did the update successfully installed.??

  231. Currently downloaded jelly bean update 4.1.2 OTA. works like a dream.

  232. I am new here and moreover very little knowledge about firmware updates for mobile, can I ask a sincere question that I live in Saudi Arabia (KSA) and until now Jelly Bean (4.1.2) and ICS (4.0.4)is neither available via KIES nor OTA, but UAE and other regions is already released by samsung, can I download UAE or INDIA version JB 4.1.2 and upgrade my note GT-N7000 Baseband version N7000XXLPT. and will have all latest features like NoteII or anything is missing, Please Please can somebody give me their comments

    • Yes. Head to the firmware section and grab it now. Flash it with Odin.

  233. Tried the INU update jb. Project butter makes the phone smooth but ram consumption is a lot only got 80-120 mb free on standby ie no apps running. Battery drains 2 times as in ics and i just bought the phone 2 months back so my battery is perfectly fine.
    Downgraded back to ics and i will be waiting for a stable update..

    Gallery and contacts.whatsapp.facebook takes very long to open up. not impressed by the update.

    • dont load unwanted apps…nd perform a hard reset after installation…ur battery life would definately last longer…

  234. so what is the final verdict?i am currently on german rom..should i instal indian rom?what are those lockscreen widgets in indian version?one more i need to downgrade to 4.0.4 before flashing with indian one or can i do it right away on german rom?
    in download mode,i have only one download a custom rom.where r all these wipe cache n all?sorry..i am a non techie.
    thank u..

  235. i have wifi problem with german firmware sometimes wifi just go off and dont turn on what to do?

  236. India. Dowloaded OTA. 493 MB update. Lags like an old woman. Battery leaks like a wet diaper. Did samsung reserve their worst for India? They sure as hell need to provide a better update.

    • Try a factory reset. I did the same and noticed a slight improvement.

      • Did a factory reset. Yes a slight improvement was noticed. But samsung should release a better update, no doubts about that.

  237. when malaysia jelly bean update is exppected to arrive ?
    so frustated right now!!

    • Dah ada, 26-03-2013… tapi airview takde sangat mengecewakan…

  238. Downloaded the Jb update 3 times via OTA but each time it says “failed to update firmware.please contact service center”
    Please help.. Now what should I do..???:-\

    • I’m from India…
      Update was of about 493mb…

      • Pleaseeee help any1…..

        • Please try the Update through KIES desktop application

          • Thanks.Actually i tried though kies it downloaded but didnt install on my note.
            I had rooted my phone and uninstalled superSU SO DOES it affect the software update through OTA or kies…??

  239. I have found that I do not have lock screen apps…using official DBT FW 4.1.2? I do not have any option to enable/disable schortcuts in lock screen menu. Can any1 help?

  240. Upgraded to Jelly Bean – GT-N7000
    WiFi + Software Updates :)

  241. Upgraded to Jelly Bean – GT-N7000 (India)
    WiFi + Software Updates :)

  242. Does rooting affect software update…??

    • Because it says failed to update firmware..
      Please help I desperately waited a long 4 dis update please help….!!!!

  243. for everyone you have to do restore factory sittings after make any updates yes it will delete everything so make sure to do backup but after you will have no lag no problems

    • Just did what u said.. I must say its working a little better before restore. Still lags and battery drain is still fast.. Thnx..

  244. How about Greece??
    I’ve been waiting for a long time!!

  245. For all people who received update after India.. Dont update soon. Wait for the reviews or u might face the fate of people in India. Just wait for a week..

  246. chainfire’ brick bug application says my note has emmc bug.Can I stil root my phone? what is the safe method? pls help.

  247. anyone having issue on ChatOn after the update to 4.1.2? Mine just stuck in Synchronising please wait…

    force close, clear data and uninstall updates nothing works. also have issue with Samsung account sync (cannot sync the calender, contacts, internet & S Note)

    • mzabuf25-for me chaton & samsung account sync is working properly after jelly bean update…..:-)

      • don’t know whats wrong with ChatOn…I leave it to run for more than 30 mins but no luck

  248. I hope jelly bean will arrive soon in Greece ;/

  249. Hi guys m from india , just update my note with jelly bean 4.1.2 thru OTA , working fine

  250. what about the update for South Africa(XFM)?? any release date??? :\

  251. What about update for France ?

    • Aucune date donnée par samsung …
      Cependant tu peux te rendre au point service mobile le plus proche de chez toi, agréés par Samsung ils te font la mise a jour officielle gratuitemen.t

  252. Can anyone please help me with updating my phone…
    I purchased my phone in malaysia and i am currently staying in India..According to the sammobile firmware news JB 4.1.2 is released on Mar 26th 2013 in mlaysia…I still didn’t get the update..When i am trying to search for an update through OTA, it is indicating no update available….

    • download directly from the Firmware page , choose the Malaysia one. and flash pda.

  253. when is it released for Iran???

  254. I hope jelly bean will arrive soon in Saudi Arabia .. I cant wait so longer …. :) ..

  255. just updated my note with jelly bean along with AIRVIEW…!!!

    • Shubham How did you get Airview?? Tell me too.

    • Shubham,which rom are you using,how did you update,KIES/OTA ?

      • REMEMBER u need a rooted note…!!!!
        bstt offf lukkk….!!!!

  256. @ Shubham Basutkar— Which ROM are you using?????,is it through KIES or OTA

    • soryyy…. for late replyy..
      just read my above reply.. it definately workss…!!!

  257. Any ‘confirmed’ information about possible update for Galaxy Note XEO in Poland?!
    It was told about the 1st March… 1st April… will we have to wait till May?!

    Samsung has sooo strange update politics. They should give all GT-N7000 owners access to one OS version! Brandings and location limitations sucks.

  258. when for Iran?

  259. After jellybean update it was consuming more of ram & the battery used to drain fast. Y’day I did Hard reset, now consumption of ram is reduced & battery life is also good………..:-)

  260. What about Greece??

  261. خاک تو سرت کنم با این آپدیت دادنت
    آخه آشغال مگه میخوای آپولو بدی بالا
    یه آپدیت هست
    خاک ایران تو سرت سامسونگ

    • salam,inghadr hers nakhor hamvatan.
      samsung dg!
      vase update be 4.1.2 mituni az ROM United Arab Emirate 4.1.2 N7000JPLSB N7000OJPLSA estefadeh koni,FARSI ham dare.

      موفق باشی

  262. Hello Sam,

    Any News About The Update For Samsung Galaxy Note I Coming France??

    It Seems That There Is Still No Update Rolling Out For The Month Of April Any News About That?

    • Hi…

      I got my Note from UK unlocked(version) and am using it in India, will I be able to update my note to JB?


  263. porque la lentitud para actualizar el note GT-N7000, entonces a Colombia cuando llegará?, por favor contesten, gracias

  264. I don’t know what to say to such a great company like Samsung when it forget its promise.why Samsung???

  265. something is wrong as long Samsung has not shared an update. At the beginning there were a few countries, then suddenly a lot of countries, and now there is no update. It is known that Sasung is a Korean brand. Maybe state of danger between North Korea and South stopped updates?

    Samsung, please share XEO for Poland

  266. My phone is facing serious screen flicker problem after updated to android 4.1.2 version. > < !!
    Someone can tell me how to fix it??

  267. Is the month of April a national holiday in South Korea?

  268. i am asking if someone installed United Kingdom rom….how it is???still restarts the phone?black clipping issue?

  269. Just rolling out on O2 in the UK, hurrah!

  270. After waiting an eternity for the unlocked UK update, it turns out to be very poor. The new features are nothing you would really miss, and the whole ‘butter’ thing is an illusion. Sure, it is smooth swiping between homescreens, it should be since the background no longer scrolls sideways but remains static instead. But opening an app, you can count the seconds – eg 5 seconds to open a simple one page PDF in Adobe. And the hangs and crashes are much more frequent than under ICS. And there is more bloatware that can not be uninstalled – that really annoys me, be treated for an idiot who has to be told what apps must be on the device and not trusted to make his own decision. And is uses more battery.
    All told, stay on ICS if you can.

  271. FYI just updated N7000 to JellyBean 4.1.2 in Serbia/Telenor with Kies.

  272. ohh gosh.. still there is no jelly bean update for France. :( when will France get jelly bean update???

  273. When will get jelly bean update in France ??

  274. @Sammobile Can you get some inside news as to when the Jelly Bean Update for the Galaxy Note International Version(GT-N7000) will be available in Saudi Arabia(KSA). Please reply as I am desperately waiting for the update from a long time.

  275. Where is the Brasillian Jelly Bean update? I’m tired to wait… :(

    • @sammobile, can you tell me if there’s a expected date for Jelly Bean to Brazil?

  276. What the hell with updates in IRAN??????
    Brazilians had comment and they got the updates.will you manage iranian updates???

    • I’m so tired of waiting forward it,please,please,please

    • well, since Samsung apps is closed for us I’m not expecting much. Most of my friends just used a custom rom but I prefer waiting… But, is it hard to add four letters to the Arabic version?

  277. Hi Sammobile,

    Can you please update when is Jelly bean upgrade coming for New Zealand.

  278. Where’s the Brazil (VIVO) – ZVV update ???

  279. Shame on you Samsung!!! You Did updates even for older phones.but we are still looking for 4.1.2 for note 1.

  280. will n7000 get an updates to 4.3?

  281. I am still waiting for note1 version 4.1.2 in Iran for more than 2 years……
    Samsung forgets Iranian.

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