Why are we obsessed with updates?

A quick trawl through any mobile tech forum or website will reveal many users who are angry that they haven’t received the latest update for their Samsung device. But why are people angry in the first place, what is this obsession with updates and is it even justified?

The two-year old Galaxy S2 is a prime example, with apparent controversy surrounding the ‘delayed’ update from Gingerbread to ICS last year and a similar anger with thoughts that they might not support JellyBean (which we now know will be coming in the next few months). In fact – I even get regular messages from people who are annoyed that they’ve not yet received the latest OTA update for their Galaxy S3 or Note 2, and ask to compare firmware versions with me to see who has the latest.

Personally, I fail to see how this whole charade is productive to anyone. I mean… did I miss the meeting where we all signed a contract with Samsung which said that they will always update our phones?? Sure – if there was an update which made my device more secure or stopped it crashing then I would expect to see that fixed – but a major update and overhaul of the OS isn’t something I would expect. Around the same time as the Galaxy S2 launch, I purchased Adobe Creative Suite 5.5… does that mean I should be entitled to a free update to Adobe CS 6 a year later, and CS 7 this year?!

SamMobile is a website dedicated to providing access to the latest Samsung firmwares – having recently topped 1,000,000 members you’d think that Samsung would be rolling out updates left right and centre to cater for the needs of the masses… but this doesn’t seem to be the case!

The truth is, that although it would seem that most people on the internet are fussed about getting the latest update – even with 1,000,000 users, SamMobile registered users are less than 1% of the total sales of Samsung’s flagship “Galaxy S” smartphone range, which recently topped 100,000,000. It just so happens that the (proportionately) few power-users who are annoyed about not having the latest update are the same tech-savvy people who are the most vocal on the internet.

For that majority of people, who perhaps don’t use their smartphone to its full potential (and why should they?), updates can often cause more problems than they solve. After painstakingly teaching my father how to get the most out of his Galaxy SII when it was running on Gingerbread – I showed him how to get the OTA update for Ice Cream Sandwich. Unfortunately this threw him off completely and he stopped trying out new things and useful new apps. He got confused because “nothing is in the same place any more” and everything “happens differently”… so although the changes may be useful if you know what you are doing, perhaps for the majority of smart-phone users a major update is more of a hindrance than something useful.

Although it is clear that the days of “you get the device – take it as it is” are long-gone due to demands and expectations, perhaps we should be a little more patient and a little less greedy when it comes to official software updates. The anonymity of the internet seems to have given people an inflated sense of anger and entitlement which is not really justified (I can think of many things which are far more worthy of the internet’s wrath) especially when all you need to do is head over to the XDA Developer forums and pick up a nice ROM running on the latest version of Android from one of the many excellent developers.

For now, however, if there is an official update – SamMobile will have it ready for you as soon as it’s out!

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  1. agree

  2. Totally Agree With Everything Thank You SamMobile

  3. With particular regard to the Galaxy S2 the main problem seems to be that there are now two outstanding serious security issues one of which has been known for six months. Now id manufacturers issues bug fixes to deal with these then people may have more confidence. Unfortunately they seem to take the attitude that customer security is low priority and can wait for the next major update. Hence they anger when that update seems to takes forever to come. This is one area where I am sad to say, Apple and RIM both win hands down. If I was writing a school report I would put down “Could do much better”.

  4. Problem is there’s battery drain on ics comparing to gingerbead, and samsung seems to have bug fixers in big major updates, tjats when it getts annyoing. They dont release small updates in a month or two, only major in 6-8months

  5. The thing that hurts more is that after promising they delay the updates,look at my s2 and my galaxy tab 7.0 plus which doesn’t even has a leaked jb rom.

  6. ok, well written, but where is my galaxy s2 update?? :D

  7. Agree with you on the first point that Samsung will decide which mobile to update and which one not.

    But whats their problem with the phones/tabs which already got an update in some region and customers in another region are frustrated for that. For example Galaxy Note 10.1; it is getting JB 4.1.2 in Germany, but in other regions people still waiting for JB 4.1.1……….

    What you would say about that Samsung?

  8. Totally agree!

    Btw just let you know guys:
    one hour before got a software update message on my GT-I9100P (Vodafone-Spain)
    KIES downloads the firmware right now. Takes long time so must be a big stuff. Is this JB? I will be update if done… 36%

  9. Totally disagree. The software updates many-times bring *major* features. For example, there are many major applications which require ICS as a minimum for running. Furthermore, Jelly Bean makes the UI experience much smoother. This is a very major feature for me and countless others.

    But the most irritating thing is that it is pretty clear that the only reason Samsung holds out the updates is to milk more sales from their ‘newer’ devices. The icing on this rotten cake is the Galaxy SII Plus, which is a ‘new’ handset which actually features slightly worse specs, and whose main selling point is that it is running Jelly Bean out of the box. I mean, if they can sell this device, nothing should hold them from releasing the JB update to the ‘old’ GS2.

    All in all, I call BS.

  10. You can’t compare Android with Adobe CS.
    Android is a OS and Adobe CS is a app.

    Compare Samsungs Android OS with another operating system like Windows.
    Microsoft has given more than 10 years of support and security fixes for windows xp.

    We can expect updates for at least 2 years. That’s the duration a contract with your favourite provider is running. In some countries 3 years.

    Every device with internet access should get security updates in time! And that’s where Samsung fails very hard.

    JB-MR0 got released 7 months ago for the Galaxy Nexus. So what did Samsung do over the last 7 months? Right, they released a shitload of new variants and products. And 80% of those will never get any update because Samsung can’t handle it anymore.
    Samsung don’t cares about customers and security. All they care about is $$$$$$$$.

    Oh, did Samsung patch the big exynos4 security holes on the i9100 yet?
    Seems they didn’t yet. #blamesamsung

    There’s only one right answer: Nexus, cause Google cares.

  11. One more thing. If Samsung does not want to waste resources on bringing the newest OS updates, that’s ok as long as they release *full* source code for the drivers. As they do not do that right now, my next device will probably be a Sony.

    Remember that we might be the 1% power users, buy our opinions influence the other 99%.

  12. i totally agree with you samsung
    but you already promised jellybean updates for s2,ACE 2,ace plus,note,s2 lte,galaxy chat,beam,mini 2,s duos doesnt need that much because it has already ics,and he rest of the tabs.
    u gave s advance and s3 jellybean updated from the list above
    i already picked a custom rom for xda developers and its so nice
    but official jellybean update will solve lags and some problems
    thankyou samsung

  13. Author is looking in a wrong direction. We want updates because we have some bugs in currentversion and laggy scrolling. If it will be fixed I don’t need any more updates for my sgs2.

  14. no more samsung smartphones!!!!

  15. Movafegham dada

  16. this is true sam you are absolutely right

  17. 1. Announces update for Galaxy XXX device.
    2. Delays
    3. People frustrated
    4. Releases new device with higher Android version.
    5. People rage.

    Some famous quotes from our beloved members.

    - Sucksung.
    - This would be my last Samsung Device
    - S2 JB update when
    - Note JB update when
    - Crap
    - New phones again?

    Well personally I also want updates, fast. But theres not much we can do. I dont whine and complain. Like this thread said. Head to xda-developers.com and download a ROM of your taste. Im sure it does a better performance than stock ones. :)

  18. why samsung still not givan 4.1.2 update in india it too bad for indian user .

  19. because of bugs. Emmc brickbug, back clipping, exynos exploit…because of samsung’s answers like this one:http://developer.samsung.com/forum/thread/black-clipping-issue/77/217922?boardName=GeneralB&startId=zzzzz~&curPage=2

  20. dear sam

    which have post artical
    thereby Samsung will make no difference to him what ?


  22. I also agree. I’ve got a Note. I’m on GB.

    A few root apps and jkay deluxe, there’s nothing major I can’t do that I want to do each day. I use SPen regularly.

    I’ve tried ICS and JB on stock and leaks. ICS was clumsy, but task managing is greatly improved in each. Multiview is a major bonus for me personally. I’ve tried CM, AOKP, MIUI roms and many others besides. I love AOKP features. Security settings and ease of use in MIUI are second to none. I really like the JB 4.2 camera and buttery smoothness though. I’ll definitely upgrade my note to that… but that’s a long way off.

  23. why my comments still remain in “awaiting moderation.”?

  24. Totally agree. We are only a very few percentage, the minority who are obsessed with updates.
    Sometimes I see smartphones with older versions of Android with people or friends who never used Kies, even if you tell them there is a wonderfull update with wonderfull features, they don’t show a real interest to it.
    I work in a corporate where there are more than 500 employees, I am
    The only one using odin to flash new firmwares.
    Like you said Sam, many people don’t want any change on their phones, people are everytime sending me their phones when they are in trouble or when they don’t understand something, they don’t care about updates, it means more troubles for them.

  25. Obsession?

    We want perfection. That is why we have to update the device firmwares.

  26. if google and apple can update old phones to latest firmware, than everyone can do this. If samsung don’t want to update i will not buy their devices. its simple. i will wait until end of next month and if there no update i will sell my s2 and buy nexus 4.

  27. ” – especially when all you need to do is head over to the XDA Developer forums and pick up a nice ROM running on the latest version of Android from one of the many excellent developers.”

    and the developers need official samsung roms and kernels to get their roms work flawlessly. So when we do not get official updates anymore we do not get flawlessly working custom roms. So your point in invalid if you are trying to convince us that samsung doesn’t need to provide other updates than security fixes. I agree with you only if samsung open exynos sources that the developers need (which it doesn’t have done yet).

    I think there is nowadays a silent contract between manufacturers and customers that when you buy a new flagship smartphone there comes software updates that brings new functionalities alongside security fixes (that trend started with iphone like we all know).

  28. yes not all of us users like updates ((i know some my self)) but that dose not say that they shouldn`t do never the less !! and please CS5 is a program ((paid one for that matter)) and android is an-OS ((free for that matter)) as for updates with not coming with security and crash fix`s what the heck are you talking about ???? all if not most updates comes with security/bugs/speed enhancement/fixs … now what Samsung should do is ((after the 2 year os validate date they set for them self )) is to make 2 kind of OTA files one with full samsung addons and stuff and when the 2 years is up they make STOCK OTA android file with out there finger in it so the user can choice to leave all the sammy os shortcuts goodness and keep on using there beloved device or get the newer one with the newer non stock OS from sammy to go with there new device !! and one more thing here you are not SAMSUNG so please dont ack like one … we are angry on samsung not on you guys to give it a rest !! well join the angry mob when my s3 becomes old im sure of that !

  29. I believe you’re wrong.
    The whole point of flagships, other than just slightly more powerful hardware than the “medium-tier” devices is long-term support. I won’t expect any updates at all from a phone that cost me 0€ with a contract, but I expect at LEAST 1.5 years’ worth of software updates from a device which costs 500€. Of course a new flagship is very likely to be released within a year, but that is no justification to just scrap everything behind it just to push a new device, actually, that’s a fairly anti-consumer behavior (that’s the reason why I believe that the Nexus devices are best when it comes to money’s worth).

    Best case scenario – update until the hardware has reached it’s full potential…but since we all know other than Apple and Google no other company would bother with their devices – it’s reasonable to expect ALL updates within the span of a standard mobile service provider contract, at least when it comes to flagships.

  30. We are the Borg. We are searching for perfection.
    I’m gonna be honest. I really want 4.1. But the reason I want it is because 4.0.4 is glitchey. My phone freezes quite a lot even though I’ve reset it. I want jellybean because it’ll fix these glitches. Also I bought my SII only three weeks before the SIII came out. I didn’t know the SIII was coming, so when they released it, I was a bit disappointed. Getting the new software with the SIII’s features makes me feel better.

  31. if there is no jelly bean update for ace 2 im just gonna buy nexusbecause it always has the latest updates

  32. “Very soon”.
    “Very good”.

  33. The question is very simple updates of samsung are dictated not by the number of handsets sold in the world but the cost is well, I am one of those who is angered by the lack of attention of those who have spent only a short time ago and now big money is with a terminal half-forgotten by samsung

  34. Can we call ourselves geeks for all of this? :D

  35. Ossessione ? No io la chiamo parità di diritti , perché in italia è da dicembre che S3 vodafone è aggiornato alla 4.1.2 e ieri hanno ricevuto un nuovo aggiornamento mentre per i no brand niente di niente ? Non è ossessione è chiedere di avere lo stesso trattamento .

  36. I don’t have an issue with people complaining about updates but when they do it in every single article including completely unrelated topics, it gets annoying.

    If you ask any of these guys whining about the updates, i highly doubt they have any clue as to what is contained in these updates. Same thing happened with S2 and 10.1. Forums/articles filled with idiots that have no clue what these small incremental updates bring but they just continue to whine/complain/troll.

  37. i have a story about this update sh*t with samsung, 2years ago i bought a SGS GT-I9000 with a gsm-provider contract, android 2.1 on my device around 10days later i learned that i could upgrade it. i connect my device to kies but it said it was a provider device upgrade not supported etc. i called samsung Turkey call center they told me the same sh*t that my device was a provider device “contact with your service provider”. i went to gsm retailer shop and gave my device and waited 10days for a stupid upgrade. sure for the next i didnt go to gsm shop, i flashed it by myself. 2. situation about my note 2 which i bought 3months ago from thailand(origin csc kenya/afr very funny ha))), i had a OTA update problem(BTW NOT ROOTED), whenever i check from phone for an update it says no update but when i connect to kies it starts to update(it happened 2 times). again i wrote an email to samsung Turkey customer care about my OTA update problem, their answer is like that “it is a foreign country device sorry we can not help you about your problem” WTF!!! But i bought an apple iphone from thailand(gray market device origin from japan) and i had a problem with iphone when i was in Turkey i went to an apple store they didnt ask me any question where or when i bought it, took my device and repaired it in 24HOURS(not like 10days for a stupid update) and sent me back. Sorry guys for this bullshit story but long story short i love my galaxy note 2 and galaxy s(yes still works fine) but i hate their brand samsung!!! actually i dont need that ink effect, useless things etc. i need support from samsung or usefull simple updates like; “close button” in web browser(same with honeycomb browser when you close all tabs it closes thats all!!) or “back button” or “options” on default apps like galeri, browser, music etc. to use spen more efficently (my idea if i have to use those capacitive buttons what is the meaning of spen???) and more spen applications for sure. sorry again

  38. IMO the main reason people complaining is Samsung fails to deliver what they promised and keep delaying the release date.

    My suggestion is Samsung (and other Android device manufacturer) should do it like Apple, when they release new version of iOS updates, they do it across the whole product line, not model by model.

  39. oymy1990:

    yeah that’s exactly what makes people angry what will samsung lose if they released all of them @ once the device wont get better than lets say s2 won’t get faster than the s3 (will it? !!!) no that’s impossible by an update WTF!!!.

  40. Dom A, nice try, but you only extinguished part of fires only and not the one at the head wind. Just can not help it but if this were a football games between Man U vs Real Madrid, it would be one team camping on the other team’s playing field for the whole 90 minustes.

    Moreoever, you or all of you are trying to help Samsung evades its responsiblities (naturally, being a fan site) to firmware updates, as some comments have stated (and they are smart too by the way).

    So, I would suggest that Samsung come clean with whatever they owed to consumers or be like this for the rest of the mobile tech life span and we will see which company is better at the end of the tunnel. Is this how business is done?

  41. It is applauling even while releasing updates with consumers complaining about bad updates, and malfunction within the firmware itself. I mean Sam can not even get it right on a small scale (forget big scale). What is wrong? Sam releases new phones with perfect firmware but having problems tweaking update version to previous mobile phones (flagship). Do the math gays….

  42. Totally agree with this post, too many people winging like babies about updates it gets so boring.

  43. I think there’s a simple fix for this,

    1 is that you are satisfied with a phone that is not running the newest version of android but works well and you get oem features.
    2 is when you want the newest version you know that your next phones should be nexus devices, but realize they’re kind of prototype devices which do not work perfectly all the time and do not have the special features you get with oem versions of android like multiview from the note II.
    3 when you want a samsung (or other) device not running aosp and want updates you can always take some time to dive into flashing software from xda or somewhere else.
    And I saw someone saying they need samsung software for it to work flawlessly but I am now running a mix from aokp and cm10 on my s2. There is zero samsung software on my device but its running great, I have like 50% battery left on the end of the day while I use it pretty much and it doesnt lag or anything at all.
    So as I said, take some time for it :)

    Good luck with your devices people ;)

  44. first off all, we (1000000 members) should thank sammobile team for the splendid support that they provide for us, we have to blame and Complain directly to samsung company not to sammobile in order to recieve the best support, its seems like they ignoring the “old devices” Deliberately for the sake of selling new devices, that’s Adversely affect thier credibility.

  45. Thanks sammobile…awaiting for d update of my galaxy gt-n7000.
    Fingers crossed tht we get it very soon… :)
    U guz r doing a gr8 job :)

  46. it should be:

    Why samsung haven’t kept their word?
    Why samsung like to fool open source devs community about exynos4 source & docs?

  47. We want updates for simpler reasons….the samsung devices we are talking are android devices. When i say that, the emphasis is on the android and its the firmware which is updated and upgraded regularly by google for free. If samsung devices were running symbian or bada or stuffs, nearly noone would buy it. Besides updates come with added functionalities that make the phones better and productive. There might be people who do not want an update, but larger group of people want it and samsung should respect this demand from its consumers. If samsung doesn´t want to upgrade firmwares, then they are going against the current market trend and unwritten but understood commitment for better smartphones. Therefore defending against firmware upgrades is a stupidity beyond limit.

  48. this is not about obsession or perfection, is about the right you have to receive what they offer to you. You people have been wash brain.

  49. and secondly, if they are so against upgrades, why do they upgrade a certain brand and not others, although both phones are sold for similar price, similar hardware specifications and similar architecture? perhaps this biased and discriminatory handling is the root cause of all the anger. Either nobody gets an update, or everyone gets update…as simple as that…

  50. Well say, you compared Adobe with Samsung? then I will go buy an Adobe instead of my Samsung :D
    Dear Samsung, I paid for my s2 the same money as s3, why they get the bigger bite and we don’t?

  51. one major thing i forgot to mention is the EXYNOS security vulnerability fix.

  52. Example: we have Gingerbread vs ICS vs Jelly Bean
    and a phone that can runs all – GALAXY S i9000 -thanks to technical specs(still have good specs)
    But unfortunately Samsung decide to stop at Gingerbread.
    I just can tell you that my phone run on Jelly Bean at the moment (thanks to Cyanogenmod TEAM) and it is far superior than Gingerbread. No more lags and locks (that made me to remove my battery to reboot the phone).
    In conclusion Samsung made me open my eyes and for the future I will choose a NEXUS device.
    I’m not angry on Sammobile :) Good job!
    Thank you!

  53. because ICS on samsung galaxy s2 is shit… :S :S
    dialer and contact need to opet 5 second , hope this been resolve with JB UPDATE !!!
    always been with samsung but now im disapointed with them , its irritating when u hurry up with call and you must wait -.-’

  54. My wife’s Galaxy S Duos LAGS TOO MUCH! It need new firmware update, I think that JB 4.1 will resolve this problem. In the worst case, at least, JB features, like project “Butter” will increase performance a little… WE NEED UPDATES! AUTHOR – YOU ARE NOT RIGHT!

  55. These all marketing strategies from Samsung.

  56. Agree!
    And isnt that the point of Android – it is Open Source.
    If you cant wait – get a custom ROM.
    Given that Samsung Manufacture so many devices, I think they do a good job of updates.
    If you want updates immediately get an IPhone.

  57. This is bullish. why do you think we played five times worth the phone.

  58. I am not agreed with you at all.As you just said its not the same as it was before 6/7 years that people would take things as it is.Now consumers has millions of windows of opportunities, ocean of information.They are not going by stream always.We the people who are looking for new and upgraded technologies and software might be a neglected portion of consumers but we are the ones who are keeping company what should they do to keep their customers satisfied.If people were indifferent about upgrade and technologies then the once GIANT Nokia who occupied 70% of world market even 5 years before would not sell its headquarters to survive.If you fail to read the lips of consumers and writing on the wall the say it, we we might switch to another company.Like Apple who has very less product but keep customers up to date that is why its is most valuable company.Don’t make rivalry with those who is making your profit.

  59. It is understandable if there are no updates for Chinese smart phones which are five times cheaper with same configuration. But Samsung can’t refuse they are obliged to provide updates.

  60. So yeah, I demand an upgrade, do not forget that my IBS has a bug that causes me to steal any data, so I want an update to fix this, and if I bought adobe 5.5 and has that kind of bug too I want you to update or my money back and I will return the defective prodducto, sorry for my English

  61. Is this an iOS advertisement?… Or an article to attack 100000 of members of this page?… We don’t want hyperfast updates, we just want updates… We are claiming for a 4.1.2 update, when Android has an 4.2.1 version of their OS. We ser new galaxy devices, with similar tech specs than our GS2 with 4.1.2 update from the box… So, why se can’t have the same treatment? That’s why we have to buy nexus devices… That’s why I sold my beloved Galaxy TAB 10.1 to buy aún amazing Nexus10… That’s why I’m going todo sell my beloved GS2.

  62. I suspect that the main problem is how Samsung manage the update.

    Why is it not yet available a JB firmware, installable using Kies, for Galaxy TAB 2 7.0 (GT-P3110) for Italy ? Whit Odin I update to a JB firmware made for the UK and it works perfect. Why it is not possible use the same Firmware for all the Europe (or at least western Europe)?

    I can also understand that could be different firmware for each brand but not for each nation.

    Thank you Sammobile.

  63. Nice to see that sammobile.com also became similar to Samsung. They simply don’t care.


  64. Companies are constantly bragging to us how ecologically friendly they are and yet, in Samsung’s case, perfectly capable hardware gets tossed aside in favor of their new flagship devices etc.

    Not a particularly green ethic in my view when you consider that the likes of the S2 are still very capable devices in terms of internal hardware and which version of android O.S. the device can support.

    As for device issues. I feel that if a device has a major security / operational issue then these need to be addressed and in a timely manner.

    The Exynos bug is one major concern of mine as it has been some time since the exploit has become known (globally).

    By the time I’d read about the flaw the community had a patch released to fix it. The less informed user however is still exposed as Samsung have yet to extract the digit and release a fix.
    For the average user the longer this situation continues the more vulnerable they become. Assuming there are individuals out there who wish to take advantage of the exploit.

    From what I gather the release of Jellybean was ready to roll out when this exploit was discovered.
    Why then has the exploit not been patched and the update released? Surely they’ve had enough time to implement a fix.

    This leads me to form the opinion that Samsung don’t really give a rats ass about customer security.

    If Samsung are reluctant to offer the level of support required for their older hardware then I think they should seriously consider releasing the proper information required for the community to continue supporting and realizing the full potential of the amazing devices Samsung have brought to the market.

    Just my tuppence worth on the subject.

  65. Agree with you completely, but where is my update for GT-N7000 to Jelly Bean ??

  66. Hey dom a.
    Are you samsung or u think urself as ceo of samsung…can you put deregister option..if u have gut…just put that option..and dont blame customer…or your site fans…i think u are imature blogger.who the hale has given right to write such things on this site

  67. I. Think that. Manufactors should support both hard- and software during AT least the warranty period. In europe that is 24 months. And vendors like samsung choose to produce many models and variants, making it even harder to support all.
    I do have the impression that samsung and the likes are doing minimal effort. By that policy they force cliients to keep buying new kit., and that is not in their disadvantage, since the dollars, pounds and euros keep rolling. And. Support doesn’t generate revenue.. it is the way it is, but i am not necessarily liking it..

    Posess: samsung s2, samsung note 10.1


  68. Hey dom a..
    We need update because we have paid for the sets..not as you dom a who get money for writing..
    This dom a must publish letter of sorry for us or dare to put deregister option in site..
    If you friend like my thought..lets write samething and until this doma ask for sorry lets leave this site…

  69. What basically something intends to buy a product is their quality in fact and it determine by their services.Despite of stable ROM ICS its not to the fullest of S2 or NOTE…..still there are lot of lags and performance issue so it is so obvious that people will look for the update for this issues.
    I am not comparing but apple are making their devices so perfectly which is complemented by the good software as well and Samsung is failed in that instead of having good specification.
    I think sammobile need some better Tester and QC managements in term of selling their products coz customer satisfaction is the primary thing or they will lose the grasp in 2014 onwards market.

  70. for s2 and note. for once the phones crashes ALOT. bottloopes when below 30 on battery
    gets tooo hot.
    loads OS apps that are not used to the ram memory
    such has 3 google maps the email app social hub etc etc.
    lack of free ram makes the phone slow as hell.

    another thing selling with official specs as 16gb storage and 1 ram are LIES
    11gbstorage + 1.9gbsystem is not 16gb
    and 1 GB ram? no it has 800mb
    my asus tablet says 1gb and it HAS 1gb ram.
    i havent seen the note 2 which they say has 2gb. my guess is that it only has 1.4-1.5gb ram

  71. Solution get a nexus..problem solved.

    Whining about the updates won’t make them come any quicker.

    I know mine will come soon so am not bitching about it

  72. How about galaxy 1 jelly bean 4.2.1 update?

  73. S2 is a 2 year old phone but note is only 1.5 year old !so young!it needs sammy support please dont let the note alone with custom roms

  74. The firmwares are ready but samsung wants to sell more new phones it really annoy me

  75. I totally agree with you, well written column. But in case of security updates which are necessary or even live-saving in case of the sudden death if the S3,the update should come earlier. Do far there was only a security update for Great Britain, but no other countries. And that’s quite bad because this problem could brick your expensive device although Samsung could prevent it by rolling out the security update faster!

  76. ustedes de sammobile deberian de apoyar a sus miembros y no defender a samsung porque parece que estan del lado de ellos defendiendo sus intereses sabiendo que samsung dijo que de octubre a nobiembre actualizaria el galay s2 entonces que quieren que estemos alegres por este gran engaño que nos ha hecho ya casi llegamos a febrero y nada aun.

  77. I think the so much care about updates is that the new jelly bean 4.1.2 and later will make the S II a complete different phone with more smooth, fast and better ui graphics. Also S II has amazing hardware and all of us i believe want this update cause if this update never came to S II Samsung will loose customers by this move.So personally i never said negative words about Sasmung because i think they give the 4.1.2 update soon and just need some patience. I already said this in previous post of me. And i thank Samsung that will bring this update to S II Owenrs and my old S II ;)

  78. “He got confused because “nothing is in the same place any more”

    I had not thought of it like that before, that there might be people who just like things to stay the same.

    But then I thought of my local supermarket, and how I hate it each time they ‘improve’ things. Then I get confused because “nothing is in the same place any more” !

    So I guess it depends whether your phone is just like your grocery shopping – a necessary bore. Or whether instead it is something you take some interest in – and you would not be on this site otherwise I guess.

    Maybe Samsung is right, most people see their phone like their groceries – but surely then these are not the same people buying the top-range models?

  79. I agree in general with this take on “update obsession”. We cannot expect that our old phones will live on forever as the latest and greatest. However, I do believe we are entitled as purchasers of these small but often very expensive devices to have them at least function as intended or advertised.

    Take, for example, my Samsung Note N7000. It is a great device and I love it. However, with the update from GB to ICS, it lost its ability to control the back lighting timeout of the capacitive “touch buttons”. Also, this phone is threatened not only by the very recently revealed security flaw in the kernel but also from the far less discussed (and somewhat older) brick-bug. None of these have been fixed in updates to ICS and users are left only with the option of rooting their phones and searching out kernels and other patches. Many of us are hoping that an update to JB will fix these sorts of issues as much as we look forward to other advancements. Will they be coming? We will not know until the much awaited – and slow to come – JB is released officially.

    In addition, the N7000 phone was advertised as supporting voice recognition for voice dialing (among other things). Voice dialing is absolutely required for a hands-free use of the phone while driving which is the law in most states. Upon receipt, I quickly discovered that voice dialing comes with a huge caveat – you must have an active intent connection for this to function. Guess what? I do not have full-time internet on my phone (shudder)! It is hard to legitimately claim that a phone offers a function when the code that makes that function work resides elsewhere than on the phone. I know that others (ie. Apple Siri) do the same thing. But this a really dancing on the head of a pin. And consider this: disconnected voice recognition was no problem on my old clam shell “dumb phone”. It is known that JB permits the downloading of voice recognition code onto the phone so that an internet connection is no longer required to perform voice dialing. So is it really an obsession to want an update that promises to allow my very expensive phone to perform at least as well as my clam shell? I don’t really think so.

    Samsung seems to have no problem in constantly bringing-forth new devices. Like a shark, it needs to constantly move forward in order to stay alive and we all want that. But there are plenty of reasons why many of us are so interested and determined to see some updates that is really not well described as “obsession”.

  80. I think that, who is disturbed by the “replacements”, need not and can not to get any firmware.

  81. Oh dear my 15 year old brother wonders how the hell nokia managed to lead the phone arena 05 years back. Samsung, you can make him wonder by your fallout soon, if you can keep up with your current trend of ignoring the ones who sent you to the top..

  82. Jelly bean 4.1.2 when update for india

    What is samsung

    Why you given always last update for india

    Indians are what did for you samsung

    Another country you always given update fast .

    Why you doing for indians …… samsung

    Kindly please update for jelly bean 4.1.2 galaxy s3 still wating
    For update

    And another country user happy and indians are so sad

    About your work ……

  83. Hi samm
    I like your jobs and i appreciate it but…
    I am agree people shouldn’t do argue for updates to your website,and I know you just publishing it here, but all of it comes from samsung lack of support which there is no place people do argue to samsung.
    You know what support means?you should know softwares like Adobe products is not same as Operating systems?,look at what microsoft is doing with updating its OS and products even after 10 years.
    Yeah I don’t mean upgrading which are even microsft and apple doesn’t do free,but how about FREE OSs like LINUX?!!
    ANDROID OS is free too,right?and samsung devices are using this OS,which is the major reason for high selling of them.
    samsung doesn’t let users to use any other ROMs and they avoiding your warranty,so you have to be on stuck ROM.so they shouldn’t update their ROMs?with aaaaalll of buggggsss?
    I recommend samsung to not only make new devices,Korean company must do SUPPORT.
    when people lose their trusts,they never gonne buy it again.I think about 10 years later no body will buy samsung mobile devices.The problem is KOREAN company doesn’t take it seriously.
    someday when another big company with high tech devices with good support comes in,then samsung will fail.like NOKIA and….
    just do the great job as you did Samm and dont make funny reasons to clear samsung wrong policies.

  84. @whitedavidp
    ” Samsung Note N7000. It is a great device and I love it. However, with the update from GB to ICS, it lost its ability to control the back lighting timeout of the capacitive “touch buttons””

    My GT-N7000 (UK) is updated to ICS. The function to control the capacitive touch button backlighting is still there:

    settings/display/(general) Touch key light duration

    The option comes after “Display battery percentage” and before “Auto adjust screen power”

    I get a choice of 1.5 sec, 6 sec, always on/off

  85. ” I showed him how to get the OTA update for Ice Cream Sandwich. Unfortunately this threw him off completely ….”

    So the lesson to learn is, if the user of the phone is not interested in updates, they don’t have to bother with them, and they don’t have to have someone else bother on their behalf!

    For the rest of us – keeping a phone up to date keeps its value higher. That is the flip side of saying we won’t have to buy a new phone so quickly. Is that a problem for Samsung? Absolutely not. Just like with automobiles, some have a hardwon reputation for holding their value, and so they command a higher new purchase price (benefit to manufacturer). Others don’t.

  86. @moralman13 amen to that. couldnt have said it any better. 5 stars to your message

  87. @hemant10102 try to write something anyone could understand ,then perhaps u might get some answers

  88. @miguelinho no whining doesnt make them appear faster. neither does praying makes any differences but still
    people go to church, joining hands at the dinner table and whatever Christians do.

    both is for the same reason.
    it feels good in your heart. praying for the christians
    and silently whining and screaming at samsung with my fingertips. for me and the others with “update obsessions”

  89. Thank You !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Thank You !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Thank You !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Thank You !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Thank You !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Thank You !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Thank You !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Thank You !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Thank You !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Thank You !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  90. There is an easy solution: release all drivers as open source and sell beautiful phones with vanilla Android. Make all Samsung software (tempted to call it bloatware) optional with an installer that runs on first boot. Touchwiz fans can opt in, all others won’t have to deal with it. Don’t update Samsung software after one year. Everybody who wants an update can go with aosp/aokp (and custom roms built on them), who could then release new firmware images without having to fix issues with crippled drivers.

    This way powerusers can get pure Android and lifespan updates (os and google software) like we would get from Apple for an iphone. Make your customer happy by having less (or even no) effort with software development. That would be a big advantage over Apple – give your customers an up-to-date device with a secure os and new software features that others (Google) develop and pay for.

    I do not care for Samsung software, they should make beautiful hardware that runs everything i want to run on it – just like a notebook or a pc. I want stock Android on a fine piece of hardware with sd card support and replaceable battery with at least three years of os and software updates. Within days after a new release that is, not after 7 to 12 months – which would be no problem when all you have to do is integrate drivers and build and and test the rom.

    I’m waiting for almost two years now to buy such a device, but nobody wants to build it. And please don’t point me to Nexus – i want unlimited software with unlimited and powerful hardware – not the crippled hardware google wants me to buy in order to user their cloud services. By the way after the Nexus 4 debacle i do not want a Nexus at all.

    If the situation around Android updates and reasonable hardware doesn’t get better, i will switch back to iphone/iOS with the 5s/6 device, even at its price and with all its limitations. All in all Apple has a more consistent package still.

  91. “I mean… did I miss the meeting where we all signed a contract with Samsung which said that they will always update our phones??”

    True. But no one including you agreed and had signed something that said we should expect any form of >planned obsolescence< either. If anyone assumes this and are OK with it then bravo you're not actually helping tech's progression except for fattening up devices' manufacturers' bottom line and are hurting consumerism in general. And by "always" I trust that no one with half a brain on i9100 are expecting updates till 2020, now THAT's unreasonable.

    Lots of less tech savvy people fail to realize that smartphones are fast becoming through and through portable PCs (if it hasn't already) and manufacturers "game" the system by just limiting hw specs here and there. Limited RAM or by default internal memory partitioning for example. Anyone looked at PC sales' stat recently? Simple. Too much hw firepower that can last a few years, so no one's bothered to upgrade and there's NOTHING wrong with that. Guess what the same Moore's law will happen to ARM's side sooner or later just the question of when. With iPhone 5 for example, Apple imo had no choice but to ante up the GPU because they know that they can't play the same card trick all the time AND because it's a better future proofing method OS/app's-wise. So next time they put out the 5S, all they have to do is slap a better screen and/or add wireless charging maybe call that a day.

    At this moment Samsung and every other Android (doesn't matter the OS) device partners knows that but that was back in the day when there's lesser people are interested to educate themselves about hw/SoCs and OS/apps' sys reqs. Now that when they know better, of course they're pissed. Don't forget that essentially RRPs are maintained at entry level tablets/netbook levels still for a typically mid-high end phone.

    And we're gonna tell people who paid good money at this sort of thing to NOT expect updates? For the next 4 years up sure. For lesser than that? Fine just don't expect people to put with these RRPs in the long term.

    /i9100g/Android 4.2.1 (oh hey this runs on my phone better than ICS, who would have thought? :))/CM10.1 nightly builds user

  92. I agre with everything…since I have a Note 1 and a S2 …People just want more roms to flash on devices… I hope that samsung shuts the door for 5.0 key lime for the S2… you all will cry for that update… Why it didnt came out Jelly Bean for S2 or Note 1? Because its not ready…even for Note 2 it as battery drains…imagine for the note 1 or s2…. persons that appear on foruns and sites asking for updates are very dumb….shut up….

  93. I thing instead of obsessed, should move to other brand. Nexus is really good choice for latest OS update. My next mobile.

  94. Google and Apple can update old phones to latest firmware, than everyone can do this. If samsung don’t want to update ,samsung will lose their bussiness. its simple.

  95. If my two year old device (S2) which is not out of its warranty period yet, is an old piece of junk not worth updating for samsung. Well, I guess they could simply release the source codes and say it loud that our S2 are pieces of junk now and they are not going to waste resources updating it.
    But hey they don’t do that, they claim ( on around 06.2012) they will release an update on around November ( 11.2012) now we are on mid January , and there are no signs of an update. If complaining about it makes me a prick. Yep I sure am a stupid prick to check this site constanly for updates and buying a Samsung device.

    Samsung IS a failure on updates and software while their hardware is usually better than competition,
    If Samsung releases the source code for their old devices there are many people who consider compiling new versions of android. But than I’d be able to use my S2 to the fullest for maybe 2 years more. Yet I’d look at other Samsung products without any doubt in my mind.

    Also I’d like to add I’m very disturbed by the ops approach, sure the sites name is SAMMobile but it doesn’t mean you should leave common sense on Sammy’s defence.

  96. i have a test firm of jb 4.1.2 for the SGS2 and never whined for the update on any page but this thread is SO low on morals yes we are raging but maybe bcz we kept waiting from September till now (waiting as well till next month) and the same title repeats for the whole time … that IS BAD from samsung no one blaming sammobile but u r the closest to the samsung update center so don’t judge us bcz WE DO HAVE THE RIGHT of asking the LONG DELAYED update ( and we never know what could happen next month … maybe another delay… )

  97. Why are we obsessed with updates?


    because I bought a smartphone and not a walkie talkie

  98. Samsung has done more than enough to bring industry leading products to market for their customers. They are clearly the BEST SMARTPHONES on the market NOTHING touches Samsung devices with a ten foot pole. MY current Galaxy S3 and Galaxy Note 2 does very well and YES i will be purchasing the Galaxy S4 and Galaxy Note 3…

  99. I agree with your point of view, but the fact of the matter is people adapt very quickly and demand new things even if they know it wont happen.

    P.S. S2 user and i’m happy with what i can get. New things aren’t always better. The future is bright for technology :)

  100. I think the problem for the S2 is that Samsung will release the S2 Advance with around the sames specs with jelly bean…Why waste development time on a new phone when they could have put the resourses in updating the original S2 and kept their customers happy…But its ok….only nexus for now on

  101. I have it figured it out. It’s really quite simple. If you want the latest updates for Android you buy an open source Nexus phone. Like my new 16GB Nexus 4.

    If you want proprietary Android with all the Samsung bells and whistles you buy a Samsung phone. You will get updates for 1 year. Then you are expected to buy another Samsung phone to keep up to date as they “Samsung” will not release their source code to developers for the Exynos chip. I still have 3 – S1’s and all are running Android 4.2.1 – CM10.1. Now that is something Samsung does not want to ever happen. Way to long of a life span.

    It’s simple greed plain and simple.

  102. =symbian

  103. Reading this news there was one thought in my mind for the whole time: Are you serious?
    I mean… Are u retarded or something? Comparing updates of a FREE and open mobile os with professional software?
    If I buy a device by Samsung (Samsung says about itself its the best android device maintainer) I FCKING EXPECT THE BEST. The best includes everything, and number one is support! And support includes software updates. If you buy an iPhone, you will get software updates, which give new functionality, not only security updates or bugfixes. So someone from sammobile wanna tell me not to expect software updates from samsung who wants to compete with apple. Hey great news.
    If Samsung wouldnt blow up their devices with all their shitty software, useless functionality and ram eating touchwiz then updates wouldnt even take 1 stupid month (source: CyanogenMod).
    Jelly Bean came in June 2012, 4.2 Jelly Bean came beginning of november 2012, now we have mid jan 2013 and it was said galaxy s2 would get 4.1.2 or something in feb-march. This is called high speed.
    I will never ever buy a samsung smartphone (and probably product in general) again, not only cause of updates but cause of samsung being a stupid liar (regarding opensource stuff for exynos chips which hasnt been delivered and won’t be delivered as promised) and because of retarded people like the author of this article.

  104. Bravo Sam Moble for nothing, an OS is an OS. It must be updated monthly as a critical security issue are identified. Microsoft brings out a lot of updates every month to ensure the client are protected, so Samsung just make money out of shit mobile phones with a lot of bugs. At the end, the end user must pay a lot of money for nothing. I know of people sitting with this so called beauty of a Samsung S3 for months, but can’t use it due to the sudden death bug. Samsung must be forced by law to replace all that S3 phones immediately. Samsung rott’s. Get your fact beforehand before publish shit to your subscibers. You got a million members by buying it with 3 poor commen S3 mini mobile phones, just a trick from your side to catch a little limelight. Shame on you by bragging about this so called milestone, it is a shame for you web page.

  105. By the way in my country the word dom means and related to a person who are not intelligent at all.

  106. Dumb typical Indians and Arabs … you are the biggest whingers on the planet. Tight arses who alwast want something for nothing.

    Did you get a free copy of Windows 8 for your PC? Did your TV manufacturer update your TV to play 3D movies? Did your car manufacturer update your car cd player with a new multimedia unit?

    You buy something for what it is TODAY … not what you want it to be 2 years down the track. The S2 is almost a 2 year phone. Stop being a tight arse and upgrade it.

    Samsung has skipped 4.1.1 for you and will bring you 4.1.2 stop complaining. I can bet my life on it that if they did upgrade to 4.1.1 in December you worthless low lives would still be bitching about 4.1.2 is released what about me .. poor me .. boo hoo.

    Get in line and wait your bloody turn. You will get it when it is your turn – after the new customers / products are served first. Thats business my friends.

    BeyongGalaxy .. are you still here???? I thought you were jumping ship months ago. You’re full of hot air, nothing but a worthless POS.

  107. Angry cause we need the new features, hot fixes & more speed. Isn’t it enough! to be angry?

  108. Is my device neglected? GTab plus p6200

  109. “The S2 is almost a 2 year phone.” Yep. And what is about my Win. Xp, what getting updates at this moment? I see on my “world-old” computer screen with the tiny new things (like f.e. an update). I paid a lot of money for S2 (in my country a new one’s prize was more than one and a half month’s salary), but this is almost indifferent: I think, Samsung’s sale policy is a big fail because of lies. (Please stop the spread-eagle bullshit NOW)

  110. Just upated my S2 in the latest firmware of 4.1.2 but when its done..my phone wont turn on.. :’(

  111. hope update soon ..thank sammobile

  112. Why are you all talking bad about Samsung?

    Sony didnt update yet any of their old devices to 4.1.2 and you are talking bad from samsung?

    Come on…like I said in foruns like xda and its told in this news, Samsung updates old devices because they want…
    You are against a conpany that sold 100 million devices…it as raised 17 positions of the world best entreprises..
    You dont think before you talk…when it come out the 4.1.2 everyone will be asking for another..and Samsung will say…buy another one…
    Like i say to everyone….if you dont like it dont buy it,but dont cry for it…

  113. hmm……..!!!!

  114. ok, well here is the thing….no matter how old your device is and how less compatible with new OS (JB) but the fact is if a F**king clone like S2 Plus is getting a latest Update….IT HURTS.
    The Master S2 should get the Priority rather a Latest Clone…….but couple of months back Sam mobile updated a UK-Beta version of JB for galaxy s2….and mine is Rocking like charm since then…no bugs No lags…works like charm, yet i need an official release. Remember- We are obsessed with Updates now, cant change it.

  115. Because we paid for the phone, we deserve to get the supports and updates from them. So what you’re saying is that samsung has the right to take your money and we’re done. Really?

  116. Dom A are you kiddin me??!! You try to compare CS with Android??!!! pffff…. Man YOU SUCk!! Sorry but its the true!! And u already know that!! Why the Nexus S have Android 4.1.2 and the Note1 and SII users no?! Why the galaxy Nexus have android 4.2.1 and the Note1 and SII isers no?! Why Samsung says “Samsung is better than Apple” and thats not really because Apple give an incredible support for all the Mac Devices… Samsung only wants sell sell sell sell and sell…. And its the true!! 6 mounts ago Samsung says “Note and SII will have the upfate to JB” but when is the f****cking day?! Samsung do more and more devices and not bring a good suport Why? Because they want to sell more and more…. Pffff….

    The solutionfor this is easy, I will sell my SII and my Note And I will buy an IPhone 5 or a Nexus Phone because I want actuliztions whit out stupid excuses…. Sorry but its the trueDoom A and you already know that….

  117. Touché !!! well said, less greed and more thank you please.

  118. i buy a wonderfull device : Galaxy Note, and after few hour of use a notice the big lag when i open contacts and try to call someone, and on screen, during the call, apear a loosies small contact photo, and i think WTF, i pay a lot of money for this device and appear is not ready yet. Why they sell this if is software is not finish?
    That’s why i check every day for jellybean update, and yes, next device for me will not be with unfinished software.

  119. y we shouldnt be updates software is part of the device that you bought and paid hefty amount to have it working stably.i think you dont know what electronic products r and mind you good companies prosper on having there product as much stable as possible.first of Samsung makes products which any company can make by cramming the latest technology in it but if it software is crap what use is this device when it doesn’t function as it should without hiccups.problem her is these companies act like chinese manufacturers just create product and leave it to consumers to fix the shit that they made and its not just samsung this is an issue with google too and tell you the truth if you copy someone and create this will happen and today we ignore this samsung android htc all have this issue stop copying and innovate and stop helping them and justifying for them right.look at cisco,oracle adobe,sap,sony,apple,microsoft how they create products and keep them maintenance free by keeping there software ut the upgraded on timely manner to take the flaws that were missed or left out no one is perfect or you take your time to create peerfect product before you launch it which google , samsung doesnt do and will never do because they r out to make money from you so that u upgrade to new device not keep your device more then couple months

  120. donot bullshit if you can build this forum then you know your BS dont create these type of bias articles one day techies will come against these copycats and scumbags who your trying to clean slate. stop supporting them by telling your viewiers there point

  121. If you’re going to bitch at Sammobile, use correct spelling and grammar. You just sound ignorant. Either that, or use a better translator. For fuck’s sake people if you are THAT unhappy with your device support switch to ZTE. See how good it is then.

  122. No NO NO i dont agree

    i need my Galaxy s2 update ,,, right now and i mean just now

    Why??? … I Dont know!!?? :o

  123. I wonder how much this guy has been payed by Samsung for writing such a play up article!
    People have payed for their device that is supposed to work properly with no crash etc, and if it needs the update to work as it is supposed to, they have provide it with no “delays”.

  124. If a company is making phones that are capable of running higher versions of OS then why should we not receive those updates……..some applications dnt run on gingerbread and hence ICS is needed and if they expect us to spend 36K($670) on the phone they should be ready to provide the updates…..The ones who need updates can simply update and the ones who dont need it simply dnt download it…….and the point u raised about going on XDA, when u install a Custom ROM u loose your warranty and i own a S3 with a 3 year warranty am i supposed to waste that??

  125. @|kanu| the S3 updates are rolling out now. It’s not just up to Samsung it also depends on when your carrier decides to send them out with updates to all of their bloatware. Plus, you don’t need to argue running Gingerbread since the S3 comes out of the box with ICS and most of the time is ready to be updated to 4.1.1 Jelly Bean.

    I’m running the exact same device and am waiting for another update. I haven’t rooted yet either. As long as you are not trolling strictly porn on the S3, you don’t need to worry about it. And if it’s for security reasons, regularly update your passwords and DON’T save your credit/debit card info on it. Simple logic.

  126. Remember next time when you buy a GALAXY, XPERIA, OPTIMUS or ONE it’s not a NEXUS!
    The world of Android devs is sick thanks to updates.

    Blame Google for to many Android versions. Even Motorola can’t handle all Android versions.
    And yes Motorola is from Google.

    From the release of the GALAXY S II Samsung told everyone to updatethis device for 18 months.
    Be happy Samsung will update your GALAXY S II. Samsung is again the only brand!

    “Samsung only thinks about money” tell me one company who doesn’t care about it.

    Another fact. Samsung want to bring the GALAXY S II plus and to remove the current GALAXY S II.
    Why? Because the update from 4.0.4 to 4.1.2 change the whole interface!
    Samsung did the same by the current GALAXY S Plus.

    And yes you can blame Samsung. But only about the missing source files.

  127. It is a little the fault of samsung which show the new android functions in their advertisements on new model.

  128. can not agree with the whole.
    Due to my experience with Samsung, SII and SIII total 6 Samsung smartphone in my family, I say today, NO MORE SAMSUNG

  129. yes but where jb s2 i9100 #blamesamsung

  130. can’t agree more with you, DannyD…

  131. You cant compare Adobe updates to phone updates. In this case we bought a hardware and it SHOULD be updated to latest, hardware supported version what S2 can easily do.

  132. Are you working for samsung or what? We need the last updates because its free and because its bring new optiones if samsung don’t updates our old models it’s just to avoid creating obstacles to new devices.

  133. The problem is not the update, the problem is Samsung and the Carriers.

    First: International devices should not get updates months before other variants do.

    Second: Carriers toss in Bloat that is not needed.

    Third: All we want is a pure Android experience but not be forced into using Google’s garbage Nexus devices.

    Fourth: THIS IS OPEN SOURCE!!! Release your source code so everyone can work with it, you don’t own it.

    Fifth: Stop focusing on releasing the updates to older device and skipping the newer devices!

  134. ” First: International devices should not get updates months before other variants do.”
    If you mean the Galaxy S III and Note II, they are still not done yet! (Android 4.1.2) In my eyes it is normal to update first your latest devices. Google did the same…

    ” Second: Carriers toss in Bloat that is not needed.”
    Carriers paying Samsung for this.

    ”Third: All we want is a pure Android experience but not be forced into using Google’s garbage Nexus devices.”
    Ho ho all YOU want… Looks like you know the pure Android experience so why do you have a GALAXY product? Normal customer doesn’t care about updates.

    ”Fourth: THIS IS OPEN SOURCE!!! Release your source code so everyone can work with it, you don’t own it.”
    Agree, Samsung can do better with source files.

    ”Fifth: Stop focusing on releasing the updates to older device and skipping the newer devices!”
    What a joke, even Motorola can’t handle all Android versions. And yes Motorola is from Google.

  135. Samsung have to release the official updates for old devices as soon as possible that’s the only solutions…. :)

  136. isn’t this obsessed with updates but if you say that on the Samsung galaxy S Advance begins updating to do JB by that only the Russian? And the other countries when the will?

  137. Muito desapontado com a samsung, vende aparelhos caríssimos e não disponibiliza as update da mesma forma, esperamos uma eternidade aqui para poder usar o smart com um so que resolvam diversos bugs e tragam melhorias, isso com o tempo nos tira a vontade de prosseguir comprando smarphones da mesma marca.

    Cade a update do galaxy note N7000??

  138. It’s not easy to please each of Samsung’s customers: there are too many! A few will always have something to complain about.
    After using iPhone 3GS and 4 and 4S and now 5 (all family uses iPhone and iPads, kids get the older devices) I (family father) decided for an Android Samsung Tab 7.7.
    Android vs iOS is an more open OS, but … it’s hard to understand: to keep in hands a excellent hardware which is blocked by an old Android-version.
    I also went for an non-Samsung flash-ROM (4.04), since my Tab’s country code (Portugal, Android 3.2) does not receive ANY Android-upgrades and now enjoy of better performance with unchanged hardware.
    I see clearly: Samsung has good hardware, but fails to keep updating OS. In this case I decide for me (other might think differently): never again a Samsung.
    There is more than Apple-iOS and Samsung-Android: Maybe Windows learns from the mistakes from the one (Apple) and the other (Samsung) and offers good hardware in combination with a reliable update and upGRADE policy?
    Every smartphone-maker is free to decide, how to make money – that’s why they design and produce smartphone: to MAKE MONEY. And we customers are the ones who decide, who makes more money and who less. I believe Samsungs climax is reached, we will soon see more clever offers (as combination of hard and software plus update/grade policy) and Samsungs slow down.
    Always a giant has to die, so smaller can come up!

  139.  “we should be a little more patient and a little less greedy ” -
    If it was my Samsung phone when I bought it cheap, I would not expect upgrades (as people don’t expect it for the cheap China phones), but because Samsung is greedy, I can be also… And for me,the software is more important than hardware,because one or two years old phone is still good enough (at least top phones like Galaxy S series)…

  140. As a decission maker in a EU country, I just got an idea: smartphone-makers, who do not update regularly the OS of their phones, will be forced to pay astronomic fines to the EU due to enviromental issues: the materials used in a electronic device or are recycled almost 100% or the device is kept alive with latest available OS for at leats lets say 5 years. The makers can decide what to do, but it can NOT be, that natural resources are wasted in order to allow certain companies to make benefit. In this case the benefit must be controled by law and in necesary cases fines applied or a limitation to access the markets or an company-customized punishment-tax applied.

  141. I also want the update, especially after I update my phone to 4.0.4 DXLPF, my phone often stopped working and the only way to fix it is by press the power button for 10 seconds. It happened on daily basis, and most of the time was happening when I was browsing the internet using every browser I can get on playstore.

    Before the DXLPF update, I was using 4.0.3 DXLP7, browsing internet was perfectly fine, but turning off and on Wifi will cause my phone to stop working too but the user experience was worse than DXLPF.

    And Before that, I was using 2.3.6 DXKL3. My GS2 never had any “has to press down the power button for 10 seconds” problem, it was perfectly fine. However, the battery drain is slightly worse than the ICS counterpart (approximately 12-14 hours on GB compared to 13-16 hours on ICS)

    So because of these problems, I really want the update in order to make all of those bugs disappear, but I never complain about not getting it soon enough. I will just wait for the update. :-)

  142. Next few months???? hahahaha…………nice way to break the news…

  143. We are not obsessed by updates … Galaxy S2 it’s a very powerful phone and while other shitty phones get JB by default this one gets left behind and even major security problems don’t get fixed in current official 4.0.4 version over OTA … so it’s not much to ask for a JB official update … I don’t think anyone would want to buy a phone with high specs and see in 3 months a shitty phone coming out with a better OS than theirs … while yours runs with security bugs and so on … just saying.

  144. mi opinion es en principio de acuerdo,y agrego, la raiz del problema es la condicion humana, “el deseo de tener, y desechar” por sostener, por cambiar, etc. todo esta creado para el consumo, ni hablar que sea para un crecimiento de índole humano. en el caso particular de los telefonos, tenemos una netbook en la palma de nuestras manos y ahora con telefono, entonces, ni hablar de las tablets (aqui tenemos una notebook o laptop) en fin. la tecnologia verdaderamente llega a las “palm-as” de nuestras manos, es de esperarse este fenomeno, es muy triste tambien. porque el hardware no ha evolucionado al igual que con el software, este desequilibrio son los update, no hay un fin y eso es “bueno” para quien manejan el negocio, el foco de atencion lo “siguen teniendo”, son las reglas del juego, el otro dia veia en el canal discovery, un programa de tecnologia de lo que se usa desde los 80´ en la actualidad, y vi un prototipo de recepcion de escritura a mano de un firma que transformaba figuras geometricas hechas “a mano” sobre la pantalla y las transformaba por reconocimiento a la figura mas aproximada (redondo, elipse, cuadrado, etc), no es algo que vemos ahora? si. Amigos es el juego que han creado, los felicito, como decia Freud, es parte del inconsciente colectivo, ( traducido seria “necesito update” para mantenerme “nuevo”).

  145. ghoyarbide by GOOGLE TRANSLATE (next time IN ENGLISH PLEASE :-))))

    my opinion is in principle agreed, and added, the root of the problem is the human condition, “the desire to have, and discard” to sustain, for change, etc.. everything is created for consumption, not to mention it is for a growing human nature. in the case of the phone, we have a netbook in the palm of our hands and now with telephone, then, let alone tablets (here we have a notebook or laptop) in order. technology really gets to the “palm-as” in our hands, we can expect this phenomenon, it is also very sad. because the hardware has not evolved as with software, this imbalance is the update, there is no end and that is “good” for those who run the business, the focus of attention as “continue”, are the rules of the game the other day I saw on the Discovery Channel, a technology program that is used since the 80s today, and saw a prototype handwriting reception of a firm that transformed geometric figures made ​​”by hand” on display recognition and transformed to approximate figure (round, oval, square, etc.), not something we see now? if. Friends is the game you have created, congratulations, as Freud said, is part of the collective unconscious (translated would “need update” to keep “new”).

  146. personally i don’t care, as long as a device is unlocked and rootable.. Because then i can put other roms on it. The thing is that samsungs open source is not so good, because the developers have a hard time really working with samsung devices.
    So many core developers (xda) are really focussing on Nexus devices, which is weird in my eyes (except if it is just for them selfs) because whats the need? Nexus devices get already the latest stuff.. And nexus devices are a very very small part of the android community (already when only comparing to the 100M Galaxy Sx devices…)

    But why do we need updates from the real source? Because for developers… I am a developer i do some android development, and it is really irritating that you just have to target android 2.2 or 2.3 and on…

    It would be way better if the majority of all the phones especially the ones that sell a lot are upgraded at least for 2 years to the latest version asap.

  147. When you buy a computer with windows vista,does microsoft update for free to windows 7?
    Or to windows 8 for free?
    This is a smartphone…everyone is just obsessed with updates and for free…

  148. Hello friends…this Dom is not samsung..
    So why we people messing with this guy….if you people want to treat this guy write a letter to the admin of this site.
    Explaining how much we are hurt by his writing…because this guy is not going to give update…..he cant even provide any app
    …sammobile is selling its premium app…if the same thing will be continied neither there will be sammobile nor samsung..nokia was ruler and the time will again come….

  149. My biggest issue relates to gt-p7500. i supported samsungs initial foray into tablets. since then as much as i love sammy they have not supported me.

    The ram usage issue is yet to be resolved, i havent recieved allshare play.

    I own a samsung phone, tab, tv, and hometheater. they all play nicely together, excpet my tablet.

    It begins to feel as if i dont buy all new devices each year, they stop playing nice together.

    And thier general app ecosystem is a mess…how many different versions of control, share, etc software do we need

    Meanwhile sammy releasing almost identical spec devices, ut with all the latest software features

  150. Although any company needs to continue seeking more business…its irritating to see them more concerned about getting the next guys money instead of supporting the people that have already forked over their money

  151. comparing it to a desktop/laptop pc is not really fair
    because yes it is not free to upgrade, but i can upgrade
    just like i did with my laptop…

    I have no problem if Samsung would say to me, ok if you want to have the latest major Android release you can upgrade for 14,99 dollar….

  152. Also the desktop kind of OS are very slow, maybe once in 3 years or so,
    android has once per year a major release, and a few minor releases in between..

  153. I’m actually disappointed in some of the S3 updates from ICS. It became less stable since then and crashes do happen more often (doesn’t matter if it’s 4.1.1 or 4.1.2 is it elkc or ella). The Samsungs android division should aim not towards new features, but towards better resource management-code optimization, better battery life, better ram management and so on.

  154. I do NOT agree with this article. Android has a problem related to others which is fragmentation. Moreover Samsung adds their own samsung framework to the phone which is not original google one. So adding a cyanogenmod in most cases you could not use the samsung tools. So, due to those above cause a really problem on the customers. Iphone on the opposite do not have fragmentation and thats why they usually updates all phones in 1 second. Moreover, Samsung do NOT publish their own framework as opensource. You could see many cyanogencoders waiting the release of Galaxy S3 source code!!!. So, it is completely true, that users of these devices are waiting an update officially from the manufacturer that has their own framework NOT opensource. If samsung release it, this will help a lot. So, i agree with customers that ask for updates, as the competitor could be updated more often that sammy phones. It is a problem of Samsung technicians, fragmentation and closed framework not open source.

  155. Kind of agree …. actually happy with my SGS2 running 4.0.4 and even don´t know if I want to change to JB unless I have to. But seriously why haven’ t Samsung addressed 3 major problems with current SGS2?
    - eMMC Brick bug
    - USSD Exploit
    - Exynos Exploit
    Had to root and flash custom kernel onto me and my wife´s SGS2 in order to secure them.
    I really think Samsung is letting us down regarding those security issues!

    At the moment Samsung is dominating the marked, but as we all know this can rapidly change!

  156. The point is that Samsung wants only to sell nothing more. I bought Galaxy S I9000 and as soon as they announced Galaxy SII, update suddenly stopped. The same thing happened after the release of Samsung Galaxy SIII and the same thing will happen after the release of Samsung Galaxy S4. Then i bought Galaxy Note N7000..Same shit here. If they just want to sell devices, they should say it..I don’t understand how 2 devices of almost the same specs, cannot receive from the developers updates..The point is, ok new devices should receive the updates, but the other users of Samsung devices that spend hard earned money to buy Samsung products should also be recognized. The end result is that Samsung will lose clients. Apple is way back right now and they know it in Samsung.That’s why they treat the clients of older devices like second level clients. By older i mean last 6months release, since they announce a new device every 6 months. If i don’t buy let’s say Samsung Galaxy S4 or Galaxy Note 3, most probably I will not get anything after 3-6 months…

  157. updates are necesary in that side apple is better than samsung i never notice delays on updates even in my country that is part of central america i hope samsung stop bringing devices until everyone have their devices in their optimum conditions

  158. I love Samsung.
    I hope they can release update slower for their phone.
    They are too hardworking.
    I want to taste gingerbread ics jb for at least one year each.
    Slow down, samsung!
    We are always behind you and will support you, Sammobile!

  159. want an update that will make my system more stable. I never rooted my Note N7000 and get a lot of issues; for example, the most recent, 3 days ago, the phone has ERASED by his own initiative sitting in my pocket all e-mail accounts and all the infos regarding the e-mails. Fortunately I have backup-ed them but yet is very annoying. And yes, there are many other bugs on actual 4.0.4…

  160. Samsung is making a big mistake by releasing more and more devices which is making life more difficult for developers. They should only focus on making few phones a year enough to cover each part of the market- low, mid, high and business. How on earth are they able to provide updates on every single phone when they keep on releasing one every few months.

  161. those who compare windows and android do not have any idea about the current market. Windows develops it own software and investes heaviliy upon it and therefore its so expensive. Android on the other hand is sweat of countless developers working for free and surviving on donations. Samsung does not need invest heavily to upgrade their firmwares. All they gotta do is either release the source code, or contact the developers and tweak it a little bit and install lots of its commercial bloatwares into it! And therefore refusing to update its products regularly is cheating its customers!


  163. well i agree with u buddy but i have one question for u
    why htc is updating its older devices to latest firmware like Htc HD2
    the HTC HD2 is much older device with both official jelly bean and Windows 8 tooo….
    any answer for that …eehhhhh….????????

  164. i partly agree. People whining over updates that are not related over security issues is ridiculous. On the other hand of course when you buy a 400-600 euro smartphone you expect at least 18-24 months of support and to samsung’s credit since GS2 that indeed is happening .
    Sure they might not release the latest OS upgrade right away but you have to give credit to samsung since an almost 2 year old phone such as GS2 is getting jelly bean while at the same time other companies 2011 flagships have yet to receive even ICS

  165. Samsung is provocative. He promised an update at a specific time and did not keep his word. It makes people nerwous. Today Samsung already wised up, promises but does not say when.

  166. I see the point of your column but I think you miss the mark a bit. You are thinking of your phone as just a phone. Not as a computer, which it is. For anyone who disputes that claim I refer you to AIDE in the Play Store. From the moment a smart device can compile an application to run on itself it becomes a computer.

    Now think of how people but computers. Macs or PCs, it doesn’t matter which. No one buys a computer expecting to have to replace the computer when the next release of Windows or Mac OS X comes out. People buy a hardware platform that they expect to serve them throughout a few years and possibly a few versions of their operating systems and applications. When you look at it that way, you can understand why people feel “entitled” to updates.

    And yes, custom ROMs are a very viable option. Just two days ago I installed CM10.1 on a Galaxy S II and was surprised at how fluidly it ran. But There are many consumers out there who aren’t techies, but keep their PCs and Macs running the latest OS and would like to do the same with their ultra-portable computers (what we more commonly refer to as smartphones :-] ).

  167. For smile:
    ‘d Rather get information from Googe when will the world end, than from the Samsung when it will update for GT-I9100 :-))
    You can check it :-)
    Having the current system is so obvious. Maybe not for everyone?

  168. so why samsung can’t offer updates like apple do. when apple says “ios 6 is ready”, you can get it where ever or when ever you want.

  169. Samsung just sucks and I can say it without any hesitation. Hey sam just think we are not going crazy for a particular update and we are not forcing you to release it. But what will be your answer on this point:

    A:) An update is released in some parts of the world but another part is just waiting in frustration. Why can’t samsung release it worldwide? Do samsung think that only Germany has its customer?

    They should think that the customers in other country are as same valuable as Germany. What the ,…………………

  170. If it is an obsessive thing to get updates, I think for what reasons are you running this site, shut it then.

  171. for a premium phone, we expect premium treatment (we paid a premium price for the damn thing)
    and the s2 jb update is the next big thing

  172. If you direct us to forum.xda-developers.com what is with custom firmware counter ?
    And way you don’t give warranty only on hardware, not on hardware + firmware from samsung ?
    So I do want update form official site.
    I still have 8 months warranty from my GS2.
    So I expect official update for GS2 – 2 years after last sale ( and GS2 is still selling ).

  173. It maybe true that most uses does not care about updates; but the fact still remains Samsung is horrible with their updates. They release updates very late & their updates are poorly tested. (take some instances on ICS upgrade for S2)

    Author of this article forgot key important things about software\software updates.
    > Updates adds features. In case of android it’s been so many new things on each update; all uses may not use all of them, but when you buy a premium phone like S3 or Note II (which incidentally costs a premium if you buy off contract) why should the software be 1-2 years old???
    > Updates fixes hidden issues. Again most of the users may not get those hidden issues, but what if you get one?
    > Updates removes some limitations\restrictions.
    > Updates increase usability of the OS. (take GB to ICS update as a prime example)

    If a particular user is unwilling to do an update it can be ignored, there’s no rule to as you must do an update!!!

    So when you write a article like this, please do some research; don’t write stuff to cover Samsung’s bad update\support policy!

  174. Even though I understand you and you have for sure a point here, an update that is needed has to be brought as fast as possible to the customers. I am refering here to S3 and Note 2, that have the unfamous “sudden death” and “exynos abuse” untill dll7 which fixes that things.
    For me such things should not happen at all, because they are bad code given us from Samsung.
    I want a fast update on those fixes, because a Note 2 AND a S3 from my friend died a week ago (N2) respectivelly last Friday (S3) showing no sigh of recovery.
    I am in Siwtzerland, so no update yet and the first thing I did was flashing the German stock via Odin because if sth like that would happen to me I’d be set back for 2 weeks without my mobile office that I need for my work.
    Patience is nice and good… but in such cases Samsung has to deliver a fix ASAP!

  175. You can find a lot of excuses but the truth is that Samsung, at the moment, just want to sell the new Galaxy S2 Plus with JB onboard..

  176. Enough is Enough! Samsung I’m still Waiting to JB update for MY SGSII…but no more…I’m selling my device and will buy a Sony Handset..no more Samsung Product in future..!! Goodbye…

  177. how about JB 4.1.2 for SIII update for Malaysia?

  178. i would suggest Samsung follow Apple, release update for a particular model simultaneously for world wide, not batch by batch, country by country.

  179. To be fair if you want (newer software) generally you buy a new phone optimized for it. It’s written no where that Samsung promise to support any device with updates, we should just be grateful that they do.

    For example, If you have a galaxy s2, it’s 2 years old. Phone contracts run for two years, update your device

  180. If this was the case, companies like Samsung would have to optimize software for more handsets everytime they release something new. You buy a device for what it is, if something comes along in 6 months with newer software you should not expect to be entitled to receive that on your device.

  181. to Dom A

    My quick background, I wouldn’t have bought an Android phone if Android OS was like iOS i.e., lazy updates..
    Question to you: why you bought your relative an Android phone? iPhone has the most easiest user friendly interface.

    why are you guys updating your websites with new product launch??? Every day I see there is rumors that Samsung may be launching this samsung will lunch that. Guys from samsung launch new products so often, literally, more often than the new ROM updates in XDA-forum.
    Then how is it wrong that we being obsessed with updates??

  182. A new device in no way has to means new updates for your current device, if you don’t like the device then don’t buy it.

  183. i agree @codeworkx.

    Samsung, directing end users to the new devices. The new devices means a source of money for Samsung and announces a device every three months. Each time a new device, but I’m not have to buy.

    I am using SII. I don’t think to get a new device. But Samsung dont forget to SII users!!!

  184. From where I am at: I spend a lot of money on these electronic toys. I expect them to be supported and updated to the best software available. 1 1/2 years old is not outdated and I expect attention. How a company treats software updates is now something I look at when buying. Message to Samsung: Hurry up with the updates and get them right!

  185. >> The anonymity of the internet seems to have given people an inflated sense of anger and entitlement

    Very true, my friend.
    I’m also an owner of a SGS2 and I’m awaiting for the new 4.1.x or 4.2.x which MAY give me new features/fixes/etc, but I’m not complaining to any one, since I work with software development and I know how painful it is.

    So, a message to the haters… keep hating. Your hate makes to difference to anyone, except for yourself.

    Thanks for SamMobile for all you updates.

  186. Author you are crazy – i remember you for exynos-bug and brick-bug….where are bugfixes????
    i never see a statement or bugfix from samsung and you call us “obsessed” – you are wrong !!!!

  187. @author – i hope you know the difference between “obsessed” and support……

  188. 1. Had to believe such article was posted here. As SamMobile wants to be a Samsung mobile enthusiasts USERS portal. Samsung is taking care of themselves for their self-image.

    2. All iSheeps are praising “bitten fruit” for their support. Wants Samsung to get the crown and be close to that legendary support?

    3. Samsung approach of conquering market is bit different: they flood users with countless derivatives of the same hardware: xxx-mini, -maxi, -super, -plus, -“minus”, etc. But on their flagship devices as SGS2, SGS3 they should keep their customers as happy as possible. The people who are paying that much for these models are the users who keep the vibe high for Samsung phones. Plus so good devs working mainly on these top devices.
    Samsung many times proudly trumpet how many SGS3 they sold, and how SGS2 made actually the turn in their favor among mobile savvy users. It was not the lower cost devices which actually made all aware of Samsung as #1 aspiring in the mobile market.

    4. The author of this article got it all wrong for users of Samsung phones and members of this site. It still happened. And comparing top device OS support with piece of software upgrade policy? Really?!?

  189. to Menosferato and all other who think us so called “Obsessed people”

    whom are you calling haters ??? I guess most of the commenters on this post are enthusiast of android OS or like it someway.

    Because of guys like codeworkx, teamhack Sung , google community and others developers android is prospering and has developed so much in such a small time.
    do you mean these developers should stop updating Android, stop making it better?
    And from users perspective, do you mean we should stop flashing our phones?

  190. to DannyD
    Completely agree with you.
    Samsung has carried on updating its phone. It’s the reason why I bought SII and seeing so much of long run of updates (from Gingerbread to ICS and now I hope to JB) I bought SIII to get the same long run support.
    Even though I am not an advocate of samsung, I am going to use samsung mobile because of the support it is giving for updates.
    but as a costumers point of view we want the most out of the phone. :)

  191. but now a days all that samsung cares about is $$$$$$$$$ , €€€€€€€€ and ₤₤₤₤₤₤₤

  192. Hello ,on this forum on firmware jelly bean is available on spain for GALAXY S2

  193. Spain? I9100XWLS8-I9100FOPLS3

    Wonderful and thx. But we are still waiting for our official firmware (via KIES) and for everyone.

  194. As per ANDROID UPDATE ALLIANCE, samsung has to update its smartphones to the latest android version (if they can be updated) for atleast 18 months….

  195. Great. After the “splendid begining” (3 ROMs: 1 for Spain, 2 for China) the row has ended “for a while”.

  196. It’s a question of expectations. Google released Jelly Bean in the Summer of 2012, and, incidentally, released it a month early to vendors to give them time to prepare. It’s now February 2012, and Samsung seems to having problems in updating that we as users don’t understand

    My view at the moment is that you shouldn’t by any new Samsungs, because once you have, you’re neglected in favour of the buyers of the next model. In that respect, even Apple seems to be the better vendor. Maybe we should all dump our Sammies and go for Apple instead.

  197. My link was moderated before publishing (from drippler.com). “Jelly Bean update for Galaxy S2 and Galaxy Note coming in March, says Samsung Ukraine” I think that the other contries will get the firmware the same way (or more later?????). A little bit scandalous is it. This is not support, this is a bad joke from samsung. (N)(N)(N)(N)(N)(N)(N)(N)

  198. I hated apple products, but now… :ssssss “Thank you” samsung. (N)

  199. anyone plz help what is the meaning and what is the use of kernel source code ????
    kindly reply

  200. When the device is advertised , it is advertised as upgradeable to ….
    Then there is the issue of Samsung releasing it for one country and then the rest of us wait until that version is almost outdated. Software will always improve albeit new bugs may be introduced but overall for the better. People want the latest and why not they pay good money for the hardware. Then is there the app issue … I had a BADA which I am still waiting for an upgrade but the apps require a version which I don’t have yet on same platform. Its the developers that push us to get the latest with everything. Even on PC software we have minimum requirements and if we want that software we upgrade our hardware. Android is currently on KEY LIME version and we have’nt seen the light of day from Samsung as yet but they have from inception of S3 provided us relatively timeous updates with the latest leak at 4.2.1 which by the way is buggy (beta) but awesome nonetheless,its the releasing issue I have a problem with.Its always Europe to get the first updates and Africa hangs on for dear life by then something new is already out.

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  202. I totally disagree with the author.
    Apple offers upgrades to very old devices.

    Samsung produces premium devices.If Samsung is not improving I will not be surprised if the customer will buy another device from another manufacturer. I have a Galaxy S2 and I am waiting since more than 2 years for a stable OS version. I am on 4.0.4 and my devices hangs periodically and reboots. Factory reset is not helping.

    I think my next device will be Huaweii that will cost only half of the Samsung device. And I will not be angry if they don’t fix the problems like Samsung.

  203. Those IOS updates come until they render the hardware useless ( ie iPhone 3G)

  204. I totally disagree with the author.
    Apple offers upgrades to very old devices.

    Samsung produces non premium devices.If Samsung is not improving I will not be surprised if the customer will buy another device from another manufacturer. I have a Galaxy grand 2 and I am waiting since more than 2 years for a stable OS version. I am on 4.4.2 and my devices hangs periodically and reboots. Factory reset is not helping.

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