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SamMobile passed 1 million site members!


Last updated: February 17th, 2013 at 12:42 UTC+02:00

SamMobile just passed 1 million site members, and we would like to thank you for using our site. We will introduce SamMobile 2.0 in February, SamMobile 2.0 will come with a brand new page called compare. Thanks to this page your will be able to compare Samsung devices! We can’t wait to present you SamMobile 2.0!

Again, thanks for using SamMobile so far and up to the 2 million site members!

SamMobile Team.

Winner Galaxy Camera:
– bryan1929

Winners Galaxy S III mini giveaway:
– Meischner
– Michael.hardone
– Saniluap
– Joeri1989
– MohanadMK
– Aurel Drăguţ

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