Samsung start Jelly Bean updates Galaxy S Advance

Samsung just started the first Jelly Bean updates in Russia for the Galaxy S Advance.  SamMobile didn’t expect this update until March because many countries still need to start testing Android 4.1.2 for the Galaxy S Advance. The firmware is downloadable trough our firmware page. If you live in Russia you are able to use Samsung KIES or the OTA services by Samsung. The new firmware include Samsung’s new Touch-Wiz Nature UI.

Firmware details:
OS: Android 4.1.2
Date: December 18th
Changelist: 660490

Thanks evolution102 


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  1. Great stuff, about to test it!

  2. good news for Galaxy S Advance users..good job

  3. good thing…why make us wait when we are not using exynos!

  4. For those wondering about SII
    S2 is going through Ice Cream Sandwich (4.0) and will get Jelly Bean soon.
    As for me, Im gonna test this out.

    • Don’t bother! I have Galaxy S Advance an my wife has Samsung Galaxy Trend LITE an we bouth use Jelly Bean. I tell U,it SUXX. I’m lucky cause I can downgrade to Gingerbread, and She’s not. In Slovenia Jelly Bean SUUXXXXXX !!!
      Phone Freezes, no incoming calls, no incoming messages,Wi-Fi signal lost from time to time. Facebook not working… and MANY MANY MORE… I’m Downgarding to Gingerbread TODAY !

  5. parameter error while seeding

  6. this offical rom or leak version ???\

  7. The most glorious day of my life yet! When will it arrive on Philippines?

  8. Why not Galaxy S 2 first? why?

  9. Great….wow. when it available for india version?

  10. does it support Arabic Language ?

  11. When there is an updating for Ukraine?

  12. and when it will be available for middle east ……………….?

  13. Please someone from russia post comments on JB update and it’s features included.

  14. at september samsung said s advance AND ACE 2 will get jellybean
    so samsung where is the word on ace 2?

  15. this is too much now, s2 is the best phone ever by Samsung, and still their users are waiting for jelly bean, it has to be universal OS for all the phones.


  16. Samsung, fuck you!!! S2 my last your. gadget.

  17. when in india ? nobody knows.
    but in russia its joy and joy.

  18. nice rom but scrolling is very slow

  19. two months ago samsung said ACE 2 will get jellybean.than i bought ace2
    so samsung where is the word on ace 2?

  20. good news… wait for my country Malaysia

  21. yehhhh
    samsung very good job
    in this days all of samsung’s phone going to JB update

  22. heeeeeeeeyyyyyyy s2 ????????????????? s2 s2

  23. upgrading 2.3.6(indian version) to jb russian now…

  24. Still no word about Samsung Galaxy Note N7000 Jelly Bean Update.

    Samsung More Phone Less Updates means more Samsung Phone users will switch
    to other Smartphone or a NEXUS phone.

    If they not release the Updates for the Samsung Galaxy Note N7000
    I will just have to sell my Samsung Galaxy Note N7000 and buy other smartphone.
    or Goodbye SAMSUNG

  25. Hi SamMobile, I have screenshots of where to send?

  26. Hi ilyarudyak, there is italian language in this FW? Thx in advance

  27. Always fucking Europe first….what the hell, Samsung isn’t even european……

  28. Galaxy S Advance = 1Ghz dual core processor with 768 MB RAM
    Galaxy S2 = 1.2 Ghz dual core processor with 1GB RAM.
    Galaxy Note 1 = 1.4Ghz dual core processor with 1GB RAM.

  29. Great ! Wait for my malaysia country android 4.1.2

  30. wow… -22C° :)

  31. This winter we have Russia))

  32. please upload full review who have updated to JB…..

    • Don’t bother! I have Galaxy S Advance an my wife has Samsung Galaxy Trend LITE an we bouth use Jelly Bean. I tell U,it SUXX. I’m lucky cause I can downgrade to Gingerbread, and She’s not. In Slovenia Jelly Bean SUUXXXXXX !!!
      Phone Freezes, no incoming calls, no incoming messages,Wi-Fi signal lost from time to time. Facebook not working… and MANY MANY MORE… I’m Downgarding to Gingerbread TODAY !

  33. Show…… The brasiliense thanks :-D

  34. -22 wow

  35. What a luvly New Year gift…… Wow.. That makes the Advance the best phone in its class. Wish to see the change log. Hope to see zoom being added to the camera.

  36. hey sammobile…please specify features included in JB update for galaxy s advance…

  37. This is a mockery and users of Galaxy SII. The more we wait?, This has nothing funny, we promise JB long before the Galaxy S Advance and out with this!. Very unhappy with Samsung, have no respect for his former users flagship.

    Both are afraid to release JB for IBS sales because they will remove your SIII?.

    We want the official update NOW, and not just leaks. Until when?

  38. s222222222222222222222222222222222

  39. @rashkiddo Where did you find the firmware?

  40. when tab 7 plus…i hate waiting

  41. when for s2 ?????????????

  42. S2 please

  43. What about Camera? Does it have zoom function after JB update?
    and USB On the go available??

  44. And for advance P with nfc ??

  45. First i read about update to Galaxy Note N7000 and this phone will have premium suite. Later Samsung say that we must wait for update to GS2. And they don’t know to do or not do premium suite for GS2. Now i read that some
    S Advance got quicker jb shame on you samsung. I need to know if S2 will have premium suite ?? Somebody tell me please. And what is the date for jb update to s2.

  46. s2 ,when? shame o you!!

  47. Galaxy S2 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  48. This is a joke?

  49. Yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh JB come to mee

  50. What about the S2??:OO

  51. anyone tell me whr to download the firmware ? cant find ><

  52. O.o WTF!!! SuckSung fail one more Time!!! Junuary 7 and the FUCK****ing Update is for the Fuc****king S Advance!!!???

    Galaxy S Advance = 1Ghz dual core processor with 768 MB RAM (And this have Update First!!!!???)
    Galaxy S2 = 1.2 Ghz dual core processor with 1GB RAM. (3 months waiting!!!!)
    Galaxy Note 1 = 1.4Ghz dual core processor with 1GB RAM. (3 months waiting!!!!)

    What is your Fucking Problem with SII and Galaxy Note??!!

    stop making devices and start rolling updates Sh*****iiiiiiiiiiiit!!!!! Fu****uuuuck you SuckSung!!! -.- -.- -.- -.-

  53. Yeah tha…thanks samsung for good job.only one question can i download russian firmare of jelly bean update???will it al right!?i am from armenia..please say who know…thanks so much..

  54. The owners are all S2 revoltads kkkkk calm people, the S Advance is much more important kkkkkk Envy kills

  55. For S2 users: you got ICS, and will get JB. Why is this a shame? Wait and be happy with that.
    For us, S Advance users, it’s a great news. Happily waiting for the update. :-)

  56. Improve ZOOM in camera pleaseee and fix 8GB storage not 4 :(

  57. when galaxy ace 2 fu*******

  58. for mexico?

  59. ich glaube das jetzt alles nicht :-(
    S2 Nutzer warten immer noch und S Advance bekommt es schon

  60. will it work in india

  61. is it possible to put that russian firmware on my phone when i live in bulgaria?

  62. happy as hell!!!! updating

  63. who is using russia country android version 4.1.2 , please specify features included in JB update for galaxy s advance… ><

  64. how to update? via odin?

  65. It’s awesome !!….have zoom in camera and it’s very nice but eat more more more RAM and it’s “heavy” …i have 130MB free :(

  66. Yes update with ODIN and it’s work with any Country and Language (Romania working)….

  67. Thnks a lot Samsung….atlast a much awaited update :)
    And when will it be launched in India?

  68. Someone contact Samsung, this keeps getting shittier…
    This phone got JB earlier than SGS2 which is their flagship, aswell as
    Samsung galaxy ace 2 will get jelly bean though it’s specifications are simmilar to SGS+ Damn..

  69. It`s BIG Joke !!!
    Galaxy S2 when ??
    Note 10.1 when ??

  70. S2 sure has better specs than S Adv, but S2 is using exynos which has bugs with samsung kernel so it’s normal if samsung has to fix the bugs along with rolling out 4.1.2 updates, be informed people! And be patient for god sake..

  71. I flashed this russian firmware on my galaxy s advance in india and its awesome.many galaxy s3 features like direct call,pop up play and others.not a single lag.running smoothly.but 1080p videos are not playing

  72. so sam update s adv… then it’s 99% sure that will upgrade and ACE 2 (also with gingerbr)

  73. @ piyushhapur what about multi windows???

  74. How can i update my s advance to jb in india

  75. WTF Samsung yuh told US 1st yuh vl send the update of S2 and Note … but now ??? are yuh playing with US ? :@ :@ :@

  76. updated..working well.not much lagging.features as above written in comments working.

    download firmware from this site.
    open odin v3 1.8*.
    connect phone.
    select only pda tar.md5
    wipe\reset factory data
    hurray…its much awaited .jelly bean..come on guys dont wait.

    thx from india.

  77. I can see that some people all though they are not in Russia install this and seem to be testing.. Any idea if this is correct?

    Can i install this all though i don’t live in..

    Regions: Austria, Belgium, France, Germany, Hungary, Italy, Spain, United Kingdom

    I have a Samsung Galaxy I9070, i live in Mexico City, Carrier: Telcel.

    Any idea?

  78. Galaxy S2 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

    Galaxy S2 when ??

    کی آپدیت اس 2

    اخه کی دیگه ؟؟؟؟؟؟؟؟؟؟؟؟؟؟؟؟؟؟؟؟؟؟؟؟؟؟؟؟؟؟؟؟؟؟؟؟؟؟؟؟؟؟؟؟؟؟؟؟؟؟؟؟؟؟؟؟؟

  79. This is not fair.We,Galaxy Note and S2 users are awaiting the rollout for months. Still how longer do we have to wait for this?

  80. Everyone who keeps saying “S2 users be patient”;We’ve been patient since Oct and earlier, All we’re asking is to give us some solid date and details, don’t tell us it’ll be out be Oct when it’s almost mid Jan and nothing came out yet.

  81. you could at least stop being an ass and look at the rest of the world around you, not everything goes around you and your S2, there are people who have waited for even longer and they will keep waiting so shush and wait.

  82. @monstro78:no multi window probabily due to small screen

  83. 4.1.2. for SGSII or gtfo!

  84. As far as I know ne1 can install this but it lags…sorry 4 pre comment but it eats ram a lot… a lot means a lot…..why?

  85. it’s first release..maybe fix it problem with’s eat to much :))

  86. It’s been a long time Samsung we use to be buy and spend money for your good products please read this:

    Galaxy S Line Up:
    We saw Samsung give us in June 2010 Samsung Galaxy S (GT-I9000) the first Galaxy S phone many people stunned at this Eclair running 1ghz Single Core Smartphone and later updated to Ginger Bread after almost a year they gave us the Samsung Galaxy S II (GT-I9100) in May 2011 a Ginger Bread running Dual Core Smartphone and later updated to Ice Cream Sandwich and announced to have a Jelly Bean Update last year October 2012 but until now there no update available and on May 2012 the arrival of the Samsung Galaxy S III (GT-i9300) as sports a Quad Core Ice Cream Sandwich smartphone and upgradeable to 4.1.2 (Jelly Bean)

    Galaxy Note Line Up:
    On October of 2011 Samsung release the first Samsung PHABLET the Samsung Galaxy Note N7000 with S-PEN a Ginger Bread running Dual Core Smartphablet and later updated to Ice Cream Sandwich and announced to have a Jelly Bean Update last year October 2012 same as Galaxy SII but until now there no update available and the Galaxy Note II arrives in September 2012 a 4.1.2 (Jelly Bean) running Quad Core smartphablet with enhanced S-PEN and etc.

    “Samsung Release Good Phones, Start Rolling Updates OLDER Smartphones”

    Samsung Smartphone Owner’s Battle Cry

  87. when jb s2 #blamesamsung

  88. when i9100g?????

  89. Is the firmware in Spanish Leguage?!!

  90. Is the firmware in Spanish Leguage?!!!

  91. Is the firmware in Spanish Leguage?!!!!

  92. Is the firmware in Spanish Leguage??

  93. Yes , is in spanish too

  94. Jan 13 is day where s2 or note will get jellybean…so guys dont panic…this update may be last update for these two sets.
    Hope we will get 4.2 or 5.0

  95. You had better be right, andnote. And how come you are so sure and where did you get your informations from on when JB for S2 will release? This is already the 8th mate.

  96. All those asking for S2 JB update, guys there’s already a leaked ROM for S2 go and install it if you can’t wait, i have it on my s2 for such a long time.
    Don’t fill the comments section making others miss out on important post related comments.
    Its and not where you take out your anger, if you have to shout go and shout on samsung’s website, customer care or their Facebook page.
    Either have the guts to flash a non official/leaked ROM via ODIN or STFU and wait for updates on KIES!

  97. what about for i9100g? samsung ကလဲေဆာက္သံုးကိုမက်ဘူး ေနာက္ဆို samsung ဖုန္းေတြမကိုင္ေတာ.ဘူး

  98. geravaibhav, yeah, I have test firmware as well for a while now. But the complaint for getting lazy Samsung to release the official one is because I can not sent my SMS messages in Asian scrip. Unless you have a way for me to cut around that, bro!

  99. And S2 people don’t complain for nothing because as you can plainly see, other device is getting them. And because it is rolling out by the snail pace phases, even I would like to throw sum mud at Sam and their associates.

  100. I don’t think that it would be possible to flash S2 Asian CSC with the test firmware, do you? And please don’t send me to AOKP or CM10 – their icons look uglier than Sam.

  101. @BeyongGalaxy i have the leaked UK FW only but i can read Hindi font in all apps and if i use a 3rd part keyboard like Swiftkey or multiling keyboard am able to type in Hindi and send sms/whatsapp messages also.

    I don’t know about other Asian Languages but it sure supports Hindi and other Indian languages and i can see a list of many other languages compatible on swiftkey. try it out!

    Correct me if i am wrong.

  102. No I can not. I have tried all that third party and smart keyboard which I like the most. But sending Thai script is no go

  103. Is it possible to mix CSC with other flash module? In another word, swap it.

  104. When will the Jelly Bean update for Galaxy S Advance available in India…

  105. I think I got to understand how Samsung roll out in phases and some countries that are supposed to get it first or all at the same time is due to Samsung devision in certain countries and areas that are suppose to tweak the firmware and test them and then send them back to HQ to be verified and release, I think. If this is really the case then Thailand is a pretty slow and slack.

  106. geravaibhav, Google release a Thai voice command able last year with other Asian languages for Google search capability, where is it? We still have not got that patch update on Google Voice search language (Thai). Boy, you know these guys advertise and promise on the IO conference ( which marketing smart) and they never say that it is going to be a long while before we actually get to utilize it, but only for the sake of making money. They are the same as Apple when it comes to hording.

  107. But frankly with all this waiting and frustrations, I will certainly save cash for S IV. I will bear with the test firmware for another serveral months (maybe till August) and get the S IV. But this is all depend on what iOS will release. But I doubt that they will come any closer than what Google or Samsung is currently beefing at the moment.

  108. Plisss update for asia indonesia

  109. what about ace 2 weve all heard in september that ace 2 s advance will get jellybean
    why only s advance?

  110. Please…release GTI9100 for official Jelly Bean and fixed firmware….
    Please….help me for bugs…

  111. Ok, they said Dec-Jan. Let’s see… Maybe I should pay a visit to local Samsung and ask them why they don’t give reason for snail pace updates. It is strange when a company this big can not come up with a single excuse. Or is it sometimes not saying anything is better – easy way out for nit wit.

  112. Can anybody give me a link to the Firmware ???

  113. I9070P when can we expect to 4.1.2?

  114. If I install the 4.2 from russia, can put in Spanish?

  115. If I install the 4.2 from russia, can put in Spanish? 1

  116. If I install the 4.2 from russia, can put in Spanish? 2

  117. If I install the 4.2 from russia, can put in Spanish? 3

  118. What about ace II. If I know right these phone hardware same!!!!???I do not understand!!

  119. i thing that samsung will never release jelly bean just it just fake that it will release ..

  120. guyZ flash ur phone of u cnt wait… its pretty easy to do so.. jb update is amazing certainly scrolling lacks but it has further freed up ram to 625mb so u hv 70mb more ram.. nature touchwiz.. google now.. improved gaming performance.. camera zoom.. but the major problem of the signals gng off when in dual mode has not been resolved yet..ova ol its pleasure to use phn wid jb update.. so update..

  121. @ Omid: just a bit more…

    Sabr dashte bash dooste aziz, sabr… ;)

  122. kpina!! samsung obiecuje ci ze to ostatni moj telefon tej firmy! do tej pory zachwalalem samsunga jak tylko moglem ale koniec z tym. jak smiales wypuscic jb pierw na s advance gdzie s2 jest dwukrotnie lepszym telem. zalosne! fcku samsung!

  123. updated to JB to my galaxy s advance (india). no multi window. using too much ram. scrolling not smooth. still too much lags. no two home screen mode as in JB for s2. very disappointment.

  124. Did upgrade yesterday…good thing is no current applications or settings were lost except for APN. I can still see some lag with screens but better than 2.3.6…. Upgrade completed in 10 mins max.. quite easy to do as well using ODIN. Some times mobile runs quite slow. Probably needs to be fixed.

  125. It is one messed up company. If they can not get a single firmware coding complete without flaws, where is the integrity? Jelly Bean (4.1) that comes with device do not have bugs or omitted functions, so why the heck do these new and old devices still bad upgrade? Freaking yo-yo like upgrade phases or is it faded.

    Someone from India just complained for some omitted functions….what the …..?!! wonder why they called it S Advance.

  126. And where is the I9070P JB?? Please give a fw to NFC version for us!!!

  127. When jb s2????tmrow???

  128. Already Upgrade my S Avdance. And it’s so smooth, and there’s no lag when playing temple run and trial xtreme 3. Usually there’s a lag… No lag when playing MC3. Love it!

  129. can any one suggest me how to install this firmware on my galaxy s advance ?im from india, any one help me

  130. Hi… am from jordan.
    My mobile is samsung galaxy s advance version I9070JPLD3.. can I apply russian version on it aftar that can i make it english language ????

  131. ???????? y my S2?????? and my note ?????

  132. Face not lock working :(!!!

  133. Face lock not working :(!!!

  134. there is no any face lock feature

  135. still lots of bug in update…!

  136. any one had found multi view feature in this update?

  137. no any JB major features like multi view, smart rotation, customizable notification play, smart stay, dual screen mode, page buddy… J

    JB update is not worth…’s just for name

  138. videos not playing properly. hanging…………

  139. -Worse keyboard than GB, smaller buttons
    -Worse/slower performance overall!
    -Homescreen scroling is smother. But there is no more than this
    -Battery is draining rapidly, like going from 90% to 10% in 5-6 hours normal use without wifi. Also sometimes when charging jumps from 93% to 100% or from 10% turns off suddenly
    -Looses signal.. And takes ages to find it. Have to get to airplane mode on and off or turn the phone off and then on again to get signal sometimes.
    -Camera lags a lot! Camcoder lags even more. Anything that has to do with video generaly lags from time to time even youtube or watching videos taken with the phone.
    -It gets frozen randomly and then suddenly locks and screen turns off then when you unlock everything is back to nomral
    -Notification Bar and shortcuts are really usefull and project butter is ok but nothing more apart from the zoom they add and the application/widgets drawer.

    Like the others said nothing special about this update. It took so much time just for this? it seems worse than any custom rom out there and its supposed to be official update.

    If anyone knows a way to go back to GingerBread please share

  140. What Are The Languages supported in this Russian version
    and does it require an international version to support Arabic language???

    please respond ASAP!

  141. Hi Munir-Jeha.

    There is no Arabic language in this rom.

  142. great job samsung ;)

  143. when ace 2???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

  144. hey frendzz i have flashed this rom with odin and now i have jelly bean in my galaxy s advance nd it is working greattt !!!!!

  145. Importance !!!!
    regarding for update with new firmware JB. if you update completed it ok but cannot dowgrade to 2.3.6 confirm by tested.

  146. can’t downgrade using odin? and what will happen if we do?

  147. for arabic run morelocale2 from google play and add anysoftkey +arabic pack

  148. s advance with 1Ghz cpu starts upgrading but my note with 1.4 Ghz cpu is still waiting

  149. How to Downgrade Firmware on Samsung Galaxy Devices

    Downgrade Firmware on Samsung Galaxy Devices

    We are always eager to upgrade your phone to the latest version so that we might enjoy the new features and apps that come with a new update. Ask a Galaxy S2 user how keen he is get the Jelly Bean firmware update. While most of times we are happy with the new things introduced in an update, it also happens sometimes all our hopes are undone when we have to face a bug or lack of a favorite feature that we used to enjoy on an older firmware.

    It happened to me a couple of weeks ago when I updated my Galaxy Note 2 to the Android 4.1.2 Jelly Bean firmware. For some days I remained busy with exploring the new features and enjoying them. It was later that realized that there was something wrong with the WiFi connectivity. Everything else was just fine but this issue was great enough to make me think again. “What should I do now?”- I kept thinking. Then I decided to try another firmware in a hope that it might solve the problem. But again the same WiFi bug! With Android 4.1.1 on my Note 2 I was happier, so I downloaded the Android 4.1.1 firmware and flashed it. Now, I am happy again.

    How many you of ever wished to downgrade the firmware of your Android phone? Only a few. The present article if for those fews who are looking a way to go back to Ice Cream Sandwich from Jelly Bean, or from Android 4.1.2 to Android 4.1.1. The tips described below will also be helpful to even those who want to downgrade their Samsung Galaxy device to Gingerbread from Ice Cream Sandwich.
    Getting Prepared:

    The firmware downgrade drill for the Samsung Galaxy devices is not much complicated as compared to the phones manufactured by other brands. It requires you to boot the device first into Download/Odin Mode, and then into Android Recovery Mode. I hope many of you would be acquainted with both the methods. Even if you are not, it doesn’t matter.

    Download the downgrade firmware for your Samsung Galaxy device and extract it on your computer. A good source to download Samsung firmwares is Samsung-Updates. Type your device name in the search box at the sidebar, you would find it hopefully. If you do not get it, let me know (your device and country).
    Download and install Samsung USB Drivers on your computer. Skip this step if you already have it.
    Download Odin Firmware Flasher and unzip it. If you already have it, skip this:
    Since the downgrading procedure will delete all data stored on the internal SD Card of your Galaxy device it will be better to backup your messages, contacts and installed apps. You will find lots of free and paid backup apps at the Play Store that would help you do this.
    Charge your device’s battery to the full
    Make sure that you have turned on USB Debugging from Settings> Developer Options>.

    Installing the Downgrade Firmware:

    Installing a firmware version that is lower than the current one is just the same as installing a higher one, but you have to one more thing that you do not usually do. I assume that you have already done as described above, so let’s go ahead.

    Turn off your Samsung Galaxy device whether it a phone or tablet and boot into Download/Odin Mode. If it is a phone, you can enter the Download Mode doing this: Press and hold the Volume Down+Home buttons together and then long press the Power Button till the screen turns up. Now press the Volume Up key to enter the Download Mode. In case you have a Galaxy Tab device, do this: Press and hold the Volume Down+Power buttons together, and then press the Volume Up key when prompted.
    Now go to the Odin folder and run the .exe file there.
    This is the time, you have to connect you device to the computer using a compatible USB cable.
    When the connection between the device and computer is established, the ID:COM port at Odin will turn to light Green and you see “Added!!” message below.
    Make sure that only “F. Reset Time” option is checked on Odin. The “Auto Reboot” option is checked by default, so please uncheck it.
    Okay, now click on the PDA button on Odin and select the firmware file in tar.md5 format.
    Now click the “Start” button on Odin. This will initiate the firmware installation. Wait till it finishes. odin-flashing-firmware
    Finally when you get a “PASS!” message on Odin, remove the USB Cable from your device.
    Now open the back panel of your device and pull out the battery. Wait for about 30 seconds and reinsert the battery back to its place.
    Now reboot your phone into Android Recovery mode. If you have a smartphone, you can do it this way: press and hold the Volume Up+Home buttons together and then long press the Power button till the screen turns up and you see a black screen with Blue text. In case you got a Galaxy Tab, press and hold the Volume Down+Power keys together for a few seconds till you see the yellow triangle with Android bot followed by a black screen with blue text.

  150. @elpanatibu – Thanks bro ;)

  151. next update to roll out on 18.. :-)
    as expected…

  152. all the current GB users please master reset your phone to experience project butter on jb
    otherwise the traces of GB will make the phone slow … :-)

  153. Updated my phone (India) to JB via Odin. Nature UX is the only noticeable difference. Phone lags while playing games. Signal is being lost so often and take time to find the signals again especially in 3g mode.

    Nature Ux, Pop up play, More widgets, Customizable lock screen, Zoom available in Camera, Advanced Notification bar.

    Phone lags while playing games, no smooth scrolling, Signal strength is shown poor in 3g.

    If anyone was able to fix the cons part, please do let all of us know of the steps :)

  154. @hash008 – Reset your phone bro, and it will be smooth ;)

  155. plz reset your phone for experiencing project butter.. ;-)

  156. I have the following model:

    Model Country/Carrier Date Version PDA CSC
    GT-I9070 Brazil (TIM) 2012 April Android 2.3.6 I9070VJLD1 I9070ZTMLD1

    And I am wondering if it is possible to download, install and configure the following firmware on my model, then configure it to english or brazilian portuguese:

    Model Country/Carrier Date Version PDA CSC
    GT-I9070 Russia 2012 December Android 4.1.2 I9070XXLPY I9070SERLPY

    Anyone out there has any thought(s) about it?

    Thanks in advance.

  157. Any news about official releases in other countries? Romania, for example.

  158. ok… i toyed around with the update on my SGSA… and i found that
    1) its smooth and fast… after a factory reset. so those complaining about lag should factory reset their phones first and see if it still lags.
    2) its got the basic JB update components… Google Now, Samsung nature UX, new gestures, Project butter, gesture based unlock, etc…
    3) it does eat up the battery faster – but its more or less expected since ICS, and JB does use the graphics chip more than GB does…
    4) eats more ram – same thing… ICS and JB does that and remember project butter.
    5) camera now has zoom
    6) no more polaris office (i used it quite a bit so its a hassle for me)
    7) only resemblance of that multi screen thing in this JB update is that you can play a video while doing something else. not bad considering you only have 768mb ram, a smaller screen, and a 1ghz nova thor…

    overall its a good update… anyone whos looking for SIII-like features from this JB update SHOULD JUST GET AN SIII instead… this is a friggin mid range phone so understand your limitations.

  159. My name is Sandeep and I agree with SSOUSKE’s comments. I am from India and had updated my firmware to jb after reading all the negative feedbacks by people earlier. I first got into recovery mode and did factory reset and cache. Then I got into download mode and flashed jb via ODIN. Remember, after flashing like this all your previous installed apps and personal settings gets cleared. Your I9070 is now a fresh phone with JB.
    Now let me tell my findings.
    1) Very Smooth interface
    2) Battery reached 70% in 21 hours from 100%, with normal use( some 5 min of 3G)
    3) Eats too much of RAM, free RAM is 130 MB
    4) Camera has Zoom, but zoom doesnot give clarity at all.
    5) Network has got no issues at all even in dual mode.
    6) We can play a video in a pop up window. No lags in video

    I hope that in the next update, these issues also may get resolved. I from the bottom of my heart thank Samsung Russia.

    I loveeeeeeeeeeee RUSSIA and its Samsung developers…..

  160. Good news but can one tell me d answers of following ques.?

    1. Samsung will give warranty after manual update

    2. Can we get back to gingerbread after jelly bean manual update

    3. Is there need to root for manual update

    4. Can we get official firmware after manual update (when comes in home country)

    5. Any information regarding rolling out in INDIA

    6. Video for manual upgrade via ODIN.

  161. Who can say what of type is the lockscreen ? :D

    1. Circle
    2. Water animation


  162. Hi Sandeep / SSOUSKE,
    I am also from India and would request you to kindly help in giving a detailed steps on how to reset and then install the JB update on my SGSA. I am dying to see this update on my mobile, but since i just purchased it and its under warranty do have a fear of breaking it until i get a detailed step down process of how and what needs to be done.
    Arun Chopra

  163. 0. Charge to 100%!
    1. Factory reset before flash (with system and with stock recovery!)
    2. Launch ODIN
    3. Switch to download mode in your phone(Switch it off; Power+Volume up+Home button all pressed at once).
    4. In ODIN select PDA, and select md5 file.
    5. Click on start and wait until phone restarts.
    6. Factory reset and clear cache with stock recovery
    7. Turn off the power saving mode in settings (to get maximum performance)
    8. To caliberate battery, Discharge battery to 0% (when the phone power off automatically) and charge to 100% (with phone off)

  164. Who can say what of type is the lockscreen ?
    1. Circle
    2. Water animation

    Ans; It’s Circle. The wallpaper is not a LIVE wallpaper as in SIII


  166. Thanks Vikram for the detailed steps :-) . If you are not a techie, it is very difficult to understand and follow the steps. I know you have explained it pretty decently and exhautively, but as a simple user it is quite difficult since i dont know what ODIN is and where to download and how to use (whether it is to be downloaded on phone or computer). Further what do i need to do for upgrading it to custom ROM.
    I know i am asking for too much but there would be a lot of users who might go through this blog and users like me would be benefitted by a deailed steps walkthrough.

  167. i think il wait for the official version.

  168. would be great if someone make a video and post it on youtube.

  169. Hey frendzz if i will take my mobile to samsung care then can they downgrade my phone to gingerbread from jelly bean pleaseee replyy nd thanks in advance!!!

  170. @ amitnv

    are you sure that next update roll out will be on 18th?

  171. I updated mine with the same rom. I have problem connecting thru mobile data. signal falls everytime i enable mobile data. does this ever happen to you?

  172. Reset your phone…. will solve ur issue…:-)

  173. Still USB OTG not working……. anyone know about this?

  174. I have problem connecting through mobile data.
    Signal falls every time when i enable mobile mobile data.
    What to do now?

  175. Hi everyone…
    Iam from India..I have installed the Russian JB firmware by rooting mobile thru Odin.

    Following are the pros:
    Improved battery
    Improved resolution, smoothness in transition
    Automatic calling thru msgs & contacts(Improved motion settings)
    Improved interface with Gmail, Facebook etc.
    Improved taskbar
    Provision to restart, quick closing of apps
    Zoom in Camera
    New Accuweather App
    Loads of widgets

    Following are the cons :
    Removed the setting of having music player while the mobile is keypad locked.
    Eats more RAM but it shud be appreciated that I could not observe any lag due to that.
    Earlier in Ginger Bread version, free RAM was displayed as 550 MB but now it is 625MB. So I guess the released RAM might compensate for the speed.

    Unlike above I could not notice any network issues either with Data connections/Wifi.

  176. Samsung Malaysia faster please…need this Jelly Beam Ais batu Campur

  177. I’m not able to connect to the internet after enabling mobile data. Signal keeps failing.

  178. Reset ur phone….

  179. You mean factory reset? It’s not working either. We have rooted the phone to JB.

  180. I’s facing same issue… and then i have done factory reset….. and it solved the issue.

  181.’s resolved now
    I had to disable the data roaming first and delete the existing APN. Created a new APN with the same settings and enabled data roaming. It’s working perfectly. Thanks a ton for all your responses and help. Much appreciated..Cheers

  182. please let me know, now USB OTG is working or not….?

  183. I installed android 4.1 on my S Advance, and it is fantastic, I love it !!!

    But I want to now can about the Lockscreen, I want it like on S3 :D

  184. wow!
    samsung is so efficient!
    my next device will always be samsung!

  185. USB OTG is working fine.

  186. i have tried USB OTG but, could not detect pen drive. Can you please explain me how it will work?

  187. xxlpz out….look to it.

  188. nothing special in xxlpz…please let me know if you find something new…

  189. then what do you want???
    do you think samsung is joking by releasing updates???

  190. Nothing special except new touchwiz and zoom in camera…… in galaxy s advance JB update

  191. will it be in malaysia??

    • yeah, i’ve been waiting for official JB firmware to be released in M’sia too!! those three version of JB released for Russia have too many BUGS!! >.<
      just patient, bcause the later they release the official firmware, the better the firmware will be.. trust me, they've been testing the firmware and it seems there's no bug-free JB yet for us..

  192. @jy-fist
    Just update using odin I already updated in malaysia everything working fine

    • are u sure?? mine got bugs in this latest XXLQ4 version.. video hangs a lot..

  193. Receiving the second update for my phone….will post the changes of update tomorrow! :)
    Hope to features such as add the screen shot, dual home screen, block calls based on time etc…. :)

  194. I already bought a Ace 2 device about 6 mounts ago, but I using like a Ace Plus, because the f.cking GB do not know the dual core soc!!!!
    So until now I have a Ace Plus device and I spent 1,5 * price!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Fu.k Off Samsung!!!!
    The Sam like others live from the customers and I think they should think again their buisness policy.
    Ace 2 = S advance (Hardware)
    Fu.k off!! They prefer the rich customers…..

    This is my last sam device!!!

    Sorry, but I am angry

  195. Can someone be kind enough to share in which all countries official JB has been releaseed for Samsung Galaxy S Advance. This would help patient users hold on for some more time :-)

  196. Some1 plz tell the changelogs for XXLPZ over XXLPY.

  197. No any visible changes….. may be solved some bugs

  198. Hhmm, no other country outside russia is getting the update, maybe samsung is compiling the 2 update in russian firmware into just 1 update.
    And i’m still curious, why is it samsung release the update un phase, i think they should just make 2 versiom, the international version and the branded version who work with service provider, so all samsung phone, especially the international version will get update in the same day.
    Now, with the phase being per country, it really make me confuse, when jb for my sgsa come to my country, and it is really sad to wait again for 1st waiting when jb will come to sgsa and then waiting again when it will release to my country:-(

  199. i installed 4.1.2 on my sgsa….all working fine except videos.
    videos hang a lot while playing and hangs my whole phone….i have to restart it.
    any suggestions to this problem ?
    please reply.

  200. same issue here……..i think it’s a bug..

  201. @Racerz66

    ill try

  202. Installed with ODIN, working 100%fine, better, MUCH BETTER than GB! Like a small S3! Very nice! I like it! No lag, less rom usage! Amazing. Beautifull. Good new functions!

  203. @saurabh.rocksoul

    Try out MX Player Pro for video playing!

  204. Sammy You must release JB for I9070 with ALL fully supported ANDROID 4.1.2…..4.2.1 working functions, Lite JB version NOT Accepted…

  205. When will be the samsung s advance get Update of jelly bean 4.1.2 in India……?????
    give me reply as early as possible.

  206. 1. No one knows when the official updates are rolling out, only Samsung does and as you can see, their policy does not stipulate that they have to answer to this question.
    2. If your phone works just fine with 2.3.6 why can’t you wait another month or so? The update WILL be available. Or maybe, you you would like to get fast updates that are full of bugs, rather than a tested version.
    3. If you can’t wait, just use Odin.

    I did not mean to offend anyone, I’m just sick of reading the same questions over and over again.

  207. quando será que chega no Brasil ?

  208. Guys i had been eagerly waiting for the jellybean update. Like all the other i downloaded the russian firmware. In the start, my signal dropped every 1 second. Later did a factory reset and it seemed to work fine.. I have been using jellbean in my galaxy s for the past 1 month. It so smooth and there lots of new features compared to gingerbread.

    but the problem i have now is the phone lags so so so often. i have installed advance task killers, very very very less ram. My phone never ever hanged, not even once, when i had gingerbread on my phone, now after updating to jellybean, it hangs about 4-5 times during a day. Pheew so sick of it.. i wanna go back to ginerbread. Is there any way i can go back to gingerbread.

    • yes, i’ve experienced exactly the same thing ever since i upgraded my S Advance to JB.. now i’ve gone back to GB..
      just flash ur phone using Odin flashing tool and look for GB firmware for your region.. make sure that the firmware u’ve downloaded has a .pit file and the CSC file.. if not, ur phone will stuck at the Samsung logo when u try to reboot ur phone, even the factory reset doesn’t work..

  209. A new Update rolled out today…for jb russia users, it is available on kies and sammobile..

  210. Music Player is slow in new update

  211. pattern screen lock hang in android 4.1.2

  212. Another Update by Samsung Russia
    I9070XXLQ4 on 23-Jan-2013…From my googling, Its 4.1.2 Jellybean with no lags and good battery saving But video hangs still… Anyone installed it?

  213. To all those who want to downgrade I sugest you guys move to XXLQ4 version of rom
    Thats the stable version.

    I installed it … no lags.

    No problem playing temple run or subway surfer
    Good battery… similar to gingerbread

    The download link is availanle on sam mobile site itself I firmware section.

  214. after ply with Jelly bean 4.1.2 (XXLPY), phone was lagging ><"
    how to downgrade back to ginger bread?
    pls Help~

  215. @pnvpratik, you fucking peace of shit, XXLQ4 is lagging -.-

  216. Today have flashed with XXLPZ – the new features is awesome, but the keyboard is a bit smaller than GB, significant improve smoothness in game but often feels laggy in home screen, video player always hang when playing high resolution videos. This firmware still have bugs. Downloading XXLQ4 and see how it goes (was claimed to be more stable?)

    • Have flashed again with to another XXLQ4. After flash reset everything to factory default include wipe everything in memory (except external memory card). It works like charm! Totally love it! After restore my backup in it, video play smoothly, no lag or whatsoever.

      • what? bcause i’m pretty sure there’s a lot of S advance users claim that this XXLQ4 version still has bugs.. even mine.. when i upgraded my SGSA into JB (XXLQ4) the video hangs a lot and keep crashing.. especially after i did some screen shots during the playback.. everything works fine except the video playback.. now i’ve gone back to GB..

  217. when for indonesia????????????????????? i hate your promised

  218. Pelo jeito a SAMSUNG esqueceu do Galaxy SII Lite(S Advance), por que até pra aquela porcaria de galaxy young lançou atualizaçao, menos para o nosso, que é bem mais potente que aquele smarthone, se é que pode ser chamado assim. To desapontado com a Samsung por isso.

  219. dear samsung.. please give some attention to your customers.. we are waiting for update for galaxy s advance long time.. when you will release it at least.. am hated the date that i think to buy this device and i did that after your announcing for update, for sure will but this in mind next time..

  220. verry good

  221. Fuk off samsung, stop your phones universally if u cant give proper updation,long time we are waiting for updation in other not care about their old customers

    • Most of these updates apply for all carries and countries, i live in mexico and i have installed russion update, and serbia and it works fine.. Grabb some balls and give it a try!.

  222. Dear S advance fans great News from Samsung,S Advance will get Android Killi Billi on 26.04.2030…Thanks for ur all support.this is gerat job from samsung forget the Jelly Bean, Dream for Killi Billi,This version going release soon……….

  223. The jelly bean update is ou for Indian users. Update vis Kies.


  224. please-please-please give us jb (hungary, t-mobile) thx !!! :-D

    • LoL, JB for Hungary is not Avaible. Download the Russia version and Shut UP!!!

  225. jb for Iran Please.

  226. JB for Romania please …

  227. JB for Chile please!

  228. ñcuando estara el jb para peru “claro”
    para mi galaxy advance por favorr¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡

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  232. buenisimooo buen aporte

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