Samsung busy with Q line? GT-I9505 confirmed

We of SamMobile have found a small hint about a new upcoming line by Samsung Mobile.  According to the first firmware of the GT-I8190N (Galaxy S III mini NFC), Samsung is busy with the Q line… The Samsung GT-Q1000 would be a new Android device.  We think this might be Samsung’s new line of flexible display products. Of course these are just speculations but we never saw the Q line before by Samsung. This first firmware also confirms the Samsung GT-I9505 is an Android device which could mean the GT-I9505 could be the Galaxy S IV. Of course SamMobile will keep you up to date! Like you know from us, most of our rumors about new upcoming devices are right!

So what do you think? What is the Samsung GT-Q1000?
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  1. Maybe the Q line is a new line of Android devices with Qwerty keyboards to counter BlackBerry. I’m seriously disapointed about my BlakBerry 9360. I’m looking for a qwerty phone to add it to My G Note II.

    The Galaxy Chat wasn’t powerfull enough, I hope it will be this kind of phone but high end version.

  2. Tizen?

  3. when galaxy s advance get update jelly bean ??

  4. Galaxy s3 advance and galaxy s3 duo? Lo

  5. can’t wait to see official announcement!

  6. still waiting for 4.1.2 for Galaxy Note….

  7. S3 4.1.2 for Asia….

  8. Sammobile do not made update for samsung smartphone…

  9. s2 is not update to 4.1.2 and is the best phone in 2011. Fuck samsung, i will not buy anymore phone samsung.

  10. Vladalex,

    There is a test version of 4.1.2 for the s2. So ofcourse there will be an official version.
    Samsung put a lot of effort into this.
    First they have to rollout jellybean to the top devices like note 2/10.1 s3 etc.
    Samsung has alot of devices going to jellybean so that takes time. Not to mention s-pen software takes time to implement too.

    So please be patient.
    I am.
    Lucky owner of s2

  11. Could it be some variant of the Nexus Q? Hope not…

  12. Just did a benchmark on antutu on my Galaxy SII. Saw the i9505 in the rankings. And it’s running 4.2.1

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