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Rumor: Galaxy S IV to have a SPEN and is 9.1mm thick!!!

According to Enuri Samsung is planning to introduce the Galaxy S IV with built-in S-PEN. The device has been planned for an April launch like we reported earlier… Samsung wants to bring their next generation of Galaxy S in the same line as the Note series. If we can believe Enuri, Galaxy S IV will use a 5.0” AMOLED display 441PPI with Full HD 1080×1920 resolution a EXYNOS 5440 quad-core processor a 13 megapixel camera and the device will be 9.1mm thick . Which is quiet thick if we compare it to the current Galaxy S III which is only 8.6mm thick!

The biggest question is, will you use the S-PEN? We don’t think so.

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25 comments on “Rumor: Galaxy S IV to have a SPEN and is 9.1mm thick!!!

  1. trifonwifon 2 years ago said:

    If yes, SIV certainly do not want to …

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  2. ofalluin 2 years ago said:

    I would use the S Pen. Tell them to put somewhere for a lanyard also!

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  3. vavrorvav 2 years ago said:

    you might and you might not, but still its nice to have a choice because at certain point the pen comes very handy

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  4. Sneik0 2 years ago said:

    i would like to have a pen on it….

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  5. jamespevasquez2012 2 years ago said:

    then what makes it different from the samsung galaxy note series? stupid

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  6. zaherhoulayhel 2 years ago said:

    A unification of the phone and note?!

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  7. ionutz1708 2 years ago said:

    i won’t like it bigger then the SGS3..if i want something bigger with s-pen i buy SG Note

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  8. liam.kelly41 2 years ago said:

    That’s ridiculous. They’re making every phone the exact fucking same! The selling point of the note series was 1.) The size and 2.) The SPEN! They’ve gave all the Note II’s unique features to the S3, and now they’re giving the SIV the SPen. It’s just ridiculous. They’re ending up like apple. Just trying to please their customers by giving them devices that are all one in the same.

    Personally, I hope this is just one big false rumour. The Note series will be pointless and fail if they go through with this.

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  9. thunder_man 2 years ago said:

    I prefer thin devices
    I believe that samsung will design the S4 that will be thinner than iphone5

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  10. sa71 2 years ago said:

    S Pen, on a little smaller phone than current Note II, is a wonderful thing, my dream phone.

    I own a Note II phone, I like it a lot, but every time I use it I wish if it was a bit smaller. If Samsung does not bother with putting the S Pen into the bezel, but let us keep it in our pockets, the phone size could be kept smaller, and the pen itself cold be designed to be ergonomic and thicker, just like any other good pen. The ones who do not like S Pen, can forget that it even exists, and the ones who like using it, can use it more efficiently than with Note 2.

    Believe me, a good S Pen advances the purpose of a smart phone, it makes meaningful difference in the concept of a high end smart phone. Note 2 proves it.

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  11. sammybaby 2 years ago said:

    i thought i would never use the spen on my note 2 but once i used it, loved it, now i use it all the time, im all for the spen.

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  12. gasterakos 2 years ago said:

    I think the line S must keep its way as always without S-Pen cause S-Pen goes to Note that it’s a two different smart phones and the same time seems same.But the customer that wants the S line as always with original “taste” and the Note also with its original “taste”

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  13. xarfrost 2 years ago said:

    Thinner device then we complain oye oye it will break easier. These are just rumors, you guys complain so much early at this point.

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  14. BeyongGalaxy 2 years ago said:

    Gees, I have never heard of a complainer complaining about other complaints. It is not a complaint, but opinions. If that right is taken away, how can Samsung ever improve on their design. After all, they are selling to us and it must be workable and practical. A mass production like this, Samsung would have to deploy some rumors inorder to do some recon on the new designs.

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  15. umeshrajput2305 2 years ago said:

    Samsung should also give s4 the ability to use data cards like using usb on the go

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  16. amstradeu 2 years ago said:

    I don’t like spen for GS4. The s pen is the unique character of gnote that made it stand out among others (good sales). What will happen to gnote 3, having dual s pen? I am looking forward for flexible 5 screen for the GS4.

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  17. Mattyjc 2 years ago said:

    I hate 24 month phone contracts !

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  18. ankitkumarnag 2 years ago said:

    samsung should think to add reverse tethering feature in their smartphone
    just like HTC …..

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  19. Nicko80 2 years ago said:

    If this is true I will buy it…Samsung thinks big…They sold more then 10 million Note 2…I think Samsung S3 it’s not a best seller….why? Because Note 2 it’s better…So they will transform the S line it to Notes line….PERFECT…and the next Note 3 if it will have 6.3 inches of screen it will be almos a like a litle tablet, so…it will be only to the ones o like and want one big…I want one like this S4 features…to me its perfect, dont like it?Dont buy it …hahaha

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  20. Dellboi32 2 years ago said:

    has no one actually noticed that Samsung will burn out very very soon…Samsung yes innovate, and their idea compared to the competition are next to none… their flagships are amazing, but everything else around it has poor functionality for example Kies, AllshareCast, Software Updates..they are trying to do way to much to quickly…Giving the Spen to the S-series doesn’t make sense…everyone with the s3 will now feel inferior and out of date to everyone with the s4, exactly how ppl with the s2 feel may feel with the lack of updates, and this is one thing i clap my hands to apple for, making their customers not feel out of date…also the organisation behind apple firmware updates on time TOGETHER, no carrier branding, full control…its these small things Samsung needs to focus on, functionality…you have the near perfect product…improved ram, processor, camera and pixel density, weight, volume, speaker position, charging port and design are all it needs… Just improve the phone and functionality around it …stop making it bigger, spen blah blah…but like i said Apple are clever and Google is the future…sad to say Samsung… i have an S3 on t-mobile UK…im still running 4.0.4…funny that, everyone will say flash your phone…why should i have to? these are the real issues…not an SPen

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  21. ryarrell 2 years ago said:

    I’m sure the Galaxy S4 will be a lovely device in 2013. I owned the Galaxy S3 and just brought the Galaxy Note 2 this past November 15th. I will wait for the Galaxy Note 3 in 2013 that will be my NEXT SAMSUNG PURCHASE. I enjoy my current Galaxy Note 2 way to much as of today.

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  22. Bohannon67 2 years ago said:

    I’m more in favour of the bezelless, slim number in the render than a thicker device with S-Pen. Not used S-Pen as I own GS3 and I’m sure it is an amazing feature but on the N2.

    For me GS series should be all about nose bleed tech=no bezel and as slim as possible for a near 5″ 1080p SAMOLED+ (FOLED+)? for the IV.

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  23. coolfsx 2 years ago said:

    Then call it Galaxy note mini, please. Not S series

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  24. sa71 2 years ago said:

    I’m more in favour of the bezelless, slim number in the render than a thicker device with S-Pen. Not used S-Pen as I own GS3 and I’m sure it is an amazing feature but on the N2.
    For me GS series should be all about nose bleed tech=no bezel and as slim as possible for a near 5″ 1080p SAMOLED+ (FOLED+)? for the IV.

    replay to the above:

    I would like all of this you have said, but I would also like the S Pen, not inside of the device, but larger, thicker, ergonomic,.., that I keep in my pocket and use when I need it. This way everyone has it his way. The ones who do not like S Pen, can forget that it even exists, it would not make their phone larger. The ones who like using S Pen, can use now better S Pen than in Note 2. All I do not like in my Note 2 is being larger than necessary because the S Pen is kept inside of the bezel, while the pen itself is too thin. 5″ screen is perfect for a phablet.

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