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Extended battery kit Galaxy S III

SamMobile tweeted many times about the bigger original battery kit for the Galaxy S III.
From 2013 you are able to buy this 3000 mAh battery, the price is around the 40 euros. And will be available in white, black and of course pebble blue. Below a picture and video of the of the extended battery kit for the Galaxy S III.


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8 comments on “Extended battery kit Galaxy S III

  1. chetan 2 years ago said:

    that seriously sucks….so big……

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  2. coinmanmat 2 years ago said:

    Thisvis exactly what I need.. I havent been seeing very good battery life with my Galaxy S IIII so an extended battery would be great and im glad to see Samsung is offering an extended battery. Last time I bought an extended battery from online from a 3rd party source for my S2 it ended up being not a great buy. I do hope that Samsung will sell this prodcut in the US because I would much rather trust products from them.

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  3. Bolindro 2 years ago said:
  4. jaykay2k 2 years ago said:

    nice one – i also had the extended battery for my S2 and it performed very good and it even secured the camera lens
    hope the extended battery for the S3 will be as good

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  5. zadigre 2 years ago said:

    does anyone know if this 3000mAh extended battery will “touch” the edge of the phone?
    I’m asking the question because I have a Proclip mount in my car for my Galaxy SIII… and I would be interested in buying this extended battery… but I want to make sure that the phone will still fit in the car mount.
    There is some space behind the phone on the mount… but the edges need to be similair for the phone to fit perfectly.

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  6. ruzul 2 years ago said:

    cool i will get it so whn its gone launch in india……

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  7. Mattyjc 2 years ago said:

    Stop speaking with your dam hands and let me have a proper look at what your tring to show us!

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  8. jacubi 2 years ago said:

    it’s great. samsung’s so good, i hope the note II will be have the external batery..hiihii

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