SamMobile confirms next flagship model of TIZEN or Android

We of SamMobile can confirm, Samsung is busy to introduce a new high-end device! SamMobile just received the first model numbers of Samsung’s new high-end device. The Samsung GT-I9500 and GT-I9505 (probably LTE version). We know that Samsung’s first TIZEN developer device is using GT-I9500 as it’s model number which could mean TIZEN is close to come, or, other possibility is that Samsung changed the model number of the next-generation Galaxy S device. Like we said before, number 4 is believed to be bad luck in Korea. Also, by doing some research we found out that Samsung has never used the number 4 as its product code in high-end devices. Another strange thing is that Samsung is still making 2 versions of this device. We hoped to see Samsung’s next flagship a global device, like the iPhone 5. This is just a rumour but we can confirm Samsung has started doing first software tests of its new flagship model of TIZEN or Android. GT-I9500 and GT-I9505.

Model: GT-I9500

Model: GT-I9505 (Probably LTE version)

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  1. S4

  2. Well Samsung produces Series 4 LED TVs, so they do use the number 4 in their products.

  3. But Android will still be better than Tizen. The Apps Store, Google Now, and bunch of stuffs. What else is better than Google search? >.>

  4. Stupido…

    Its never tizen!!!
    Ist android… nothing else!

  5. This is definitely S4.

    19100, 19300, 19500,…..,

    UPS!!! Since Koreans do not like number 4, they may call it S5.

  6. may be it will be samsung galaxy s4 but anyway whn that will be out…..

  7. May/June like every other Galaxy flagship

  8. i know this is off subject but has anyone got any info on when the note 2 10.1 will get the jellybean update ( wifi ) ? also, has anyone seen the new Samsung logo ? thx.

  9. why you dont release taizen for wave 1,2,3 me and my friends dont buy samsung phone why dont support all wave’s

  10. Lol, and samsung think ill buy samsung phone because is samsong? WRONG WRONG!

    First why i bought samsung was Android, long time ago, not beacuse its samsung.

    And i am sure ill never buy samsung phone again if does go to other platform!

    Anyway, hope samsong soon fail. I hope s5 goes tizen, will see how many ppl will buy it, android is past and future, and most stuff that samsung has implented so called ” their inovations” can any developer make and post on Google Play lawl.

    Is not even that big deal. I bought S1 cuz it was cheap and fast and android, look at s3 now, not so cheap and not so good. what has become now?

    So, let te both just die already.

    Samsung was never what is now with android, android raised him UP! Now backstabs android. lawl.

    Just think about it! Android developers working hard to put android into 1st place, now samsung wants to tell to all of us that hes better then Android itself? Gimme a break!

  11. Btw, we cant forget a newcomer on the OP parket….. What about Jolla and their OP system based on Meego called Swordfish?
    It´s fully compatible with and andoid apps!

  12. Who knows what the future will really bring. I don’t think Samsung would drop Android, but if they did they would lose a market share, how much? No one knows but I primarily buy Android regardless of manufacturer and have had HTC, Huewei, Samsung and LG phones, all Android.

    As with most things, let’s wait and see.

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