N7000UBLS4 – Galaxy Note Android 4.1.2 Jelly Bean TEST firmware From Tel Cel Mexico

We messed up with the title of this post earlier, THIS FIRMWARE IS INDEED FOR GT-N7000.

We of SamMobile would like to give you the N7000UBLS4 Android 4.1.2 Jelly Bean Test firmware for the Galaxy Note GT-N7000. N7000UBLS4 is a Jelly Bean leak for the Galaxy Note which is based on Android 4.1.2 and from the Provider Tel Cel from Mexico.This Test firmware is just like any other official firmware, you just need to flash the firmware with Odin and you are all set! No need to flash any fixes later on. We have FULLY TESTED this firmware and this firmware works to our knowledge perfectly as any other official firmware the only thing is, it has different icons and widgets which are from the provider( alot of Bloatware). Funny thing is Spiderman HD is Pre-Loaded.
And the Same as the N7000XXLSA Firmware this firmware lacks the S-Pen features, Samsung has yet to implement those S-Pen features or maybe they already did. This rom is a little bit older about 2 weeks now.

So please be careful and if you do not know what you are doing stay away!
Some of the Enhancements in the new Jelly Bean Update:
- Android 4.1.2 – Build JZO54K
- Buttery Smooth Performance & Great Stability (Thanks to Project Butter)
- Multi-View (Multi Windows Multitasking, same as in Note II)
- Multi-View can also be disabled
- Ripple Effect on Lock Screen
- Page Buddy
- Notification Panel can now be customized
- New Additions in Notification Panel
- Smart Rotation (Screen Display adjusts to your angle of sightings)
- Continues Input in Samsung Keyboard (Like Swipe or Android 4.2 Keyboard)
- Samsung’s Cloud services
- Direct Call, Smart Stay and Pop-up Play Features
- New Widgets From the Galaxy S III
- 2 Home screen modes
- New Notifications bar
- Google Now

This is a PRE-RELEASE version not official from KIES.
As this is a PRE-RELEASE firmware so expect some minor bugs.

Firmware Details:
Android Version: 4.1.2 – JZO54K (Jelly Bean)
Build Date: 30th November 2012
Region: South America
Country: Mexico
Download: N7000UBLS4_N7000TCELS1_TCE.zip

Flashing Instructions:
- Unzip the file
- Open Odin 3.04 (Get it from HERE)
- Restart phone in download mode (Home+power+vol down)
- Connect phone and wait until you get a yellow sign in Odin
- Add CODE_N7000UBLS4_619662_REV02_user_low_ship.tar.md5 to PDA
- MODEM_N7000UBLS1_REV_05_CL1228938.tar.md5 to PHONE
- Add CSC_TCE_N7000TCELS1_619662_REV02_user_low_ship.tar.md5 to CSC
- No need to use the Pit file
- Make sure re-partition NOT ticked
- Start flash, sit back and wait a few minutes.

Thank you Androidmx.net


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  1. la ayre

  2. What about the french language ?

  3. sgs2 jb when you

  4. I hope the icons are just for telcel

  5. jb for I9100 when???????

  6. [insert generic comment asking about Jelly Bean for Galaxy S II]

  7. Ivkos super funny. Like it.

  8. Bitte mit CSC in Germany :-)

  9. This is for N7000B. Compatible with N7000?

  10. Seriously there is a leak 4.1.2 jb for s2 already. What else.

  11. and customizing icons belong to the operator Telcel from México

  12. can i flash this rom on N7000???

  13. Is the black clipping fixed or improved with these jelly bean 4.1.2 leaks?

  14. Terribly full of Bloatware!
    At least, the previous leak let you uninstall many of them.

  15. And it f**ing locked my SIM card and deleted my APN settings.

  16. is it work with all carrier or only with telcel ??? i m from india can i flash it ???

  17. Two weeks ago, we’ve got a leak for N7000 (LSA) ! So, maye be devs of Samsung have included S-Pen features now ! Maybe in few days 4.1.2 will be deployed on Galaxy Note I !
    Hope !

  18. Guys stop complaining about bloatware or locked SIM. This is called “Test Firmware” for a reason…
    If you knew how to flash the firmware, then am sure you would have the common sense to read that word “Test” and “Bugs” or lets just blame the Society for giving people education but no common sense

  19. This rom will be locked gsm network on your Note

  20. @baotuan,

    this firmware is for N7000B and not for N7000 international! The difference is this, hardware variant is tuned specifically to specific 850MHz networks for various carriers in the world (such as Tel Cel or Vodafone Australia, etc.). So your issues might come along with this!

    For whatever reason sammobile does not mention this in the way they should in OP…

  21. Well we did say it in topic title N7000BLS4TCE… Says clearly N7000B ..

  22. so you think it is clear with that for the average user??? I think you didn’t even know yourselves, otherwise you would have mentioned that CLEARLY ;)

  23. sam i ls a liar!!! they changed topic. now it is for n7000b but first it whas n7000

  24. How can N7000XXLSA and N7000BLS4TCE be same if they are for different phones?

  25. And my last comment about the topic is still under moderation

  26. @ Eybee did you read the OP ??

    N7000BLS4TCE is a Jelly Bean leak for the Galaxy Note which is based on Android 4.1.2 and from the Provider Tel Cel from Mexico.

    Maybe I should have posted this in fat letters your right… (EDIT made them FAT)

  27. it gives me not registered on network

  28. Service locked


  30. I installed on my N7000 and don’t have any problem.

  31. ANY PHONE that is updated and is not neverlocked, just unlocked with different methods WILL LOCK . And s2 owners just shoot yourselves cause you are just obssesed.

  32. this is for MEXICO tracel only it has all of the aps and widgets for it and its not made for other network carriers does not contain the weather widget and have a lot of bugs . But smart stay on this particular rom works amazingly well . So have patience for few more days and it will come the official JB for Note and S2

  33. official JB for Note and S2 coming tomorrow……

  34. i dont believe…

  35. i think for note 1 update is in early Januar

  36. My phone now is locked…what to do???

  37. After update, my home network is locked…/ Bck to first leak 4.1.2

  38. same to you man

  39. so how to fix the network locked problem? any help?

  40. Mexico is not South America you fools!!!

  41. Jelly bean for n7000…….??????????

  42. Plizz anyone help me after upgrading is n700ubls TCE my note n7000 is permanent network lock plizz anyone help me to unlock this problem

  43. I live in Mexico, I’ve bricked my phone 3 times using various ROMs, Telcel has always fixed it! I was afraid to try this, I just got the phone back,and everybody’s saying if you do it again they’re not going to fix it!! Well I can’t leave things alone the next day I downloaded this, and it works great no problems, don’t like the bloatware but I live with it!


  45. Direct link to unlocked 4.1.2
    We can change language to english on first screen.
    Installation steps remains same though file names are stightly differing.

  46. Search top10 latest firmware for n7000 on sammobile and install german edition.
    No lock

  47. متى يتم طرح التحديث الرسمي من سامسونج للنوت 1 مللت الانتظار

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  49. hi. the link doesnt work anymore. provide a new link

  50. The link for N7000UBLS4_N7000TCELS1_TCE.zip is offline. Please, fix it! I really need to download it. Tanks.

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