Premium Suite Upgrade for Galaxy SIII (Part 2)

How did you like the functions of the Galaxy SIII Premium Suite upgrade that we introduced in Part 1? Now, you can make your Galaxy SIII even smarter with this Premium Suite upgrade which is designed just for the Galaxy SIII! (Part 2)

- Paper Artist
- Low Light Shot
- Best Face
- Easy Mode
- Sound Balance
- Setup Wizard
- Camera Easy Snap

※ Availability and timing of the Premium Suite upgrade will vary depending on the country and mobile carrier.

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  1. how do you get the update of premium suite

  2. @homer think it’s not released yet

  3. Will it be free of charge for all S3 owners ?

  4. If I already have official 4.1.2, does that mean I have the Premium Suite or it will be installed separately?

  5. who ever has jb 4.1.2 has this feature nothing premium about it u can flash Poland jb 4.1.2

  6. Its pre-installed with the 4.1.2 update for Galaxy S3. Theyr just pointing out the new Touchwiz features. You wont get these Touchwiz features if you flash a custom 4.1.2 ROM.

    Anyone experiencing stutters and lags with this new update? Im not from Poland tho.

  7. @xarfrost
    I’ve installed this update. No stutters or lags whatsoever. Actually, i find it a “bit” smoother than the last one. Battery life is great too, same as last one (probably a bit better).

    It’s a great update so far. I love the customizable toggles in the notification panel.

  8. thats the way to go samsung.

  9. If you flash / upgrade to 4.1.2, you will have Premium Suite features.

  10. Does 4.1.1 has any of this ?

  11. When this update be released?

  12. i think JB on S3 is not that mature yet. needs to be re-evaluate.

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