Fresh rumors from Korea confirms new devices!

Today we were tipped about some fresh new rumors about upcoming Samsung products.
Let start with the best part called:  Project J.

Project J is the next generation of Galaxy S devices.
Samsung is having plans to announce the next Galaxy S in April.
According to older rumors the Galaxy S IV would  have a full HD AMOLED display, a quad-core cpu,the latest version of android, a 13 megapixel camera and the screen size would be 5.0”
Our insider could not confirm the specifications at this moment! He only knows the new project name called: Project J for the next Galaxy.

Another rumored device is the new basic Galaxy Note II.
The new basic Galaxy Note II isn’t the name of this device but Samsung is having plans to introduce a Galaxy Note II variant for Europe with lower specs. Samsung wants everyone to try bigger screens. Samsung will remove the SPEN function so what the real Galaxy Note II owner will have is special. We think Samsung will not use sAMOLED in this device.

Last rumor is a new fresh tablet,this tablet is to fight the ASUS Transformer. Samsung wants to bring a 13.3” tablet with QWERTY dock as option to the market. This tablet would fight the Asus Transformer directly.
Many people would love to use a tablet but also like to type fast from a QWERTY keyboard.
The new 13.3” tablet by Samsung could do both like the Asus Transformer. The insider could not tell us which kind of operation system Samsung will use on this tablet.

Thank you insider!

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  1. note without spen just a paper with mud

  2. When it comes to Note II, I would rather have a 5″ screen with thicker, ergonomically better S Pen that goes into my pocket just like any other pen, instead of going into the device slot. This way the device would not be as huge as it is, and the pen would be much easier and much more confortable to use.

  3. samsung don’t know how to wake up!

  4. Hello SAMSUNG

    Ok Produce more good phones but don’t be so forgetful about your Old Flag-Ship’s Updates


  5. I am relatively happy with my S3 atm, so i wont buy a new device anytime soon. however if id be in a possition to do so i would not buy a S4 if it has a 5″ display, this is too big for a phone in my opinion. also i think samsung has to learn from qualcom regarding source code, if newer exynos devices suffer the same regressions like the S3 i will definitely by a sony or htc device next.

  6. @alab673 Wake up and see that Samsung has improved on their updates a lot, compared to HTC or Sony. It’s enough that the S2 and Note are getting Jelly Bean this quick (yes, 5 months is quick for year old devices that came with a version of Android two versions older than Jelly Bean), compared to HTC who has only just started rolling out JB for the One X, and Sony will start it from next year for newest devices.
    Of course, not as good as Motorola or ASUS, but this is enough considering all the software features they’ve been adding.

  7. I really hope that Transformer alternative is Android. I really dont like Win8. A Transformer Infinity type tablet with Note10.1 multitasking would be my ideal laptop/tablet

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