Galaxy S Advance to get Jelly Bean in January

Samsung to update the Galaxy S Advance GT-I9070 to Android 4.1.2 Jelly Bean in January. This information comes from the Facebook channel of Samsung Germany. Of course Facebook pages like this are not 100% official.
Samsung Germany expects the update in January. We hope this is true, Samsung Sweden told us before that the update for the Galaxy S II Android 4.1.2 Jelly Bean was expected in November. Samsung Sweden re-updated this page to November – December.
Let’s hope Samsung Germany is right!

The Galaxy S Advance is a curved Android device with a 4.0” sAMOLED display, 5 megapixel camera and a dual-core processor. The Advance currently runs Android 2.3.6.
When the Galaxy S Advance gets Android 4.1.2 the phone will feel as new. Samsung has planned many new features in Android 4.1.2 Jelly Bean.

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  1. Galaxy Advance in december


  2. What about the Galaxy Ace 2? It will update in January? Samsung Ukraine told me that the update will be released in December

  3. Galaxy S Advance will update in december or january?

  4. oby było faktycznie w styczniu…

  5. maybe november-december 2013 :-( , we need 4.1.2 for all galaxy devices specialy s2 i9100

  6. quando ficara disponível a atualização para o brasil galaxy s2

  7. Hell yeah, thanxs for the new, cant wait!!, galaxy s advance deserve more attention because is a great device!!

  8. I bought this device for my wife in Thailand. And just got the second small update in November. Hope to update to JB in Dec or Jan too.

  9. no le crean, es 29 de noviembre y todavia no esta para el s2

  10. Really one of the best handsets I ever saw….

  11. Damn… Wat abt samsung s2 getting JB updates??

  12. give 4.1.2 for sII

  13. Today, I and many other users got a new build from 2.3.6!

    I hope this a necessary step to Android 4.
    …. and not the end?!?!? :-\

  14. release s2 4.1.2 !!! stable and official not TEST!!!!!

  15. well and when can release any private testing firmware to try that 4.1.2 after?

  16. Samsung is updating the firmware i9070 very fast in every world, i hope in december

  17. Last day of november. Today should be the S2 update day :)

  18. we know that our beloved s2 will get update soon for sure, so why not be patient and doing some other things with our s2 instead of posting “when is it for s2 blah blah blah..”
    just opinion, no offense :)

  19. The I9003L when??? The 2.3.6 UBLH! it bad… very bad…

  20. What about with my galaxy S GT-I9000

    And what about with my S3 with android 4.1.2 ??????

  21. how about galaxy sl i9003??

  22. Now is end of November,please release stable Android Jelly bean for Samsung Galaxy SII i9100 ,Are You CONFERMED IN 3 MONTHS AGO.

  23. seriously, why are you bitchin’ about the S2 in every single thread has nothing to do with the S2?

    Spam the Samsung Facebook page instead of anyoing the hell out of others @ SamMobile (or do you expect the SamMobile guys to forward your messages for you???)

  24. what about 4.1.2 for i9100G?????????????

  25. what happen ??? i have been wait 1 month ,,, jelly bean for sII please !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  26. s22222222 4.1.2 ???

  27. and where is the Jelly Bean for the Galaxy Note 10.1 N8010??? :(

  28. I am one of the many GT-I9100 users, but I have to say, this whole spam on every single thread with “plz update galaxy s2 to JB” has gone way beyond highest limits of stupidty. No offence, but it’s totally ridiculous and childish, especially when there has already been a LEAK which confirms that Samsung is working to get the update for our devices. Can’t you wait 1 more month if Samsung needs this time to fix all the bugs? Be aware that more than 18 months passed since the Galaxy SII was released (18 months is the mandatory update period for all Android devices, which, from what I know, is imposed by Google), this may be the last update we will ever get, so they might as well get the time to make it perfect.

    The leak is already very good, but it has a few flaws (some very minor stuttering in settings menu, minor stuttering in contacts menu and major stuttering in SMS thread viewer, plus some bugs here and there). So let Samsung deal with it and release us one perfect update. I rarely say that I like Samsung ROMs, but this is the first one I really enjoy using, because of project butter (albeit still buggy a bit) and tons of new features ported from Galaxy SIII.

    The very same people that are now crying that Samsung is not releasing the update just yet will bitch after release that they released a buggy firmware. So seriously, grow up and stop spamming every thread.

    Sorry for my very off-topic post in the wrong thread, but this whole spam has gone way beyond acceptable levels of stupidity (if stupidity should be acceptable at all).

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  30. Cannot wait! So excited!!!!!

  31. my smartphone is I9070
    so Waitinggggggggggggg ……………..

  32. I’ve been waiting for it for more than 2 months now… :)
    Come on SAMSUNG ….work harder and give us the updates..

  33. I get it. Samsung updates the lower sale mobile phone first. This is why SII, III and note II is a bit last on the list. This is why we see weird update list of lower spec phones. It is only logical – to increase sales for unpopular phones.

  34. I hate it when some adults act like spoilt brats. If you want faster updates then buy a nexus phone for F sake and do you seriously think changing back to apples boring ios is really the step in the right direction?. We already know samsung is working on a update for the SGS2, its near completion and will release it once its ready. Those who are own i9000 or weaker devices. just forget about the ICS or JB update. Its not going to happen. Even if samsung does create an update i bet it will be slow as S*** because of hardware limitations.

  35. For everyone basically telling people to shut up about their GS2 updates, When Samsung itself say it’ll be released Oct or nov and we get nothing, Everyone has the right to be pissed, It’s dec. already and we still got none, If you don’t like what others post just ignore it, as simple as that.

  36. @Samo63,
    You are right about people have the rights to be upset but should not come here to demand to give out updates and support for any Samsung products. Why? Because is not owned by Samsung. These guys are Bloggers who are interested in Samsung news and they are sharing what they know with us all. We should appreciate their works, not come here to demand. only get the update once it is leaked to their source and pulled the updates to share with people here.

  37. perfect!!!!!!!!!!!

  38. Perfect.

  39. We wait in brazil for this update. Nice news.

  40. samsung please update galaxy S Advance

  41. samsung please jelly bean update galaxy S Advance

  42. so waitingggggg………………..

  43. indonesia is samsung’s best market and it’s more bigger and bigger in this years… I used samsung galaxy s advance and I hope not for long time I’ve got the JELLY BEAN for my SGSA ..

  44. tańsze badziewia mają już JB , Ace2 to chyba ostatni samsung którego kupiłem

  45. Compañeros cuando hay actualización de Jeally Bean en américa latina para
    galaxy advance

  46. Poxa, até agora só lançaram a atualiazação na Russia. E quanto aos demais p aises? EstaMos aguandando a dias essa bendita atualização e até agora não obtivemos nada.

  47. Today is D-day for JB and i9070. Nothing interesting on the west front?

  48. Hello possible know when to release the update Jelly Bean for Galaxy S Advance of Russian prisons to the rest of the world

  49. When the Jelly Bean update for GT-I9070 will be available in Romania?

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  52. Is there any updates for s advance in ksa

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