N7000XXLSA – Galaxy Note Android 4.1.2 Jelly Bean TEST firmware

We of SamMobile would like to give you the latest N7000XXLSA Android 4.1.2 Jelly Bean Test firmware for the Galaxy Note GT-N7000. N7000XXLSA is the first ever Jelly Bean leak for the Galaxy Note which is based on Android 4.1.2.

As of now all test firmwares of the Galaxy Note we have got our hands on lack some S-Pen features, Samsung has yet to implement S-Pen features into their Jelly Bean source code. Our Insiders tell us the Jelly Bean update is almost ready for the Galaxy S II but the Galaxy Note still requires a lot of work till they start rolling out final updates to the users. We expect Samsung to release official Android 4.1.2 Jelly Bean update for the Galaxy Note in December/January.

We know N7000XXLSA was leaked few days ago on XDA-Developers but that was not the complete firmware as that firmware was dumped from a person’s device. Later that day, We of SamMobile contacted our insider and requested the N7000XXLSA firmware. Today our insider managed to get us the proper N7000XXLSA Firmware directly from Samsung’s Servers. This Test firmware is just like any other official firmware, you just need to flash the firmware with Odin and you are all set! No need to flash any fixes later on. We have FULLY TESTED this firmware and this firmware works perfectly as any other official firmware.

This was something we forgot to test. But thanks to Eybee from XDA for pointing this out!  It is NOT 100% save to FullWipe on StockRecovery with Stock Kernel!
So please be careful and if you do not know what you are doing stay away!

Some of the Enhancements in the new Jelly Bean Update:
- Android 4.1.2 – Build JZO54K
- Buttery Smooth Performance & Great Stability (Thanks to Project Butter)
- Multi-View (Multi Windows Multitasking, same as in Note II)
- Multi-View can also be disabled
- Page Buddy
- Notification Panel can now be customized
- New Additions in Notification Panel
- Smart Rotation (Screen Display adjusts to your angle of sightings)
- Continues Input in Samsung Keyboard (Like Swipe or Android 4.2 Keyboard)
- Samsung’s Cloud services
- Direct Call, Smart Stay and Pop-up Play Features
- New Widgets From the Galaxy S III
- 2 Home screen modes
- New Notifications bar
- Google Now

This is a PRE-RELEASE version not official from KIES.
As this is a PRE-RELEASE firmware so expect some minor bugs.

Firmware Details: 
Android Version: 4.1.2 – JZO54K (Jelly Bean)
Changelist: 549786
Build Date: 20th November 2012
Region: Europe
Country: Germany
Download: N7000XXLSA_N7000OXALSA_DBT.zip

Flashing Instructions:
- Unzip the file
- Open Odin 3.04 (Get it from HERE)
- Restart phone in download mode (Home+power+vol down)
- Connect phone and wait until you get a yellow sign in Odin
- Add CODE_N7000XXLSA_549786_REV02_user_low_ship.tar.md5 to PDA
- Add MODEM_N7000XXLSA_REV_05_CL1222228.tar.md5 to PHONE
- Add CSC_OXA_N7000OXALSA_549786_REV02_user_low_ship.tar.md5 to CSC
- Make sure re-partition NOT ticked
- Start flash, sit back and wait a few minutes.


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  1. About time!
    At last!
    I’m the first to download it yujuuu!

  2. Is this for the international Note only or the AT&T Note as well?

  3. Thank Samsung. I love my Galaxy Note -GT-N7000 so much

  4. Nice!, you are the best guys!, btw no pit file needed?

  5. PIT File is not required.

  6. nice job and keep it up a good works…hope stable jb 4.1.2 will released ASAP.i will test this firmware.downloading….

  7. Thx @FaryaabS , downloading it … :D

  8. Please someone answer me. Will i lose my Unlock when i will update to this firmware or to the official one when it will be released? Thank you

  9. HOTFILE NOOO!!! :((

  10. Hi! Can I flash that with mobile odin?

  11. À new leak for sgs2 please !!!

  12. Please someone answer me. Will i lose my Unlock when i will update to this firmware or to the official one when it will be released? Thx

  13. Thanks SamMobile, and install the firmware on my N7000, thanks for the scoop :)

  14. lolea,
    my experience has been that there is no carrier specific code in this type of update, thus an unlocked phone will stay unlocked, and by implication a locked phone will stay locked, although I think the advice is not to flash locked phones. My note is unlocked and I have flashed many ROMs and recoveries and back to the phones original firmware and it has always stayed unlocked. However you do loose root access when flashing an original firmware.

  15. Seriously Sammobile guys, Can’t you finde better downloading server than HOTSHIT !!!!!

  16. First of all, thanks a lot for this firmware, I have been waiting a lot for this. Lately I have been checking this page at least once a day!

    Question: Can I use Mobile Odin to flash this firmware or there are some issues with this? I have always been using Mobile Odin for all the versions I have downloaded so far from this website with no issues, and I need a confirmation please.


  17. My phone was locked on france. I’ve unlocked with an IMEI code, after this everything was fine until i update it to 4.0.4 from 4.0.3, then I’ve lost my unlock.That is why I am putting this question :P Some say you will lose the unlock after an update, some say you don;t :-?? I’ll make this update when available, just hope I won’t be forced to pay 25 euro for another unlock.

  18. i thought samsung was going to update s2 in november in sweden?

  19. Thanx will try it…

  20. I do agree with norfolk that HotFile is really really an awful choice. There are other free hosting sites that are much better and faster than this. Please consider other hosting websites in the future

  21. As far as i know the Samsung’s official statement on Galaxy S2 Jelly Bean upgrade says that they’ll going to do it in november. 3 days left :) I hope that there won’t be any delays.

  22. migre . me / c7yvW

    join spaces

  23. hey guys.. this is the link for the HOTFILE PREMIUM.. click and download on fast speed!!

    migre . me / c7yvW

    join spaces

  24. Well, after one day of testing, there are some bugs. When I turn off Note and turn it on again, I cannot find 2 apps (PumpDroid and PcFileSync). I have to install them again from market. But after installing, their data are back. It happens every time Note goes off/on..

  25. We ROOM by flashing this Mobile Odin from XXLS2?

  26. I’m wondering whether this wipes all the data or not!

    Please let me know

  27. donwloading…. thanks!

  28. I’m using XXLS7 leaked rom … do I have to come back to GB 2.3 before flashing XXLSA or I can perform it on XXLS7 ?

  29. downloading… sorry.

  30. works on note 2 LTE ?

  31. thank you Guys

    i hope my question will not be a silly one, is this rom Support Arabic ( read and write ) ?

  32. Thank u very very much. at last something to enjoy.

  33. hello, i’m new here….i saw some updates requirements from other websites Samsung Galaxy Note GT-N7000 with ClockworkMod Recovery and running on an AOSP-based custom ROM such as CyanogenMod are needed. My galaxy note is run original firmware 4.0.4 and never rooted, so can i just flash this 4.1.2 rom by follow the instruction that provided?

  34. @aymanabo:

    reading will be peace of cake, but you will not be able to write in arabic unless you download arabic enabled keyboard like hacker’s keyboard.

  35. Hey Ayman, all JB version support Arabic. So in answer to your question, yes it does support Arabic in system menus as well as read and write. Have fun!!

  36. This is the same version as XDA Developers published by Paranoid Android, with some customizations as well…I´d recommend this one, due to some nice features such as Paranoid UI Phablet Mode.
    Anyway, thanks again to SamMobile team… :D

  37. Works great! Much better than 4.1.1 leaked. I must say that i cant found a mistake o failure/bug on this version. I cant wait for the legal one. Grats SamMobile!

  38. s2 stable jelly bean link ??

  39. I tested the leaked version of Jelly Bean XXLSA that posted on XDA. It got less widget than official stock ICS, such as Days, Agenda, Task and Today are not available on that version. Is it the same with this version?

    And is the photo editor in gallery is working well? Because in previous leaked version, it say we need to download the photo editor application although it already installed.


  40. stable jelly bean for s2 when??? i need now now now…

  41. stable jelly bean for s2 i need today. the test firmware is not very good!!!!!

  42. Multi-View (Multi Windows Multitasking, same as in Note II)
    - Page Buddy
    - Notification Panel can now be customized
    - New Additions in Notification Panel Multi-View can also be disabled Smart Rotation (Screen Display adjusts to your angle of sightings)
    - Continues Input in Samsung Keyboard (Like Swipe or Android 4.2 Keyboard) all make for s2 s2 s2 s2 s2 s2 …

  43. Faryaab, if you guys need a file server, I’m willing to share my XDA space with you guys.

  44. Hey what about air view? Is it there in this rom?

  45. Hey. Can this test purpose of the firmware update official release, and how is this done? Can someone tell me?

  46. Nature UX????

  47. Samsung you are son of the bitch i wont make this mistake to buy your products i will buy apple s because is the best ever!!!

  48. For some reason I can’t seem to find that “Smart rotation” option on my phone? Anyone else having same issues?

  49. I am ultimate jellybean 4.1.2 rom xxlsa.
    Is this leaked sammobile rom better than ultimate jellybean rom.
    Any answers plz.
    Do this leaked rom have airview.
    Do i need to flash this leaked rom over ultimate jellybean rom or i shouuld stay on ultimate.
    One thing

  50. hello, i’m new here….i saw some updates requirements from other websites Samsung Galaxy Note GT-N7000 with ClockworkMod Recovery and running on an AOSP-based custom ROM such as CyanogenMod are needed. My galaxy note is run original firmware 4.0.4 and never rooted, so can i just flash this 4.1.2 rom by follow the instruction that provided? also let me know will this update work in india or not?

  51. we cn flash it directly from stock ics ?

  52. please put S Voice For N7000

  53. amanverma :
    yes , you can flash it using odin and enjoy this perfect rom.

  54. andnote :
    i’m on the ultimate rom too. but this leaked rom is better and smoother than that one because ultimate rom is base on dump leaked one. but you will not have air view no longer. because air view is not available on this version yet. maybe in future.

  55. can anyone upload this rom into another file server ??

  56. rma1902 :
    just go and enjoy your damn iphone.

  57. Thanks ehsamm

  58. downloading…..

  59. to all who want to flash this rom, i suggest to go and read this topic :
    http :// forum.xda-developers.com / showthread.php ?t=2018978

  60. Ehsanmm.
    Does serial number and imei number changed after flashing this rom.
    Do i have to put all three files i.e csc pda and phone..

  61. NO ! IMEI will not change after updating,
    yes , you should put all three files,

  62. Multi Windows for SII

  63. multi window is is only toy for one week and S2 have small screen.

  64. to all the ones asking, if this version is better then the leaked LSA-dump on xda (and all CustomROMs based on it):

    NO, it is NOT!!! It is just the same!! In addition all CustomROMs on xda have lots of bug fixes included (yes, there are bugs not mentioned by any single word here!!!).

    And most important: it is NOT 100% safe to do a Factory Reset on it!!! It is probably safe, but noone knows. So if you brick your devices, ask sammobile to buy you a new device, cause they did not mention this!

  65. Do we need to root first?

  66. eybee1970 please do not spam around we fully tested this rom.
    in the forums of XDA you need to ROOT and your CUSTOM counter will run.
    This firmware is Samsung official no need to ROOT and your CUSTOM counter will not run.

    Now you will say just use some software of chainfire to remove all counters…
    We are not like that we want to give original stuff.

    Not homemade software.

  67. lol…call me spammer, I don’t care! I just made som points clear you did not mention…for whatever reason ;)

  68. Data wipe?

  69. Lets say the fact…xda and sammobile none are inferior..both same have same value for us.
    We need both of them…may this forum belong danny d but eybee has rights to give right info.
    So guys dont quarell….give us good advice..none of you is going to give us device if we brick.we believe your work…
    So plz plz…give us all the information what is best for us.
    Tjank yoi

  70. after flashing will be able to update officially the updates released by samsung

  71. Hey boy i have note but im sad with samsung because they are so slow in updates and they dont say its exact time but when apple say that we will our products in this date they do it but samsung not!!!

  72. CSC_OXA_N7000OXALSA_549786_REV02_user_low_ship.tar.md5 is not part of the download where do we find it or it’s not needed

  73. found it…

  74. Samsung please put S voice In N7000 !

  75. I have a red triangle in the recovery menu… is this ok?

  76. Now is end of November,please release stable Android Jelly bean for Samsung Galaxy SII i9100 ,Are You CONFERMED IN 3 MONTHS AGO.

  77. arabic not supported please help
    i’m using go keyboard but the letters shown reversed
    how to solve this problm

  78. when official/stable JB for Samsung Galaxy S2???????????????? NOW IS END of NOVEMBER!!!????

  79. Voy a probar esta version. Con la XXLSA que está en XDA-DEVELOPERS me pasó ya 2 veces que conecto los auriculares y el celular se reinicia y no arranca mas. Tengo que reinstalarlo. :( A alguien mas le paso?

  80. do i need to install all the apps again (wipe all the data after flashing?)

  81. ai simmmmm!

  82. I have done the download yesterday and during the night i install this firmware, and for now what i can say is beautiful and very nice, everthing is working fine, is run more faster and with auriculares works perfect, 5 star this Jelly Bean 4.1.2, i just hope the official version come soon…
    To Sammobile i just want say very good work and keep like that… Best Regards Hugo..

  83. consulta foro

    este firmware aumenta el contador si lo hago por odin?
    Si el foro puede responder o algun webmaster.

  84. @ Hugonino2000
    may i know do u need to install all the apps? will it wipe all the data?

  85. Shut up with that stupid stable Jelly Bean S2 request. Just freaking wait for it. Complaining in every posts just makes you look like a retard @arbi1234. Just shut up and wait ok. Damn it, someone should ban this guy from this website

  86. arbi1234 HAHA, lol

  87. hi is it comeing to canada on (bell SGH-I317M)

  88. what to do after flashing this rom via odin.
    is it safe to wipe data factory reset and wipe cache.
    plz anyone inform.is there bricking chance…danny d and farayab plz clear..
    thank you…

  89. thx sammobile and kep on i just finished downloading and it works perfect.

  90. Downloaded and installed this firmware, it works very well and feels very stable. I haven’t faced any issues or bugs at all. Few notes –
    1) Air view is not there
    2) Memory utilization seems to remain high (around 750M – 780M)
    3) Overall performance seems to be slightly laggy

    However I am not at all complaining, I am sure that official release will be much more polished and optimized. I am in love with my Note all over again thanks to this firmware. Thank you SamMobile !

  91. sriramsi..
    what did you after flashing..
    have you done wipe data factory reset and wipe cache..
    plz inform

  92. Hi does this firmware tick over the binary counter?

  93. Now all we need is the AT&T i717 to get the leak :D

  94. Perfect for my N700, worki direct with Mobile ODIN Pro v3.55 ;)

  95. i am downloading it ..but till i get answer i will not flash it..

  96. Hi can someone please confirm if this firmware tick over the binary counter?

  97. esta com um pouco de bug no touchwiz e no player de video

  98. @andnote: Answers to your queries -
    1) There are no special steps for firmware installtion, it is a regular Odin install (only that you have to select the Phone, PDA and CSC components separately)
    2) Yes, I did a factory reset and cache wipe after installation. It went through fine.
    3) Prior to installation I had taken a backup of my contacts and messages through Kies and restored it after installation. I also re-installed all my applications after reset.

    @darkhaven: In Odin mode, my Note recognizes this firmware as “Samsung Official”, hence I don’t think it will tick the counter.

  99. ANOTHER82, yes you need install all app again and contacts and messages and call log, but you can make backup with Kies and the apps dont hurry because all apps you normal use in the phone is there in Play Store, when you open Play store you need choose the opcion My Apps, and there is what you have installed and if swipe to the right is showing all apps you had in the past… I hope i help you. Best Regards Hugo…

  100. what ???????? How come n7000 got 4.1.2 with futures like ”notification bar settings” multi screen etc and n7100 is still on 4.1.1

    what is the point to have note2 when it is the same as note1?

  101. andnote

    You just need flash the by Odin and after finish your phone will go restart and is done, you dont need wipe cach or factory reset, you just need that when your phone is rooted…
    Best Regards Hugo…

  102. Does this wipe your phone if coming from 4.0.4 LRT DBT???
    Can i flash without the CSC?

  103. can anyone tell me if this rom can connect to kies, i usually sync my exchange outlook contacts with my phone, hence the advice sought??


  104. RAR
    yes will wipe your phone…and i think is better flash with CSC…

    And yes after you flash the phone you can stay using the kies to everthing except the update firmware…

    Best Regards Hugo

  105. Thanks! So i’m waiting the no-wipe release! :P

  106. Hi Friends of Sammobile.

    I have not official N7000XXLS1 Ver4.1.1 and this version have a problems whit SMS and S-Note, I will download this new not official version and test.

    Thank you

  107. Rar
    You need for the official update by Kies or OTA…

    I used that version to two week ago and i had the same problem, but with this one the SMS and S-NOTE they work fine without problems..

    Best Regards


  108. Kies Air fail with this version !!!

  109. I try now the Kies Air and fail with mine too…

  110. Please respond fast, what if Odin doesn’t give me the yellow sign, but shows ID:COM 0:[COM4] ?

  111. With me my Odin dont give yellow sign but blue sea and work the same way, if you read in the small window connect its ok…

    Best Regards


  112. In Message it only says Added!! , is that ok as well?

  113. Yes my friend…

  114. Would be greatful to torrent provider, If you have already downloaded this firmware, please see d it over torrent. I request sammobile too to seed it through torrent. thanks.

  115. Do i have to put te PIT file in Odin ? In Odin we only mark “Auto Reebot” and “F.Reset Time” yes ?but not the “Re-partition”? Please answer. thx

  116. You dont need PIT file just the another three, and yes only mark auto reebot and F.Reset time.

    Best Regards


  117. I have a problem….it block on flashing at the start on FACTORYFS… :/

  118. Try take the battery off and restart the computer and try again, if dont work put the phone off recharging and after while try again.. This is what i had done in the past when happend with me..

    Best Regards


  119. samsung kies not worked on this firmware

  120. so,why is the reazon to create a new galaxy note if the galaxy note 1 will be the same that s3 and note 2,why the heck the same 4 them,where is the exclusivity for those about who have the galaxy note 2 or the galaxy s3??? because if it where for frimware i could even sell me galaxy note 2 and get the note 1 and get some money 4 it ¨/

    samsung please exclusivity!!!!

    like iphone 4s with siri

  121. Love it.
    Finally we get the stuff that they kept back for s3 & note 2.
    Let’s hope we get an official bug free version before xmas.

  122. i hope samsung gives and exclusive characteristic just 4 us the owners of s3 or note 2

  123. another file hosting please?

  124. Hello s3 and note 2 users..
    Infront of s2 and note 1 your phone is zero…you can compare via comparing tool.
    Multi window what you talk about must be only given to s3 or note 2.
    Then f…up….multi window better fits in note 1..because note 2 got smaller screen…
    Resolution of note 2 is also weaker than note 1
    If you jelous people think you have patent on air view and multi window then be like apple and ask for penalty with samsung.
    Lastly i want to say yoi jelous…when note 3 will come and you wont have note 3…then you will realize why you were jelous

  125. Has anyone tested this 4.1.2 with the gamma test for black clipping issue. Hopefully this was addressed and reduced if not fixed. Any pictures of test for comparison with ics and the new jelly bean would be appreciated.

  126. No air view ;-( but it’s way nicer and smoother than leaked XXLS2

  127. For fla style once more…
    s voice is for s3..why note 2 get that..
    Multi window is for note 2 so why s3 get that..
    Fla style go and see the market..which mobile is sellinh faster…what is the difference in price of mobile what we mentioned.
    And fla styles do you think samsung is copier of apple..you exampled iphone 4s and 4 mentioning siri.
    No not ay all.this the difference..samsung started to care their old customer.they knew if father grew old they are not thrown..they are cared more than others…note and s2 shows samsung this gloomy world….so i think they willl never forget these two sets..they may forgwt s3 and note2 which is unsucesful set.


  128. Please ad Idea sketch in SNote
    i’m waiting for a long time , and try with another MOD rom

  129. does it have the water lock screen or the same as the leaked official jb rom of galaxy s2?

  130. please someone make a video of this rom

  131. Thanx a lot for this JB…. was waiting for a long time to get a stable one…

    Just one question… after installing this will I get regular updates via OTA once official JB is released by Samsung or I will have to do some tweaks?

  132. I have updgraded yesterday and it is working fine. However ‘Task Manager’ and ‘S Memo’ are not available. How do I update the S Memo for which I have a backup? Also my Lane splitter coins and scary harry updgrades have been erased. How to restore the same?

  133. Tell me guys, is it worth to install this update? Or there are many annoing bugs?

  134. Is there a root for this Rom?

  135. I got stuck in boot.ini while using odin.
    I didnt do a FActory reset nor memory wipe.
    Any help?

  136. Hello friend..i have flashed rom using odin.
    It is running smooth.
    But something i have noticed is as..
    1.no air view
    2.no smart rotation.
    3.no hindi keyboard in samsung keyboard.
    Other everything is fine.
    It is safe to do factory reset..i have done it.
    But thete is some bloatware..i.e german bloatware..
    No svoice…only talk is present.
    No kies air.
    No photo editor..no polaris office
    But these can be downloaded.
    I noticed one thi

    ng ram is inceased i.e by 50-60 mb
    Task manager and google now can be acessed from desktop as well as menu.

  137. Hello andnote
    I want to download it but if the official update released how can I get it using this rom ?

  138. They came back with USB mass storage!!!!!! Oh God, THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!

  139. Really, few people they are selfish, all us deserve the new firmwares, we have samsung´s it mean we spend money and we make Samsung bigger company for they can improve in new phones and better softwares, and normal the people who talk like FLA_Styles and benzas they stupid and selfish…..
    Well done Samsung and Sammobile, keep the good work…

    regards to all good people..


  140. How to root this ROM?
    Pls help me, I needa root it…


  141. Hello, when i flesh shit official rom to my Galaxy Note. Will i recieve a next updates? For example repairs of bugs or new android update? Or i will must it manual with Odin? :)

  142. Laggy f/w
    But looks nice) Not all features like in leaK)

  143. Dear kevinj707..
    It is very simple

    Dont bother about that.the way you flash this rom same you have to do later when official rom will come.i.e update.
    If you have any queries.i am ready to solve.

  144. Can i flash this in my note even though im not from Germany?

  145. how to root this firmware?

  146. Yes you can flash..it is leaked version.so dont worry.no need to worry about country..because you will not get update for leaked version.so dont worry..
    Till now no clue how to root it.

  147. Hi Friends.

    - Hugonino2000: is really, the SMS and S-Note is Ok now.

    - andnote: please add another problem; if you restart the movil and have active (in the task bar) “Multi Window” option, first one time this option not is functional, you need to inactive and active for “really turn on”

    Thanks all!!!

  148. Anytime ANDRES.GOMEZ.PENA.

    With me the Multi window work fine and anytime i restart the phone is on, the only problems is with Kies air dont work. but i dont care anyway i dont use the Kies air…

    Best regards


  149. I didn’t have time until now:
    Thanks for this Leak because after I immediately got the update to XXLSB – not enough a few minutes later yesterday evening I got the OTA update to XXLSC.

    I think soon more people will get this in Germany.

    Samsung is working on it – since XXLS2 it’s getting faster. Soon I hope for an official build.


  150. Anyone got stuck in the Samsung logo after the update? Mine just did.

  151. I install JB with ODIN, now asks me for a mobile unlock code network.
    what to do

  152. I installed the Rom …its smooth I done factory reset with format SD card before and after installing the rom and it worked just perfect …the S pen works fine I dono what features does lack according to sammobile but mine doing great ,,,there is No smart Rotation ,S memo integrated with S note ,,,google Now is Awesome ….the only problem am facing that the Ram usage is so high above 700 Mb (sometimes)…black clipping issue still I need to test it …the official update going to be super

  153. Hotfile takes 2 hours to download the 1.1gb file! If you have already downloaded the firmware, would it help if you could distribute it via Tribler? (trackerless bittorrent) Thanks!

  154. Hi All,

    I have install this FRM Todat and it is working very smooth, the only problem i’m facing is the VPN – both PPTP & PPTP/IPSec – , it doesn’t work at all

  155. Installed and rooted using Philz method (ref. XDA Forums)
    Works like a charm. Impressed.
    Wating for the official release. Till then
    This should be fine.

  156. I couldn’t download it. Is there a problem on hotfile servers?

  157. Downloading… i will upload it on Google Drive Soon…

  158. there is no smart rotation and also no smart alert and also no expanded notification in this firmware.
    anyone experienced this?

  159. @ad23 try to root it and instal galaxy s unlock. Many people said it works. I’m waiting for the official release to lock my phone again :)) hope i won’t have to spend another 25 euro to unlock it. Fingers crossed

  160. Download and flash it.
    The bugs that i report are:
    - When i try to do gestures with s pen, it crash
    - Autonomy is reduce
    - The gallery is slower

  161. I flashed using Odin Mobile after extracting the ZIP file and selecting eaxh file as instructed above and it worked. There is an option in Odin Mobile to automatically inject SuperUser and root the device. Some comments though:
    This firmware does not leave your applications installed, instead you have to re download them from the Market, so YES it wipes your system (not data on sdcard or external_sd) and when flashing has finished you get the wizard to insert a gmail account and configure your phone as if you got it for the first time.
    Every time I open the Market I get the Google Terms of Agreement and I have to accept before I can download or update anything.
    The Mail application sometimes crashes if the provider is and Exchange server and sometimes a Refresh command takes forever and I have to close and reopen the mail app

  162. awesome man no probs but no airview thoose who want air view just go here http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fFTggWGVcZw

  163. Instalando agora. 90% concluido.

  164. i have 1 Big problem with this update…..the phone is restarting every 5 minutes….someone know why????thanx in advance

  165. what??

  166. its smooth . it doesnt have wallpaper stretch. everything is working beautiful till now. its beautiful than ics. battery life is better now. no air view thats bad. waiting for official one , till then i ll enjoy this. has anyone installed airview apk….?

  167. Edit to my earlier post.
    After 2 days of using. … Phone keeps rebooting every few
    hours and in this process drains battery
    still bugs in the firmware. Good for a try though.
    Have rolled back to ICS for now.

  168. hey guys.. i need 2 rollback 2 ics.. plzzzz tell me how to do it?

  169. Any feedback??

  170. I fash this firmware in my phone 3 days ago, and everthinng is fine, the only thingh dont work is the kies air, the rest is very good, dont reboot and no bugs, im very happy with my phone…

  171. Hotfile Ohh Nooo!!!

  172. Everything works very well, included Kies Air. The duration of the battery has gone down a bit, but I believe that it is because I am the whole day touching it. Thank you for this firmware.

  173. Can’t find smart rotation…!!

  174. Screen capture feature with Spen does not work for me. Any thoghts???
    BTY the final firmware will be great!!

  175. Hi..

    I have installed this rom and happy to say that it is working Superb (Good screen, smooth like butter, new features as Note II and power of Jelly Been)… Same as other users I do have issues on Air View and Smart rotation. Other than that there are no noticeable issues even after 7 days of test. Please guide me to change the default lock screen notification sound.

    for all of you who want to update to this firmware, i strongly reconmmend you to titanium back up all app data, cause this update will reset the device so you may loose some personal information and setting, however photos and video will not be lost, other saved file app will not be lost but may need to reinstall application again.

  177. If you have registered these apps on google, these apps will be downloded automatically once you re-login. I have not backed up my data before installation and I haven’t lost any think due to this update.

  178. Screen capture is working fine… Just press and hold the Spen on the scree for 3 second and release the switch….




  180. kgrj. Thx. for your answer but the screen capture is not working for me I receive the error “FlashAnnotateSvc stopped”

  181. my question yet again as on the last 4.1.1:

    does the USB audio out feature is enabled?

  182. i cant update my note….its not showing yellow sign on odin pls help!!

  183. In my he dont show yellow sign, is light blue and i flash the same way and work´s fine…

  184. With the new version of Odin (3.04) the sign must be bleu.
    After the blue sign you can start the update without any problems.

  185. I backed up with Titanium before installing this ROM. Now I cannot use Titanium to restore my user apps and data because this ROM is not rooted. How may I root this ROM? Thanks for helping.

  186. Play Store hasnt Adoble Flash Player 11 (it only has 10.3 version and it doesnt work), I downloaded it from XDA.
    For now, no other known issues

  187. thanks guys…. i did it!!! its working fine on my note :D

    just have some lags but everything is working fine now…. i will check it more later

    thanks again…

  188. It is beautiful… But there is no smart rotation and the smart eye doesn’t work well… The screen gets off
    And the battery is drained very fast!!!! :(

  189. I love my Galaxy Note -GT-N7000 so much

  190. Flashed through Odin. Working smooth. Have noticed the following bugs though:-
    S memo integrated with S note. Though I restored S Memo data from Kies; the same does not appear in S note. How to retrieve the same; please revert.
    Ram usage is always above 700 Mb.
    Air view not available.
    Ringtone alerts in contacts get restored to the default ringtone everytime. I have tried this many times; within sometime, it gets restored to the default ringtone.
    ‘Task Manager’ has been replaced by ‘Active applications’ widget.
    Since the applications get reinstalled subsequent to flashing, you lose your coins and high scores in games; for instance in ‘Racing Moto’ and ‘Lane splitter’. How to restore the same?
    Please revert for resolution.

  191. big disappoitment, multi view is only limited to a number of app. any app installed later from play store will not be shown in multi view list, also cant be edited.

  192. Please official update SG2

  193. Installed through Odin. Working smooth. Stable, Smart Eye is working fine, lot of new option in setting, to make more customizable.

    i do not see major issues, but I could few minor issues. after restart i see one of the shortcut is missing and the picture from the picture frame widget is missing, i need to select the picture every time. i do not see much improvement in the batter life.

  194. with few weaknesses than strengths given, I am quite satisfied with this firmware. through pc odin process runs smoothly, and wonderful again, simply use the stock recovery, root process went smoothly … unbelievable :)

  195. Just one day flashing this 4.1.2, now my note always turn off by itself after i use/lock in 1 or 2 hours.. to turn it on, i must remove the battery first then press the power button…anyone have the same problem like mine?

  196. This software is very nifty and work hard.Expect other versions much better

  197. So finally it worked for me but now im concerned how do i root my phone..would it be the same as on Ics or theres a different procedure to root over this custom rom..i wanna clarify if i can get it rooted without getting my fone bricked..can someone help?

  198. i have a problem in battery my phone , i change frimware jelly bean 4.1.2 this rom is prefect but i can’t charge battery or along time charg battery for full charge 100% or when to ac power battery discharge and loss charge battery , what i do ? i rollback ics rom ?

  199. Im just flashed the CODE_N7000XXLSA_549786_REV02_user_low_ship.tar.md5 and was worked fine.
    Thanks sammobile!

  200. After 3 weeks of usage (Jelly bean 4.1.2). Am facing issue with the speed. My phone is hanging while in contacts and messages. When I clear RAM it works fine to some extant but am not happy with the current performance. Somebody please tell me how to roll back to 4.0.4 . Mine is not rooted and I don’t want to do so.

  201. very good!thanks。。。

  202. I used the mobile ODIN pro so my note n7000 is still rooted. This ROM is stable and good, but takes more memory. I’m sure Sammy is working on this memory issue. Can’t wait for 4.2 version!

  203. Well I Just Logged In To Say That Guys…This Rom IS Very Stable And Very Satisfying For Tym Been….I Am Very Haapy..But One Warning…When I Flashed This Through Odin I Lost All My Apps But There Data Was Still there…So Just Again had To Install Only The Apps And then Everythin Worked Fine As Ice Cream Sandwich…Well Plz Don’t Frgt to Back Up Ur Messages And Call Log….i Lost them Too…But thankfully My Contacts All were Stored in Sim Card…….And About Memory Card…Don’t Worry This Firmware Doesn’t Even Gives 0.0000001% of harm to ur Memory Card……And Everything Works Fines…And YA Photo Editor IS Not Insatlled in Default But For that Just try to Edit A photo And it will Direct u to Download Link in Samsung Apps….Well Everything Works Fine For ME…My Mobile Never Got Restarted…Never Got Hung (Till Now..but Can Happen in Future…..But that used to happen in ICS Also)…..And Now Some ppl Wonder Why i am Posting Such Long Comment….

    Guys I Took Risk For The First Tym Regarding My Phone…….I Never Done this Flashing or rooting B4 with my phone….so First Tym i Did it And it Went Successfull…..Hope U Guys Also get Same Result…But tym been I Say this rom is very Safe ,Very Stable and Very Satisfying For Tym Been…..it Was Worth takin risk in flashing this….I recommend All those Newbees Who have Never Tried Flashing b4 to just Follow The Above Instructions…And I Say U Will Not Be Dissapointed…….Just Give It A Try Guys…..its Very Safe And Stable…And U DOn’t Need to have Root For Flashing This….So ENjoy!!!!!

  204. Hi :) ,,
    I do all the steps but it didn’t work its always fail ,, I want help please !!
    this is Odin report

    Enter CS for MD5..
    Check MD5.. Do not unplug the cable..
    Please wait..
    CODE_N7000XXLSA_549786_REV02_user_low_ship.tar.md5 is valid.
    MODEM_N7000XXLSA_REV_05_CL1222228.tar.md5 is valid.
    CSC_OXA_N7000OXALSA_549786_REV02_user_low_ship.tar.md5 is valid.
    Checking MD5 finished Sucessfully..
    Leave CS..
    Odin v.3 engine (ID:4)..
    File analysis..
    Get PIT for mapping..
    Firmware update start..
    Complete(Write) operation failed.
    All threads completed. (succeed 0 / failed 1)

    please help ,, thank you

  205. Still no sign of the “full” Jellybean release from Samsung then?

    I was hoping that it would have surfaced by now.

  206. Thanks for the firmware, but no examples to support Arabic language

  207. How To Upgrade Samsung Galaxy Note N7000XXLPT to Jelly Bean ???

  208. Nice people, thank you for being so “on top of thinks” You are #1

  209. is there a ripple lock screen????

  210. I have read all your comments and now its my turn for a small review:
    1) battery drain. i don’t know why but after 12 hours i find my phone turned of. 0% baterry. Anybody with this problem? never had this problem with 4.1.1
    2) shortcuts for lock screen i don’t have them. in every video that i watched this featured is on. i don`t have this.
    3)i can activate ripple effect but is not working not even have chance to change the color.

    Thank you

  211. Some one here had the experience with losing permissions in all directories except directories in microSD with this firmware?
    I was using this firmware really nice through 2, 3 weeks and after that…. this mess is happening. Lets go reset…

  212. after about 3 weeks of using this Rom….I can say its like any other official rom I didn’t face any bug except the Ram usage very high and the battery is like the stock ICS 4.0.4 and the black clipping issue still shows no improvement have been made about this issue and other things just working normal ,little lag here and there will be fixed with the official .

  213. i installed about 10-15 apps after installing 4.1.2 and after sometime in lockscreen doesn’t espond…. phone don’t switch off completely bt i cant use it until i restart…… whats da problemm ???

  214. Anyone there??? help me. There is not yellow sign in Odin. i tried many times and waited many long. but nothing turned in yellow.

  215. After installing this version of Jelly Bean if i want to revert back to my ICS firmware (currently installed) is it possible? How?

  216. @sandeepsoni … if you are using “Odin 3.04″ so it is not “Yellow” it turns to “Blue”

  217. @khaledahmed94 to revert back to ICS, you will need the stock firmware of ICS for your region and you will use it on Odin

  218. stuck at logo screen

  219. @sayed Thanx man.

  220. @sayed: Thank u so much. Also i already downloaded the ICS version of my country from Sammobile but it has only 1 file and not 3 as in the one above for Jelly Bean. Pls let me knw if that 1 file will do it all?

    Also i have flashed jelly bean onto my phone and it works fine. But the samsung keyboard is really sluggish while using whatsapp. Anyone else facing same problem? And the vibration intensity while typing on the keyboard is not the same as in ICS and i dont see any option to change and revert back to it.

  221. Actually the s3 4.1.2 ver is fine but i want to rollback from 4.1.2 to 4.1.1, so i have downloaded 4.1.1 ver from sammobile and its successfully loading too, but it get stucked up while booting – It get stuckked in samsung logo while startup, i have tried everything but this screen is stuckked…. pls help me, hw to correct it….. URGENT.. PLs….

  222. 1

  223. Hey I’m Living in kuwait if i install this firmware can i use my sim card can i make calls ,, sms etc

  224. is anyone here know how to root this leak firmware?
    coz i wanna make changes to the permission to place the airview file. it required rooted device.

  225. I upgraded this through odin works pretty good i did notice my ram was higher and battery life is not is good as ics 4.0.4 but if you dont use live wallpapers then it helps battery life. I also noticed s-note is not the same and air view does not work, but its pretty smooth and has been working good so far, thank you sammobile… I cant wait till samsung gets around to give official update some time hopefully???

  226. I need help! This is very laggy with my phone and I want to go back to ICS until the official release. How can I do it? I have downloaded Official ICS from xda (Poland version, not from my country). Do I only need to Power+Home+Volume down and flash it with Odin directly or do I need to do something else before?

  227. there are a lot of bugs in this pre release version, my note hangs a lot, becomes slows, some apps dnt work, the icons keep disappearing from the main screen then i have to copy paste it again from the app screen to the main home screen. does any one have an idea when will the official version for note come out.

  228. i prefer waiting for official one but when?!!!god knows :D

  229. When will official JB come to my phone………..

  230. ı flashed this using odin and everything went ok. my opinions :
    * battery usage increased a lot!
    * menus and other transitions are not smooth that much. ( ı cant beleive how people say pretty smooth)
    * yes shortcuts disappear after restart.

    my general opinion, it is good to have jellybean and multi page. ı assume the high ram usage is a general jelly bean matter. like vista on PC. ı used one x before this and when ı upgrade it to jelly bean, its ram usage also was like this. but it is not smooth really. ı am thinking of using one of the tweaked kernels to increase cpu clock to get it smoother. let s hope offical rom would be smoother.

    thanks sammobile…

  231. after flashing my n7000 with this version…will i still be able to update my fone when the original updates r available…also wanted to knw..
    i’m using n7000b for thailand…using it in Nepal, so will i get update as per thailand or as per nepal release date…

  232. thank u 4 ur information

  233. When Samsung starts rolling out the official Jelly Bean update, will I be able to upgrade from my Galaxy Note if I flash this firmware normally? If not, is there some kind of “downgrade”?
    Please answer my question :)

  234. I realized that it is not for for my “Galaxy Note” suitable. I want to bring it back to original condition. how can I do it?

  235. I followed all teh instructions you cited above and after using odin it seems that it’s stuck nand Write start and it shows in the blanc box BOOT after severl attempts to remove the battery and re do it again nothing happened i was running ics 4.0.4 my device is N7000jplr8 what went wrong please help me i have important data on my phone and now it seems that it is lost for good :’(

  236. Guyz Don’t flash this Rom it’s crap it will ruined your device and turn it into a brick take an advice from someone who followed their steps (step by step), thus it’s easy to flash a firmware using odin there is nothing special about it but make sure that ur device is 100% identical to the one you are about to flash because i have gt-n7000jplr8 (mwd) and i tried to instal this firmware and end up bricking my phone after few tricks i ended up only with the download mode no recovery nothing the phone is softbricked, then i downloaded my firmware version from DR. Ketan in xdadevelopers thank’s to him i found my firmware i tried o flash it but it stucks at the factoryfs stage so it’s hardbricked someone told me thati have to put a pit file in order to re-partionate the space i have in the internal memory to make it like the rom memory but, i trusted my gutts and didn’t followed his advice because if i did my phone will be a brick right now, and i love my phone so i kept flashing the firmware (stock ics jplr8) until i got the pass message and everything went well afterwards

  237. hi my dear how download odin last version for MaC Book Pro

  238. flashannotatesvc crashes when i try to take a screenshot with s-pen. Has anyone else this issue?

  239. I am trying to install Jelly bean update on my Samsung Note but i am facing problem with it.
    I can’t see the yellow sign in Odin.
    My current OS is Cyanogenmod 4.2.1 Is that because of this? Please help me out!!!

  240. Generally how much time does it take to get a yellow sign in Odin?

  241. I am getting a blue colour sign in Odin under ID:COM
    and it says 0:[COM6] . Please help me out!!!

  242. Hi everyone,
    I updated my phone to the latest SAMMOBILE 4.1.2 version and I would like to know how to get back to the previous version (4.0.4) to than update my phone to the offcial 4.1.2 version that will come out soon…
    Please help me !!!!!

  243. Hi All,

    I’m trying to install org. firmware but no succes.
    I have tries everything several times.

    please do help me….

    best regards,

  244. İnstall dails,

    please help me

    Enter CS for MD5..
    Check MD5.. Do not unplug the cable..
    Please wait..
    CODE_N7000XXLSA_549786_REV02_user_low_ship.tar.md5 is valid.
    MODEM_N7000XXLSA_REV_05_CL1222228.tar.md5 is valid.
    CSC_OXA_N7000OXALSA_549786_REV02_user_low_ship.tar.md5 is valid.
    Checking MD5 finished Sucessfully..
    Leave CS..
    Odin v.3 engine (ID:10)..
    File analysis..
    Get PIT for mapping..
    Firmware update start..
    NAND Write Start!!

    Complete(Write) operation failed.
    All threads completed. (succeed 0 / failed 1)

  245. Thx SAMMOBILE ….the installation is in less time…& works superbly with new Look n Feel..

  246. Hi everyone,
    I updated my phone to the latest SAMMOBILE 4.1.2 version and I would like to know how to get back to the previous version (4.0.4) to than update my phone to the offcial 4.1.2 version that will come out soon…
    Please help me !!!!!

  247. @allano
    Plz remove your battery and start doing it again,
    it will be done.
    best of luck :)

  248. @casanova1356
    As soon as you attach usb cable

  249. Can anyone answer me please !!!!!!!
    How do I go back to the previous 4.0.4 official version.
    Please help me !!!!

  250. Offitional update jelly bean…… fak you Samsung. N7000. The first note come on update.

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  252. How do i upgrade from test firmware to the latest release. Please help

  253. How do i upgrade from test firmware to the latest release. My Kies soft ware not allowing me to upgrade. Please help

  254. I installed on my phone and after a month I can say that the system hangs heavily pruned. I do not recommend

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