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Samsung start Galaxy Tab 2 WIFI Jelly Bean updates!

Samsung just started to update the Galaxy Tab 2 WIFI to Android 4.1.1
The update is only avalable for France at the moment.
If you have the Galaxy Tab 2 WIFI you can update your tablet trough OTA or Samsung Kies.

FW details:
Product code: GT-P3110TSAXEF

Read the review about the Galaxy Tab 2 here


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25 comments on “Samsung start Galaxy Tab 2 WIFI Jelly Bean updates!

  1. coolfsx 2 years ago said:
  2. g00ner 2 years ago said:

    Samsung please update the original Tab 10.1!!!

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  3. apostsamking 2 years ago said:

    its great! am asking when would the galaxy note n7000 jelly bean 4.1.1 or 4.1.2 firmware be ready?

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  4. rotry83 2 years ago said:

    Please, Note 10.1 wifi!!

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  5. vavrorvav 2 years ago said:

    I would bitchslap and kick in the nexk every single idiot asking for other devices updates you are so annoying

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  6. mustafa1905 2 years ago said:

    Tab 2 10.1 ?

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  7. cuijknoord 2 years ago said:
  8. Katze Pavilion 2 years ago said:

    My P5100 is using leak JB firmware for German. Hoping it will have official JB soon.

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  9. mustafa1905 2 years ago said:

    5110 please

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  10. jtskier11 2 years ago said:


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  11. davielo 2 years ago said:

    Can’t wait for it to reach the UK. My SIII runs JB already and it should new breathe life into my old (!) Tab 2 7.0.
    C’mon Samsung, update EVERY BRILLIANT Samsung device!!!

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  12. ironman.timex 2 years ago said:

    what about p6800?

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  13. dhean15 2 years ago said:

    update galaxy ace 2 to Jelly bean

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  14. mandingo 2 years ago said:

    What about Galaxy TAB P7500 10.1? Are you forget us? HMMMMM

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  15. ajunior.sjc 2 years ago said:

    Samsung needs to update the Tab 7.7 P6800, she can not keep us out, a tablet as good as the 7.7 can only be upgraded to the Jelly Bean …

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  16. Yucko 2 years ago said:

    Meh, smartphone layout instead of tablet lay-out. Not interested :(

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  17. Olly1 2 years ago said:

    will the galaxy tab 10.1 be updated? i think that it would be pretty “stupid” if not. this tablet was like the best one ever, and it still is. please tell me yes.

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  18. BATKINSON001 2 years ago said:

    my Galaxy Tab 2 10.1 WIFI GT-P5113 is updating via ota but it is not JB… still on 4.0.4 :-(

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  19. dragonwhite 2 years ago said:

    please update tab 2 wifi in Brazil!!!

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  20. dragonwhite 2 years ago said:

    please update tab 2 7.0 wifi in Brazil @.@

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  21. My1 2 years ago said:

    is there anywhere an Update table just like for some other updates for some other devices???

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