First Ice Cream Sandwich updates Galaxy Tab 8.9 WIFI

After long waiting Samsung finally started with the first Ice Cream Sandwich updates for the Galaxy Tab 8.9 WIFI P7310. The Galaxy Tab 8.9 WIFI is the first generation of Galaxy tablets by Samsung.
Were the new Galaxy Tab 2 WIFI (GT-P3110) just got it first Jelly Bean update. Samsung starts with the first ICS update for the Galaxy Tab 8.9 WIFI (GT-P7310).

If you have the Galaxy Tab 8.9 WIFI GT-P7310 and you come from Malaysia you are able to update your Galaxy Tab trough Samsung KIES or OTA.
Thanks to the Ice Cream Sandwich update your tablet will feel a lot faster and even the battery will be better.
Android 4.0.4 Ice Cream Sandwich is the latest update for the first generation tablets by Samsung.

FW details:
Android Version: Android 4.0.4
Product code: GT-P7310FKAXME

The firmware is also downloadable trough our firmware page.
SamMobile’s advice is to wait till Samsung KIES or OTA self!

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3 years 17 hours ago

Hard to believe that the folks paying for monthly data on the 8.9 do not get an update and the free wifi tablet gets updates first. I have a 8.9 LTE, decent tablet, but if it gets left behind I’ll not buy another Sammy…even though I love my G3 and 8.9.

3 years 1 day ago


Enough time?. Samsung basically needs to port Touchwiz, maybe some drivers. Only totally noob coders need a year to do it. Or maybe Samsung has only one coder for Gtab 8.9 and none for 3G version.
Simply, these products are at the bottom of the Koreans priority queu.

3 years 2 days ago

where is 8.9 3G update ? i was very happy when i recived s2 jelly bean update , but still very upset because my tablet was not updated
3 years 3 days ago

you think samsung have enough of time…..if you are the one who is responsible for the updates then you’ll feel that it is very hard because need to customize a lot…

3 years 3 days ago

Samsung’s bad behaviour with Galaxy Tab 10.1/8.9 uodates cannot be justified by saying that others don’t better. Does one say that my lousy work can be justified because someone else somewhere does same thing even worse..

The real reason behind this almost-a-year-delay-to-get-out-of-date-update circus is the fact that Gtabs didn’t sell very well against iPads and Kindle, we are commercially useless customers to Samsung.

We Gtab owners are merely a burden to Samsung, we whine about lacking support/updates and refuse to buy a new Samsung Tablet to get our tablet OS up to date (that actually looks like the only option, since ICS update is the last that Samsung will provide)

fisayo adegoke
3 years 3 days ago

really dont understand the delay………upgrade is almost obsolete when they release it……….bugs anyone?

3 years 3 days ago

p7300 still waiting for update

Katze Pavilion
3 years 5 days ago

@Ricoby: As I knew, up to now, just P6200/P31xx/P51xx models of Galaxy Tab series are official upgrable to JB.

3 years 5 days ago

P7310UELPB Android 4.0.4

Katze Pavilion
3 years 5 days ago

@spike012: Yes, I see that Asus updates new rom for their new Transformer models very soon. But you have to know that their roms have very little customization, not like Samsung’s roms. And one important thing that everytime Asus releases a new rom, they bonus their customers a bang of bugs in their roms. LOL

3 years 5 days ago

HTC just does not update or support it’s only talet anymore. Thats why i changed to Samsung. Would like to see Jelly Bean on my P7500 though.

3 years 5 days ago

p7300 still waiting for update

3 years 5 days ago

@robot I’ve seen them grass is always greener right….

We just have to admit that Samsung isn’t that bad in updating …

3 years 5 days ago

lol… sorry. But that was a looooong wait. Now, Jellybean for everyone soooon xD

3 years 5 days ago

@ Spike: No need for trolling.

3 years 5 days ago

@MartinR : And you, have you seen Asus and their tablet on Jelly Bean 4.2 ?

3 years 5 days ago

@ Spike have you seen other companies??

3 years 5 days ago

4.0.4 now?? samsung, you are the biggest looser i ever see.