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You don’t need a new Gear VR for the Galaxy S9

Samsung launched the first Gear VR headset back in 2014 with the Galaxy Note 4. Since then the company has been improving the platform and refining the headset every year with a new model. Samsung usually announces a new Gear VR headset with their flagship smartphones since a change in device dimensions and size necessitates so but that’s not the case this year.

No new Gear VR for the Galaxy S9

Samsung didn’t announce a new Gear VR headset at the Galaxy S9 launch event yesterday as the Galaxy S9 and its larger sibling are almost identical to their predecessors in terms of design and dimensions. This makes it possible to use the 2017 Gear VR with Controller headset with the new flagship duo.

The Gear VR headset Samsung unveiled at MWC last year was the first to ship with a controller. We went hands-on with the new Gear VR controller back then and found it to be very light with an unassuming design that doesn’t get in the way of functionality.

The small design changes and refinements the Galaxy S9 brings to the table are in the form of a repositioned fingerprint reader and slightly smaller bezels. They will not have any impact on the handsets’ compatibility with the 2017 Gear VR headset.

This is good news for those planning to buy the Galaxy S9 and already own last year’s Gear VR headset. If the headset you own has model number SM-R324 or SM-R325 then you can be absolutely sure that it’s going to work with Samsung’s new flagship smartphone.

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