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Twitter adds closed caption toggle to its Android and iOS app


Last updated: June 24th, 2022 at 12:14 UTC+02:00

Back in April, Twitter started testing the closed caption toggle for a limited number of iOS users. Fast forward to now, Twitter has announced that the feature is ready and is available for everyone on the Android and iOS apps. The new Twitter closed caption toggle shows up on the top-right corner of the video, provided that it has captions enabled. You can turn this feature on to see written descriptions of whatever is said in the video.

It is one of the best accessibility features, especially for people with disabilities. Normal users can also see closed captions for videos wherever they want. You can use this feature to understand a video without turning up the volume, which applies to multiple scenarios. Notably, the captions disappear as soon as you expand the video because expanding the video also turns the sound on.

The Twitter closed caption toggle feature is already available on the website. Do note that the captions could appear to be a bit glitchy, since for some users, even after turning on the captions, it appeared a bit late or did not appear at all. For others, pressing the captions button stopped the video altogether. Well, the feature is going to get better as time passes by. In the meantime, enjoy watching Twitter videos with captions on your Android and iOS devices.

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