Samsung’s website possibly reveals dual-SIM Galaxy S9 for Europe

Samsung does release dual-SIM variants of its flagship smartphones but they’re only released in select markets and Europe hasn’t always been one of them. However, a support page has been spotted on Samsung Germany’s website which suggests that the dual-SIM Galaxy S9 might be launched in Europe. It’s unclear if the company will offer the dual-SIM Galaxy S9+ in Europe as well.

Dual-SIM Galaxy S9 for Europe

Samsung released the dual-SIM Galaxy S8+ in select markets by May last year and later brought it to the United Kingdom. It was also released in markets like Germany and the Netherlands by June 2017.

The company only offered a dual-SIM variant of the Galaxy S8+ and not the Galaxy S8. However, the support page that has now been spotted on Samsung Germany’s website is for a dual-SIM Galaxy S9 bearing model number SM-G960F/DS. The “DS” here denotes that this is a dual-SIM variant.

It remains to be seen if Samsung is going to offer both the Galaxy S9 and the Galaxy S9+ in dual-SIM flavor or if it’s just going to be limited to the smaller model this year.

Don’t be too sure about this even though a listing has surfaced on Samsung’s own website. A similar listing was spotted on another Samsung website six months ago which suggests that the dual-SIM Galaxy Note 8 (SM-N950F/DS) would be officially released in Europe.

Samsung is going to unveil the Galaxy S9 officially on February 25. A recent report suggests that the new flagship will be released on March 16.

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