Samsung Notes’ voice recording feature should get this improvement


Last updated: June 15th, 2021 at 19:53 UTC+01:00

Microsoft is bringing a live speech-to-text transcription feature to its Office mobile app through an update, and it’s one of those additions that might make some Samsung Notes envious. Following the recent update, Microsoft Office users can record audio and have their speech transcribed in real time. Both audio and text are saved in cards that can be accessed and played back in sync.

Transcribing audio in real time sounds like something Samsung Notes should be able to do, but it isn’t. Granted, Samsung Notes lets you record audio in real time while writing text or doodling with the S Pen — which can be very useful for presentations and recording memories — but it doesn’t have the capability to do live transcriptions.

What about Bixby and Live Transcribe?

To be precise, Bixby Voice can be used for text-to-speech while using Samsung Notes and the Samsung Keyboard. Just open a note and the Samsung Keyboard, then press and hold the Bixby side key and speak.

Furthermore, Galaxy smartphones running Android 10 or later are compatible with the Live Transcribe accessibility feature, though it requires a download from the Google Store.

But neither one of these transcription tools work as well as Microsoft’s new live speech-to-text feature does. Bixby can only be used for text-to-speech, but it isn’t a Samsung Notes feature, so it doesn’t record or sync audio with text. It just transcribes audio in real time, but it doesn’t have a playback option.

Similarly, Live Transcribe is an accessibility feature that can transcribe audio in real time, but it can’t record audio or sync it with text.

Do you think Samsung should borrow a page from Microsoft Office and implement a live speech-to-text transcription feature to Notes? Leave a comment below.

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