Samsung launches a direct attack on LG’s OLED TVs once again

Samsung has launched a direct attack on LG’s OLED TVs in a new video posted on its YouTube channel. Though the company went after LG’s TV offerings in the past as well, the latest video seems to be its most no-holds-barred attack so far. The criticism of LG’s OLED TVs is so strong here that the video actually comes across as a bit desperate on Samsung’s part.

In the video titled Why do people choose QLED TV over OLED TV?, Samsung shows a lot of test results that prove its QLED TVs are superior to LG’s OLED TVs in a variety of areas. The company says its QLED TVs are brighter, more detailed, have richer colors, offer better viewing angles, and don’t suffer from burn-in issues. Samsung goes on to state that it is the top-selling TV brand for 13 consecutive years and that it has decided not to make OLED TVs for a reason.

While we are not qualified to pass any judgement on the validity of the technical details Samsung quotes in the video, we are aware of companies often cherry-picking tests and testing conditions to get the desired results. Even if some of Samsung’s arguments against OLED TVs are on point, it is safe to presume that the company is overselling the disadvantages of rival TV offerings.

It’s also somewhat odd that the company is doing this despite being the largest manufacturer of OLED panels for smartphones. Granted that using OLED panels for smartphones is different from using them for TVs that are supposed to last at least a decade, but the way Samsung is targeting OLED TVs seems a bit disingenuous.

Moreover, the fact that it has decided to target LG’s products by name instead of opting for a generic attack on OLED TVs ends up being an indirect and unintentional endorsement of the Korean rival’s TV lineup. Unlike in the smartphone space, LG has emerged as a strong competitor to Samsung in the premium TV segment in recent years with its OLED TVs that are well received by the market.

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