Samsung donates 1,000 Galaxy Tabs to Kenyan refugees

Samsung is donating a cool thousand Galaxy Tab devices to Kenyan refugees. More specifically, the charitable act is aimed at improving the educational situation among the refugee youth in the country. And to be completely accurate, the deed was already done, photo op included (see attached).

Not to take away from yet another in the long series of charitable acts on Samsung’s part.

Is it too late to trademark ‘Samsung: connected people’ as a marketing slogan?

As years go by, the Korean giant keeps pushing itself toward increasingly more noble goals. From subsidizing globally sustainable practices to leading by example, pursuing stronger environmental protections and aggressively inventive awareness campaigns, Samsung has definitely put its money where its activist mouth is.

Probably. It’s still a faceless entity, so kind of hard to tell.

What’s way easier easier to judge, however, is whether giving away tens of thousands of dollars worth of consumer electronics goods can improve the the quality of education or any other institutionalized form of anything. The answer is affirmative, resources remain a thing that mankind deems highly desirable.

The donation was handled by the UN Refugee Agency, UNHCR, Samsung said in a prepared statement. Some of the tablets have already found their way to their intended recipients, while the rest will be in Kenya shortly, delivered by UNHCR staff, who’s also in charge of the majority of the educational activities that are ongoing at  two of the world’s oldest standing refugee camps – Kakuma and Dadaab, both of which were established in 1992. Yup, we’re going to need more tablets to solve this one.

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