5G variant of the Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 surfaces once again

The world’s first 5G tablet. That’s a title Samsung will be hoping to pick up as the competition in the 5G mobile market gets more intense, and the company has been working towards that goal for a few months now. A 5G variant of the Galaxy Tab S6 was revealed to be in development when the device picked up Bluetooth certification two months ago. Now, the device has been certified by Korea’s National Radio Agency, providing further proof that a Galaxy Tab S6 5G is on its way.

The RRA mentions only the model number for the device — SM-T866N — and that it supports 5G connectivity, but we already know that the T866N is the Galaxy Tab S6’s 5G variant thanks to its Bluetooth certification. The N in the model number means this particular tablet is destined for Korea (hence the RRA certification), and there’s currently no word on whether the Tab S6 5G will come to other countries. It’s also not known when the 5G variant will hit retail shelves in South Korea, although we will hopefully hear more on that front in the near future.

On the hardware front, we can expect the Galaxy Tab S6 5G to be the same as the Wi-Fi and LTE variants. That’s not a bad thing, as the Tab S6 packs a beautiful AMOLED screen on the outside and flagship internals, such as a Snapdragon 855 SoC, on the inside, making it the best Android tablet of 2019. 5G connectivity will drive the price up, but we probably won’t know just how costlier it will be until it goes official.

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How long will the battery last on the 5G variant? 30 minutes.
I love by Tab S6 but hate the poor battery life.