Samsung Brazil fulfills Galaxy S20 orders early amid coronavirus pandemic

In the wake of the coronavirus pandemic, Samsung Brazil has decided to fulfill Galaxy S20 and S20+ orders earlier than initially planned as a way to avoid crowding the stores and shopping malls. Now, instead of having to wait until April 3, customers who have pre-ordered the new flagship will have their orders fulfilled gradually beginning March 20.

This new change of plans benefits only Galaxy S20 and S20+ customers. The launch schedule of the Galaxy S20 Ultra remains unchanged, and the device will ship on April 3. Meanwhile, customers who have pre-purchased the S20 or S20+ will be able to pick up their orders from physical stores beginning tomorrow, or they will receive them in the mail by the end of the month. All three models were initially planned to go on sale on April 3.

Samsung Brazil highlights that pre-order bonuses will remain unchanged, even if the pre-order period has ended prematurely for two of its three flagships. Customers who will buy one of the Galaxy S20 models before April 5 will be eligible for pre-order bonuses, and they will get a Galaxy Watch Active 2 for free along with their new flagship.

Samsung has already shut down its Experience Stores in a few countries including China, Canada, and the USA. The company might be forced to eventually do the same in other regions, including Brazil, and perhaps this is Samsung’s way of shipping as many S20 units to customers as possible before that happens. We’ll keep you posted.


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