Samsung’s ‘Bean’ earbuds to launch as Galaxy BudsX

Samsung’s next pair of wireless earbuds — picturesquely code-named “Bean” — will likely launch as the Galaxy BudsX, newly sighted IP documentation suggest. The Korean company applied for a trademark on the said moniker on Monday, having submitted the application with the European Union Intellectual Property Office. Besides revealing the likely name of the Galaxy Buds+ follow-up, the filing is a strong indicator that the Galaxy BudsX will hit the market in the coming months.

Or rather, that’s what one would reasonably assume based on Samsung’s established trademark practices and how they relate to its actual product launches.

Samsung’s Galaxy BudsX may accompany the Galaxy Note 20

Nothing is set in stone, naturally. E.g. the aforementioned application doesn’t even mention the Galaxy brand, though the possibility of Samsung releasing the BudsX outside of its flagship electronics brand is quite low. It’s barely been two years since the company effectively retired the Gear trademark by absorbing it into the Galaxy family, and besides, the omission of the word “Galaxy” from the BudsX application is nothing out of the ordinary.

The Galaxy BudsX series will reportedly be identified by the model number SM-R180, with the implication being this will be the true successor to the Galaxy Buds (SM-R170) instead of just a minor upgrade the Galaxy Buds+ (SM-R175) were. As for the “Bean” codename, that moniker likely wasn’t picked at random, with sources previously claiming the SM-R180 line will be shaped akin to kidney beans. Finally, insiders from Samsung’s home country also believe the Galaxy BudsX will cost less than $150.

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