Samsung intros 88 and 150-inch bezel-less microLED TV models


Last updated: January 6th, 2020 at 14:22 UTC+02:00

Samsung is bringing its latest TV lineups at CES 2020. Along with the bezel-less Q950TS 8K model, the company also unveiled a new microLED series which will launch in two additional sizes with a similar ultra-slim, zero-bezel Infinity design. Also, Samsung is showcasing the existing Lifestyle TV called ‘The Sero‘ at CES before expanding availability to more markets.

New microLED series introduces bezel-less 88 and 150-inch models

Samsung’s microLED TV series comprised 75, 88, 93, and 110-inch models, but the 2020 lineup introduces two new variants measuring 88 and 150-inch, respectively.

The two new microLED models get the same zero-bezel treatment as the QLED Q950TS 8K, so the fresh Infinity design language is not going to remain exclusive to the QLED lineup.

The bezel-less design promises a screen-to-body ratio of nearly 99 percent, with the only (barely) noticeable bezel residing at the bottom of the screen. These gorgeous displays can reach impressive peak brightness levels of 5,000 nits, and they, too, lean on deep learning AI to upscale content.

Samsung is preparing The Sero for the global market

Along with the new models showcased at CES 2020 comes a confirmation that Samsung’s The Sero TV is going to make its way into more markets soon.

Originally launched in South Korea last year, The Sero has now been confirmed to be planned for release in ‘several global markets in 2020.’ Exact pricing and availability details have not been confirmed, but this is true for every new TV model showcased by the company in Las Vegas.

The name ‘The Sero’ translates to ‘vertical’ in Korean, and the reason for this is obvious once you look at the product’s design. It can pivot to showcase horizontal or vertical content and Samsung claims that The Sero is the perfect solution for customers who want to connect their smartphones to their TVs.

Samsung’s new products will be showcased at CES 2020 and we expect more details on pricing and availability to be unveiled soon thereafter.

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