Samsung secures 5x optical zoom units for Galaxy S20, no mention of 10x

Work on the camera module for the Galaxy S20 series has begun and according to a recent report, Optrontech – a Sough Korea optical parts manufacturer – has already supplied Samsung with the prisms required to achieve 5x optical zoom. These components are reportedly being assembled into the final camera module for the Galaxy S20 series by Actro and Samsung Electro-Mechanics. Oddly enough, the report doesn’t mention anything about the supposed 10x optical zoom capabilities of the upcoming flagship.

No mention of 10x optical zoom for the Galaxy S20 Ultra or otherwise

There have been a lot of – sometimes conflicting – claims regarding the supposed camera configuration employed by the Galaxy S20 series. One such claim suggests that the Galaxy S20 Ultra will boast 10x optical zoom capabilities, however, the latest report from The Elec makes no mention of this. Instead, it seems to imply that the entire Galaxy S20 series will share the same 5x optical zoom module.

Then again, there’s always the chance that the Galaxy S20 and S20+ will have 5x optical zoom capabilities – as reported way back when the series was being referred to as the Galaxy S11 – while the Galaxy S20 Ultra will get special treatment and impress the crowd with the inclusion of a 10x optical zoom module. Based on the rumors so far, we should expect some differences between the Galaxy S20/Galaxy S20+ and Galaxy S20 Ultra camera configuration, at least in terms of resolution, if nothing else.

The Galaxy S20 Ultra is rumored to have 10x zoom optics along with a 108MP main camera, a 48MP telephoto camera, and a 12MP ultra-wide shooter. Assuming that the 10x optical zoom rumor turns out to be incorrect, this would cast some doubt on the other claims regarding pixel count as well.

Until we learn more, we should keep in mind that even if the entire Galaxy S20 series will have a 5x optical zoom module, this would still represent a noteworthy upgrade over the current 2x zoom solution used by the Galaxy S10 and Note 10 lineups. Whether it’s going to be 5x or 10x, this is sort of a win-win scenario for fans of the Galaxy brand, unless 10x optical zoom would be the main and/or the only selling point for you.


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Seems to me that the rumors of 10x optical zoom aren’t necessarily at odds with the information of a 5x zoom assembly. My understanding is the zoom lens is separate from the main sensor. If the “base” (1x) power of the zoom lens is already 2x that of the main sensor, then a 1x – 5x zoom range on the zoom sensor would effectively be 2x – 10x relative to the main sensor. If the main sensor is 108MP (in the case of the Ultra) , that should be plenty to handle the 1x to 2x range with digital zoom.… Read more »


5x, 10x, yada yada. The real news story here would be if it had an OPTICAL zoom of any stripe. But hey, what’s the value of journalistic competence set against constantly hyping-up the language?

Question: if they do actually come up with a real optical zoom (y’know, one where the optics zoom), what are they going to call it, now that every journalist has already sold “optical zoom”?


optical zoom will only feature on the S20 Ultra – rumoured to costs from £1,400 upwards
and let me tell you if thats the case you’re better off buying a freaking camera


smells like a massive letdown