Here’s the pricing for Samsung’s new A-series, Q-series soundbars

Samsung had unveiled its new soundbar lineup for 2021 in January alongside its Neo QLED TVs. However, the company had not revealed the pricing and availability of the new soundbars. Now, Samsung has revealed the prices of most of its new soundbars, and they start at just $200 in the US.

The HW-Q800A and the HW-Q700A are priced at $900 and $700, respectively, and are available for pre-orders. Both are 3.1.2-channel soundbars with eight speakers, Dolby Atmos, AirPlay 2, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, SpaceFit Sound, and Q-Symphony. The HW-Q800A and the HW-Q700A are feature DTS:X, HDMI eARC port, and Game Mode Pro. The SpaceFit Sound feature uses microphones built into the subwoofer and the soundbar to calibrate audio according to your room’s layout.

The Game Mode Pro tries to make sound from gaming consoles more immersive, while the Q-Symphony feature works in tandem with Samsung’s QLED TVs to offer more immersive and powerful audio. The HW-Q800A features Alexa and AVA (Active Voice Amplifier), but the HW-Q700A has limited support for Alexa and lacks the AVA feature completely. Both soundbars feature Tap Sound, Adaptive Sound, SmartThings, and One Remote. The Adaptive Sound feature automatically tunes audio according to the type of content you’re watching or listening to.

The HW-A450 is an affordable 300W 2.1-channel soundbar that costs just $200. If you are buying it right now, it will arrive at your doorstep by April 8. This soundbar features a trimmed-down version of Adaptive Sound technology called Adaptive Sound Lite. It also features Bluetooth and Game Mode. Samsung is yet to reveal the pricing and availability of its 11.1.4-channel HW-Q950A soundbar that features upward-firing and side-firing speakers for a full Dolby Atmos experience.

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