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Samsung Gallery’s new video player sucks, but you can still use the old one

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Last updated: June 23rd, 2021 at 19:30 UTC+02:00

Samsung’s Gallery app gets new features from time to time, and Samsung also keeps changing how existing things work. Some of those changes make sense, but some of them just seem to come for the sake of change instead of actually making the experience better. One such change was how the Gallery app plays videos when you tap the play button.

In recent versions of Samsung Gallery, clicking the play button on a video doesn’t open them in a dedicated video player. Instead, the video just plays right there on the preview screen, with the option to enable sound by tapping the audio toggle at the bottom right of the screen. And while that in itself isn’t a major issue, the new style of playing videos makes it inconvenient when you want to move forwards or backwards, as you don’t get a proper progress bar when a video is playing.

But did you know that you don’t need to do it that way and there’s still the option to watch a gallery video in the good old dedicated video player that has been part of Samsung’s Galaxy devices for years? Yes, you can still do that, and it just takes a couple of extra taps: All you need to do is pick a video from the gallery, tap the More button (the one with the three vertical dots), and select Open in Video player.

The video below shows how that works. You’re welcome.

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