Latest SoundAssistant update brings back a beloved feature

SoundAssistant is one of the many Good Lock modules that enable you to customize your Galaxy smartphone or tablet. Samsung sends out updates for these modules from time to time. Major updates tend to bring new features while minor updates only bring bug fixes and improvements.

A new update is rolling out for the SoundAssistant module. It’s not a minor update in that it’s not only bug fixes and stability improvements that are included. This update brings back a feature that many users didn’t like to see being taken away.

SoundAssistant is now better than ever before

Samsung has released the SoundAssistant version 4.1.002 today. It stores the beloved floating button that provides convenience to users. There’s a host of new customization options as well for the volume menu and the location of the volume bar.

In earlier versions of this module there was a bug that intermittently prevented the concert hall feature from working as it was supposed to. Samsung has addressed the bug in this update. Other stability improvements are made through this update as well.

In addition to these fixes, the changelog mentions that an FC issue while using the volume panel theme has been addressed through this update. That just about seals it for all that’s included in this update. We can expect major feature additions to come after One UI 4.0 is released. That’s expected to happen towards the end of this year.

Good Lock users can get their hands on the SoundAssistant version 4.1.002 right away. It’s also available for download from our APK page.

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