Samsung SoundAssistant update intros vertical volume sliders and EQ

Samsung has launched a new update to its SoundAssistant app, pushing it to version 3.3.07 and introducing a new vertical volume slider that replaces the default horizontal one. The new volume panel also offers quick access to an equalizer and a Dolby Atmos toggle among other goodies and quick settings.

The vertical volume panel pops up from the right side of the screen by default, but users can choose to relocate it to the opposite side. They can also pick a color for the volume panel, including the system-wide theme which follows Light or Dark Mode, and five additional color presets that don’t change based on the system’s theme.

Samsung already streamlined the default volume panel in One UI 2.0 to make it less obtrusive. Those changes were welcomed, but SoundAssistant elevates the volume controls to a new level.

Not only does it offer a vertical slider/volume panel after the latest update, but it also gives you easy access to a variety of sound-related settings and features. You can even create and save custom equalizer presets, and then share them with other Galaxy smartphone users in your contacts list.

You can grab the latest SoundAssistant version from the Galaxy Store or by heading over to our APK archive and download it manually from there.

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