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Hancom Office S will be preinstalled on the Galaxy S9 and S9+ in North America


Last updated: March 16th, 2018 at 14:06 UTC+02:00

Samsung smartphones come preinstalled with many apps that users often label as bloatware. It seems Samsung is not content with the already long list of preloaded apps on its smartphones. Hancom Inc., a South Korean software company, has announced in a press release that its document-editing software, Hancom Office S, will come preinstalled on the Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9+ sold in the North American markets.

Hancom Office is optimized for DeX

The partnership between Hancom and Samsung is not entirely new. Last year, Hancom optimized its office suite for Samsung DeX. Hancom Office app was also preloaded on the Galaxy Note 8 in select markets. It is not clear what this partnership with Hancom means in the long-term for the Microsoft Office apps preinstalled on the Galaxy devices in other markets.

Hancom Office S offers similar features as the Microsoft Office mobile apps, with the added functionality of editing PDF files. The app is famous in the Korean market for its word-processing software in the Korean language. With this new partnership with Samsung, the company expects to boost its popularity in other major markets.

Unlike budget devices where margins are thin, and companies prefer to squeeze more profits by preinstalling third-party apps, flagship devices like the S9 and S9+ are sold with healthy margins. So, it’s upsetting to see Samsung preloading its most expensive smartphones with third-party apps that users probably cannot uninstall.

Users from North America who have already received your S9 and S9 plus, do let us know in the comments section the state of bloatware on your brand-new device.

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