Galaxy Watch 3 vs Galaxy Watch: Refinement galore

The Galaxy Watch has a special place in the hearts and minds of Samsung fans. They truly loved this smartwatch which is why the Galaxy Watch 3 almost feels like a homage to them. It takes what made the Galaxy Watch so great and refines it into something even better.

Samsung has launched the Galaxy Watch 3 two years after the Galaxy Watch came out in 2018. Despite the gap, these devices actually do share some of their core components, the most important of them being the chipset.

Galaxy Watch 3 vs Galaxy Watch

Samsung has done a great job of cutting down the heft on the Galaxy Watch 3. Both of its 41 and 45mm sizes are thinner and lighter than the 42 and 46mm Galaxy Watch. The 45mm Galaxy Watch 3 actually has a slightly larger 1.4-inch display. Those who have remained faithful to their Galaxy Watch for two years will certainly be enticed to upgrade by this refinement.

However, some sacrifices have been made to achieve this slimmer profile. The battery capacity is slightly less but the software optimizations would hopefully limit the impact. Visit our new device page to check out the full specs comparison of the Galaxy Watch vs Galaxy Watch 3.

You do find the same Exynos 9110 chipset across these smartwatches but the newer model does get a lot of software features that aren’t present on the 2018 smartwatch. There’s fall detection, a feature that can sense when the user has had an accidental fall and can send out an SOS to trusted contacts. It also gets blood oxygen saturation and the ability to take a cuff-free blood pressure reading, though this feature is only available in South Korea for now.

We’re going to have a detailed review of the Galaxy Watch 3 up soon, so you’ll then be able to decide if it’s worth upgrading to Samsung’s latest smartwatch. It’s going to be available for purchase starting August 21 across the globe.

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