Galaxy Tab S6 Lite gets approved by regulatory body NCC

We’ve known about Samsung’s plans to release a new non-flagship S Pen tablet since late last year. It turns out that the slate in question might be launched as the Galaxy Tab S6 Lite, and the device has now been approved by Taiwan’s regulatory agency NCC. The certificate links the SM-P610 model number and Galaxy Tab S6 Lite moniker together and indicates that Samsung is technically one step closer to bringing to product to the market.

The NCC documents are scarce in technical details but it’s worth noting that the SM-P610 model number should correlate with the Wi-Fi-only variant of the Galaxy Tab S6 Lite. An LTE counterpart should also be in development under model number SM-P615. It will be powered by an Exynos 9611 chipset, at least according to a previous benchmark listing pertaining to the SM-P615, and the silicon is paired with 4GB of RAM.

True to its moniker, the Galaxy Tab S6 Lite should be paired with an S Pen and related software tools for productivity distributed through Android 10. Time will tell if it’s the exact same S Pen that’s been employed by the full-fledged Galaxy Tab S6, but it looks like it will magnetically-attach to the back of the tablet in a similar fashion. Likewise, there’s no official launch date in sight just yet, but even Netflix has acknowledged the tablet’s existence in its latest HDR10 certification program, so it feels like the only thing missing now is an official announcement from Samsung.

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