Galaxy S9 camera improvements possibly hinted at by new trademark


Last updated: January 8th, 2018 at 15:51 UTC+02:00

Samsung has filed a new trademark in South Korea for the term “The Camera. Reimagined.” It’s clearly not going to use this as a moniker for a new device so what could it possibly be? It’s likely that this trademarked slogan might be used in the promotional materials for the Galaxy S9. It could very well hint at the Galaxy S9 camera improvements that we’ve been hearing about.

Galaxy S9 camera improvements

Even before the Galaxy S8 was officially announced last month it became apparent that while Samsung was pushing the envelope on the design, it wouldn’t make any major changes in the camera department. That turned out to be true when despite all the reports about a dual camera, the Galaxy S8 stuck with a single camera system that was only marginally better than its predecessor.

That’s not how it’s expected to be with the Galaxy S9. Samsung’s new flagship smartphone is expected to be almost identical to its predecessor as far as the design is concerned. This means that significant improvements will be made in other departments and the camera is going to be one of them. At least one model – the Galaxy S9+ – is expected to feature a dual camera system as well.

The trademark filing for “The Camera. Reimagined” mentions a plethora of devices that this trademark applies to and smartphones are on the list. There’s something else as well which suggests that this trademark might be linked to the Galaxy S9 camera improvements.

Samsung unveiled its Exynos 9810 flagship processor today. This is what’s going to power the Exynos-based variants of the Galaxy S9. The press release specifically mentions the improved imaging capabilities of this chip.

The Exynos 9810 has a dual-ISP or Image Signal Processor that supports up to 4 image sensors including a dual camera at the back and a front camera and iris sensor in the front. It also promises improvements in quality, power consumption, auto-focus and more with diverse image processing algorithms.

Granted that this is all circumstantial evidence at this point in time but it does make sense. The camera improvements will likely be a big selling point of the Galaxy S9 and the Galaxy S9+. We’ll know for sure when the handsets are officially unveiled in the near future.

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