The Galaxy S20 Fan Edition might make the Galaxy Note 20 look worse


Last updated: August 13th, 2020 at 19:28 UTC+02:00

There’s no secret that the Galaxy Note 20 looks pretty bad next to its sibling, the Galaxy Note 20 Ultra, but what could be even worse for this plastic-clad premium-priced device is that it might not look that great even compared to the upcoming Galaxy S20 Fan Edition. The latter will indeed arrive to the market later than the Galaxy Note 20 but it won’t be an all-new device either, reason why it bears the Galaxy S20 badge to begin with. Regardless, the Galaxy Note 20’s shortcomings will seemingly be highlighted even further by this Fan Edition device that’s arguably been put together from Samsung’s parts bin.

Namely, early rumors claimed that the Galaxy S20 Fan Edition will be equipped with a 120Hz display. That same rumor has now been reiterated by @DSCCRoss in a recent tweet stating that the Galaxy S20 Fan Edition will employ the same display as the Galaxy S20+, meaning it should boast a 120Hz refresh rate. As you all probably know by now, the Galaxy Note 20 doesn’t enjoy such luxury as its 6.7-inch flat Super AMOLED panel is only capable of 60Hz.

The Galaxy S20 Fan Edition might cost less than the Galaxy Note 20

How much will the Galaxy S20 Fan Edition cost? We’re not certain yet, as Samsung has been keeping these details under wraps. But the Galaxy S20 Fan Edition could hit the shelves in October for around $750 according to another previous report. Meanwhile, the Galaxy Note 20 costs $999, so by choosing the latter, you’d essentially be paying more for less, at least in regards to the display.

Granted, Samsung will cut some corners with the Galaxy S20 Fan Edition as well. For example, it’s expected to have only 6GB of RAM, assuming that the recent Geekbench entry is incorrect in listing 8GB of RAM. Either way, the shortcuts taken by the Galaxy S20 Fan Edition won’t change the fact that the Galaxy Note 20 still looks like a poor value proposition when even a true Lite/Fan Edition device might have a better display than it.

We’ll have to wait and see what exactly the Galaxy S20 Fan Edition has to offer before we pass judgement on the base Galaxy Note 20 model from this perspective, but so far, things seem to be going from bad to worse for the this S Pen device. We’ll keep you posted.

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