Galaxy Fold 2 now rumored to launch as Galaxy Z Flip

The rumor mill continues to throw a wrench in our efforts to get a clear picture of what we can expect from Samsung’s next foldable phone, which is set to go official alongside the Galaxy S20 on February 11. A few days ago, a report suggested that the foldable phone everyone had been calling the Galaxy Fold 2 all this time could launch as the Galaxy Bloom instead. Now, leakster Ice universe is suggesting that the device will launch as the Galaxy Z Flip.

Why would Samsung pick such a confusing name for its next foldable smartphone after going with something as simple as the Galaxy Fold for its first foldable? Well, that’s something the company will no doubt tell us when it announces the device, provided the latest rumor is correct and Galaxy Z Flip is indeed the final name. Even if it isn’t, we can strike out Galaxy Fold 2 from the list of possible names for Samsung’s clamshell foldable, primarily because it isn’t going to be a successor to the original Galaxy Fold.

Factors like its flip phone form factor and its rumored sub-$1000 price tag put Samsung’s upcoming foldable into a different category, so a unique name that doesn’t fit any existing lineup was always expected, although that doesn’t change the fact that something like Galaxy Z Flip will be quite the confusing moniker. But everything is only a rumor at this time, so there’s no telling what Samsung will actually end up calling its second mass market foldable smartphone.

What do you think? Which of these names would you prefer for the next Galaxy foldable? Let us know in the comments!

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