Galaxy Fold 2 may not have a feature that everyone has been waiting for

There has been a lot of excitement for the Galaxy Fold 2. Many Samsung fans are looking forward to seeing what improvements Samsung is going to introduce with its third foldable device. Quite a few of them feel that the company should bring S Pen support to the Galaxy Fold 2.

However, if a new report is to be believed, this may not be the case. Samsung is reportedly not going to offer an S Pen with the Galaxy Fold 2. Technical limitations are what has apparently prevented the company from doing that.

Galaxy Fold 2 won’t feature an S Pen

There’s no denying the fact that foldable displays just aren’t as strong enough as conventional displays. While Samsung has improved durability with the Ultra Thin Glass on the Galaxy Z Flip, and the Galaxy Fold 2 is also expected to feature UTG, it may not be durable enough to support the S Pen.

A report out of South Korea suggests that Samsung hasn’t developed a foldable display yet that can endure the use of a stylus. Consider this: the thickness of the Galaxy Z Flip’s UTG in the first half is 0.03 mm compared to the Galaxy Note 10‘s 0.4 mm. Clearly, there’s a long way to go before these panels can offer the same kind of durability as made possible by Gorilla Glass 6 on the Galaxy Note 10.

Samsung has reportedly determined that both UTG and the transparent PI films that it used for the original Galaxy Fold’s display are unsuitable for use with the S Pen. This means that we may have to wait for a while before we see an S Pen-equipped Galaxy Fold. Durability remains a concern with foldable smartphones and Samsung would probably not want to rush things.

Given the durability related delays that the Galaxy Fold suffered at launch, Samsung would obviously not want a repeat of that for the Galaxy Fold 2 as well, so it seems like the company has decided to play it safe this time around.

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