Galaxy A41 running Android 10 gets Wi-Fi and Bluetooth approval

The upcoming Galaxy A41 has been approved by two big regulatory agencies earlier today, namely the Wi-Fi Alliance, and Bluetooth. The device carries the model number ‘SM-A415F’ and Bluetooth outright confirms that the final product will be released as the Galaxy A41 – not that this would surprise anyone who can put two and two together and has a bit of knowledge on Samsung’s history with model numbers.

The Wi-Fi Alliance application for the Galaxy A41 doesn’t reveal a lot about the device, aside from it running Android 10, while Bluetooth simply confirms that the phone will have Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity. This is par for the course, but the fact that the phone has been approved by two regulatory bodies on the same day could indicate that Samsung is readying the device for the consumer market.

In theory, the Galaxy A41 should be around the corner, as it’s been a year since its predecessor, the Galaxy A40, was introduced. On the other hand, Samsung hasn’t been very true to its usual yearly launch schedule for the Galaxy A (2020) series, so it’s difficult to predict exactly when the Galaxy A41 might debut.

The smartphone’s 3,500mAh battery was also approved by Safety Korea last month, and alleged press renders showcasing the overall design have also leaked this week. All the clues so far point toward an official announcement by the end of the month, but we’ll have to wait for Samsung to confirm whether or not it will happen.

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