[Poll Results!] How’s the battery life on your Galaxy S10+?

After the Galaxy Note 9 came out with a 4,000 mAh battery last year, it was expected that at least one of the Galaxy S10 models would have a similarly large battery. And Samsung didn’t disappoint. At 4,100 mAh, the Galaxy S10+ has the largest battery yet of any Galaxy S flagship, including the other two globally available Galaxy S10 models.

We weren’t exactly pleased with the battery life on the Exynos model of the S10+ when we reviewed it in early March; it was strangely average despite the battery capacity increase and the more efficient new Exynos chipset compared to the Galaxy S9+ or Note 9. Thankfully, battery life improved later once Samsung was able to put out a few software updates for the device, and no one in the SamMobile team has any complaints about how long their Galaxy S10+ lasts on a single charge.

The team here at SamMobile is but a drop in the ocean compared to the number of Galaxy S10+ owners around the world and in our reader base, and that’s why we want to know what kind of battery life you’re getting on your S10+. Are you impressed and couldn’t ask for more, do you think it should have been better given the battery capacity of the device, or are you getting average or poor battery life that defies explanation?

Tell us by voting in the poll below, then take to the comments section to expand on your thoughts.

Results: 35 percent of voters said they think battery life on their S10+ is good but that it could be better, while 33 percent say battery life on their phone is great. 20 percent voters say battery life is average for them, which is concerning considering the big battery on the S10+, and 8 percent said battery life is bad on their device. For the remaining 5 percent of voters, battery life has improved with time.

How's the battery life on your Galaxy S10+?
  • Model: SM-G975F
  • Dimensions: Bar: 157.6 x 74.1 x 7.8 mm
  • Display: 6.4 inch / 162.5 mm Dynamic AMOLED Display
  • CPU: Exynos 9820
  • Camera: 12MP
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