New Good Lock 2019 update brings bug fixes and some new functionality

It took considerable time for Samsung to make Good Lock compatible with Android Pie. The first stable Android Pie update for a Galaxy device started going out in late December last year, but Good Lock only received Pie compatibility early last month. However, the development team behind Good Lock seems to now be making up for lost time, as the app has now received an update with a plethora of bug fixes.

The changes in the new update apply to the LockStar, QuickStar, TaskChanger, and NavStar plugins; LockStar is getting the brunt of bug fixes, as you can see in the changelog in the screenshot below. Some new features have been thrown in as well, with an especially long list for TaskChanger because there is separate new functionality for both Android Pie and Android Oreo users. A substantial update, in short, pretty much like all Good Lock updates released by Samsung.

The latest Good Lock update is now available in the Galaxy Store app and also through our APK database for those who would like to sideload the update. Remember that the plugins need to separately updated, and if you already have them installed, you can just open Good Lock and tap the store icon next to each plugin to go to its page on Galaxy Store and hit the update button there. Like the main app, the APKs for the plugins are available in our database as well.

Not sure what Good Lock is and how to set it up? We have a detailed guide that should help you jump on-board.

good lock 2019 update

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