Samsung installs the first Onyx LED cinema screen in Spain

Samsung has installed its Onyx LED cinema screen at the Odeon Sambil in Leganés, Madrid. It is the first Onyx LED cinema screen in Spain. The Odeon Sambil was also the first 4K cinema in Spain to incorporate Dolby Atmos and Christie Vive Audio system in theaters.

Onyx LED cinema screens were first unveiled in South Korea in July last year. These next-gen cinema screens has since made their way into a number of markets around the world, including the US, Germany, India, Switzerland, and many more. In December last year, Samsung installed the world’s largest Onyx LED cinema screen in China.

Provides an immersive experience in theaters

Onyx LED cinema screens replace the traditional projector-system cinema screens in theaters. They bring 4K image quality, HDR capabilities, and an unprecedented brightness and contrast to the big screen, offering an immersive viewing experience to the audience. In addition, the Onyx screens are 3D-ready. They also offer the versatility that cinemas demand today, such as live concerts, e-Sports tournaments, or commercial presentations.

The Onyx screen installed at the Odeon Sambil in Leganés has dimensions of 10.2 meters x 5.4 meters. It has a maximum brightness level of 146fL or 500 nits. This new theater will be open to the public on March 22. The ticket prices will remain the same initially, but will be hiked later on, said Luis Millan, founder and CEO of Odeon Sambil.



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“brightness level of 146fL or 500 nits.”

Why so low ? S9/S10 have more nits.


Because is for a theater, or a cinema, that are dark, and phones are used in ambiental environments, so they need more brightness