Samsung’s 4K Cinema LED Display is en route to Europe

Samsung has revealed that it’s bringing its 10.3-meter-wide 4K Cinema LED Display to Europe. The first unit is currently being prepped for installation, as part of a partnership between the firm, Arena Cinemas and Imaculix AG, at Arena Cinema Sihlcity in Zurich, Switzerland, with a launch scheduled to take place next year.

Showcased at an event in South Korea back in July, Samsung’s high-resolution Cinema LED Display is an all-in-one theater screen that employs next-generation picture quality and enhanced audio to provide the best possible viewing experience, without the distracting gray stripes associated with traditional projectors.

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“Based on elimination of the projector beam and the high luminosity of the Cinema LED, there are a host of new possibilities for interior design, and we are removing the existing furnishings, and implementing an innovative seating concept to provide a new kind of cinematic experience,” said Edi Stöckli, owner of the Arena Cinemas.

Cinema LED Display could make an appearance in your home

Samsung is looking to supply a scaled-down version of its Cinema LED Display to customers wanting one in their home, in an attempt to combat sluggish QLED TV sales, according to a recent report. Before that’s a reality, however, it will first need to find a way to slash the unit’s extortionate five-figure price tag.


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