Samsung installs the world’s largest Onyx Cinema LED screen in China

Samsung has been pitching the Onyx Cinema LED screens to replace the old projection screens in theatres around the world. First unveiled in South Korea in July last year, these new generation theatre screens have gradually made their way into select theatres in the US, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Thailand, China, India, and other markets.

Continuing its push for the Onyx Cinema LEDs, Samsung unveiled the largest-ever Onyx screen at Capital Cinema in Beijing on December 7. At 14 meters (46.2 feet) wide, the screen at Capital Cinema is 1.4 times wider and has nearly twice the amount of surface area when compared to the 10-meter (33.6 feet) wide original model. Samsung says it made the bigger version to address the consumer demand for larger screens and business demand for more profits.

Onyx Cinema LED is a comprehensive solution

With this installation, Samsung has marked the availability of the bigger screen in the market for interested theatres around the world. The new variant has all the bells and whistles one would expect from an Onyx screen. It boasts 4K resolution, HDR capabilities, highest brightness, more contrast, and is also 3D-ready. Paired with the Onyx Sound system from Harman’s JBL, the Onyx Cinema LED screen is a comprehensive solution that offers an immersive viewing experience to the audience.

“Our new Onyx display reflects a momentous step for the industry, as we usher in the next generation of cinema around the globe. We’re excited to partner with Capital Cinema to help showcase the new industry standard for picture quality on the big screen,” said Seog-gi Kim, Executive Vice President, Visual Display Business, Samsung Electronics.

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