Watch Samsung’s beautiful TV commercial for its foldable phone

Samsung has properly unveiled its foldable smartphone to the world at last, giving us a look at the device and telling us when it goes on sale and how much it will cost. Samsung started off today’s Unpacked 2019 with an introduction of the Galaxy Fold, and it turns out that introduction is also the first TV commercial the company will be releasing to whet everyone’s appetite.

And it’s a beautiful video with a song that may end up making some long-time fans a bit emotional. The Galaxy Fold looks stunning, especially when it’s in the phone form, and Samsung says the device is tested for hundreds of thousands of folds. It is priced at $1,980, which is quite impressive considering it’s an entirely new form factor and the first generation of Samsung’s foldable device. Remember, the Galaxy S10+ starts at $999, so $1,980 for the Galaxy Fold doesn’t sound too high, not to us anyway.

Check out Samsung’s Galaxy Fold TV commercial in the video below and let us know what you think!

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