Samsung showcases 8K QLED signage and The Wall at ISE 2019

Samsung introduced many 8K QLED TVs and a monstrous 219-inch The Wall MicroLED display at CES 2019 last month. The company is now showcasing variants of the same technology, aimed at business users, at the ongoing Integrated Systems Europe (ISE) 2019 trade show in Amsterdam. On display at the event are Samsung’s innovations such as 8K QLED signage, The Wall in an 8K 292-inch variant, Multi-Link LED HDR technology, etc.

Building on its 8K display lineup, Samsung is now bringing 8K QLED signage, along with 8K LED solutions, for businesses to advertise their products and services. At ISE 2019, the company showcased an 82-inch 8K QLED signage display with AI upscaling technology that can convert anything from SD to 4K to look like 8K content. The display is 40 mm thin and can be easily integrated into many environments without requiring much space.

The Wall now has an 8K variant

At the same event, Samsung is also displaying a larger and 8K version of its already-monstrous The Wall MicroLED display. At 292 inches, The Wall 8K on display at ISE is larger and sharper than the 4K variants ranging from 73 to 219 inches seen at CES this year. The bigger size shouldn’t be much of a surprise as The Wall is a large-format modular display whose size can be altered by adding or removing display modules. Samsung says it will be available for purchase in the first half of 2019 to commercial customers.

Along with these display innovations, Samsung also announced 8K HDR technology named Multi-Link LED HDR for signage solutions. The company says its Multi-Link LED HDR converts content to HDR quality without special metadata by using a proprietary algorithm and scene analysis. The technology boasts various other advances such as Inverse Tone Mapping (ITM) for glare-free images, Dynamic Peaking for high brightness values, Color mapping, low latency in live mode, simpler cable management. etc. It supports all Samsung SMART LED signage products, The Wall Professional, and the IFJ lineup.


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